Suspected that I am pregnant, can I continue to use skin care products now?

In this case, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for examination. There are still many components that pregnant women can not use

Some of the ingredients used before are harmful to the fetus, and there will be components disabled by pregnant women.

1. Salmonic acid, large dos

Clinical studies have found that taking low -dose acetyl acetyl salicylic acid (that is, aspirin) during pregnancy, it will not increase risks such as teratogenic, premature or low birth weight.However, if a large dose is taken during pregnancy, the risk of abnobic acid is increased.Skin care products containing salicylic acid have been existed for many years, and they have not reported what kind of safety will be used in pregnant women.Therefore, during pregnancy or lactation, it occasionally uses a small amount of skin care products containing low -concentration of salicylic acid (below 2%) without excessive panic.But skin care products that are used for a long time or large -scale, such as massage cream, if you contain salicylic acid, you can pay attention.Especially in the skin changes of salicylic acid with high content, pay more attention.Therefore, during pregnancy, the skin care products that suspend the use of salicylic acid components are suspended.

2. PHThalates (PHTHALES), giving plastic plasticizers

Diabenate is mainly used for polyvinyl chloride material, which makes polyvinyl chloride change from hard plastic to elastic plastic, which plays a role in plasticizers.It is generally used in toys, food packaging materials, medical blood bags and rubber pipes, ethylene flooring and wallpaper, cleaner, lubricant, personal care products (such as nail polish, hair spray, soap and shampoo) and other hundredsIn the product, it is seriously harmful to the health of the human body.

3. A acid and its derivatives cause teratogenic

Oral vitamin A acid can cause teratogenic, which is a drug that is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding.The use of A acid is also high -risk during pregnancy.It must be prohibited.Because A acid is a drug, it is not used in cosmetics. It is used in cosmetics: its derivatives: Adehyde (visually yellowdehyde), A alcohol (retinol) and A ester (such as retinol palmate).The degree of risk is reduced in order, so if skin care products contain A aldehyde, A alcohol, and A ester, do not use it.

4. Leiting-A (Retin-A) and TetracyCline, stimulating collagen growth

Lei Ting-A is used to treat skin diseases, including acne, oily skin and wrinkles vitamin A.When applying to the skin regularly, Leiting-A is pulling off the pores to stimulate the growth of collagen.But it is not possible to apply to pregnant women.

5. Alcohol, dry skin, sensitive skin with caution

Alcohol can quickly volatilize on the surface of the skin to form a cool feeling.As a solvent widely used in products such as water and lotion, practice has proven to be safe and suitable.However, because the penetration ability of alcohol is very strong, it may cause stimulation for girls with dry skin and sensitive skin. In this case, you can choose products without alcohol.For girls with oily skin and oily skin, alcohol can help remove the fat on the surface of the skin and feel more refreshing.

6, phenyl phenol (hydrogen cymbal) and hormone, the main component of freckle removal

Pepphenol (hydrogen) is a medicine used to treat spots in medicine, but long -term and large doses of use have potential harm to the skin. Therefore, China is prohibited from using this ingredient in cosmetics.

7. Peribopyzhamine, the main component of acne removal

This name is very unfamiliar, maybe everyone does not know much, but if you mention Gaolun Yaf, which is all the rage in the past few years, you must know that peroxide is the main functional component of Gaolun Yafu. Of course, the role is to treat acne.However, during pregnancy, the use of full face every day is absolutely prohibited. Experts abroad believe that occasional use only on local acne is safe.

Pregnant mothers pay more attention when choosing skin care products. Once they contain one or more ingredients mentioned above, such skin care products need to be considered. For the safety of the fetus, the use of special skin care products for pregnancy during pregnancy can be more assured.And today’s pregnant women’s skin care brands are very professional. Brands such as Jingqi, pro -moisturizing, kangaroo mice are specially served for women’s women. They can better understand the skin characteristics of pregnant women. Pregnant women can use it with peace of mind.

Choosing skin care products during pregnancy is not a special product for pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers can open the "pregnant woman mode" with the help of the real app and find safe skin care products, which will show that pregnant women use it with caution

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