Surprising!Changsha twin college entrance examinations, in 2009, Shandong Terrier Test Corporation scores, mentally sensible?

On June 25, the results of the Hunan college entrance examination were released, and a pair of twin brothers, Shen Zhi, and Shen Ze, who had the same scores.

Moreover, the two brothers are not only the same score, but even mathematics and chemical scores. They took 139 points and 93 points respectively.

Some netizens said with a smile: "Is this the heart inductance of the twins?"

In fact, as early as 2009, the most bull triple twins from Shandong took the "continuous number points" of 616, 617, and 618 during the college entrance examination, and went to the same university to study.

Like the brothers of Shen Zhi and Shen Ze, they are not only very similar in appearance, but also about the same performance.But what makes people feel even more amazing is that 10 years later, the trigen was still married on the same day.

After being known by netizens, while sending blessings, they also joked: Will there be children at the same time at the same time?

So, what kind of story is behind the wonderful fate of these trigen?


Parents who tested the triggered twins were Zhao Zhenhua and Zhou Qinghua.

The couple got married in 1980 and soon had two daughters.However, the family planning policy of that era was very strict, so Zhou Qinghua went to sterilize surgery.

Zhou Qinghua, who thought it would not have a child, was unexpectedly pregnant in September 1989.What the family did not expect was that after the B -ultrasound, it was found that the trigger was triggered!

The Zhao Zhenhua couples are all rural. Even if only two daughters are raised, if these three children are required, the difficulties of future life can be imagined.

They were heartbroken to kill their children, but they were reluctant.You know, in the 1990s, there were very few twins. Moreover, these three children were still pregnant after Zhou Qinghua did a sterilization, and it was more like God blessed them.

In this case, cherish this rare fate.

The couple firmly believe that as long as they do it, even if they can’t give their children a good life, let them eat and wear warmth, and for them to go to school, it should not be a problem.

On May 18, 1990, Zhou Qinghua gave birth to trigger in the hospital.What surprised them was that the trigen was a clear boy, which just made up for their shortcomings without their son.

Zhao Zhenhua’s father, Zhao Yan, has been a private teacher who has been for more than 30 years.Looking at the grandson of the trilogy, the old man was overjoyed, and immediately gave the name: Zhao Lingxiao, Zhao Linghan, and Zhao Lingyun, which means "ambition Ling Yun, Qi Chongxiao Han".

For more than 30 years of teacher career, Zhao Xiyi knows deeply that for children in ordinary families in rural areas, reading is the best way to change their destiny.

In fact, Zhao Yanxi had a university dream himself, but it was not realized for various reasons, so this became an eternal regret in his heart.

He had pinned his hopes on his son, but his son did not like to learn. He did not help his best. In the end, his son still missed the university.

He has also pinned his hopes on the two granddaughter, but the two children are qualified and their academic performance is mediocre.

But the birth of the trilogy’s grandson brought hope to Zhao Xiyi.

Especially when the trilogy’s grandson, when he was four or five years old, Zhao Yanwei was even more convinced of this.


Through observation and testing, Zhao Xiyi found that although the three grandson’s intelligence cannot be said to be extraordinary, it must be smarter than ordinary children.

A good IQ, coupled with the correct educational method, will definitely make the fruit he wants.Therefore, he vowed secretly in his heart: must do his best, so that all three grandsons are admitted to a good university!

Zhao Yizhi was already in his 60s at this time. It was when he enjoys his old age. Since he has this idea, he feels that there is another heavy burden on his shoulders.

But he was not discouraged because of this, but immediately decided: the education of the three grandsons is responsible for himself!

The children’s father, Zhao Zhenhua, went out to work and earn money to support his family shortly after his sons were born. After that, he did not go home all year round.And his wife is responsible for taking care of the elderly and children at home.

However, no matter how hard they work hard, their lives are still stretched.

However, no matter how hard and tired the couple have no complaints, they have worked hard, saving money, and doing their best to make children eat and warm, and satisfy their costs needed.

Grandpa Zhao Xiyi used all his energy to cultivate his grandson.

When he went to kindergarten, he focused on cultivating his grandson’s living habits and learning habits.He knows that good habits will make people benefit for life, and it is also an important factor in a person’s success in the future.

When he was in elementary school, the grandson returned from school every day. He had to urge them to write homework, and then carefully checked themselves, and carefully checked them. When he found the problem, he also explained patiently.

Five years passed, and the grandson came to the town to study junior high school.

However, Zhao Xiyi, who was nearly 70, did not let go of it. Instead, he rented a facade in the town and opened a bookstore.Because of this, he can not only take care of the grandson, but also subsidize the family.


In 2006, the three brothers lived up to expectations and were admitted to the best high school in the local area with excellent results.However, their life and learning costs have increased a lot at once, and the economy at home is even more difficult.

At this time, Zhao Xiaona, the eldest sister of the three brothers, was admitted to a technical secondary school, but considering the actual situation at home, she silently hid the admission notice and turned to work in a foreign country to subsidize her family.

After that, the second sister Zhao Xiaoxue also graduated from high school, went out to work, and worked with her parents and elders to support her younger brothers.

The three brothers remembered all this in their hearts, and they learned more hard to learn.

Heavenly reward.It turns out that the more sweats given, the richer the gains get.

In July 2009, the three brothers scored 616, 617, and 618 in the college entrance examination. At the same time, they were accepted by the University of Petroleum.

With a hot admission notice, the three brothers knew the weight.

This is the result of the joint efforts of their family.Especially the two sisters, for them, chose to sacrifice their future.This deep grace made them feel sad at the same time!

At the same time, they also secretly determined: In the future, we must continue to study hard, work well in the future, help each other to help each other, and nurture their families!

When choosing a major, the three brothers chose three different majors: Zhao Lingxiao chose the oil engineering major; the second child Zhao Linghan, the mechanical design, manufacturing and its automation major;Essence

The reason why they choose this is because they do n’t know which major is the most promising. In this way, even if the major of the candidate does not eat incense in the future, the other two can help.

Soon, the Trippse brothers were admitted to the same key university with a high score. This rare incident attracted great attention from the media.

Many caring people know the situation in their homes and have helped them.

Especially a lady named Fan Xixia far away from New Zealand also took the initiative to bear all the costs during their college.Because Ms. Fan is their fellow, after hearing the trigger, she also wants to help them.


After being admitted to key universities, the three brothers did not relax their requirements for themselves, but worked hard as always.

They know that this is just a new starting point. For a better future, in order to better feed the family and give back to the society, they dare not slack off for a moment.

After studying, the three brothers were diligent and frugal through tutoring or going to the school cafeteria. Moreover, each year’s cold and summer vacation, they would go out to work to reduce the burden of the family.

In 2013, the three brothers graduated with excellent results and found very good jobs afterwards.

The boss joined PetroChina, and the place to work was in Tianjin. After the second child, the second child finally settled in Xi’an and entered the Northwest Branch of the China Construction Branch.Pipeline projects.

The boss Zhao Lingxiao met the girl she liked not long after work.After getting along for a while, the two decided to hold hands for life.

For their marriage, parents are fully agreed, but there is still a little regret, that is, the personal problems of the second child and the third, and have not solved it.

From the perspective of parents, the three brothers were born on the same day. During the college entrance examination, they were admitted to the same university with a number. If the wedding can be held on the same day in the future, how good it should be!

As a result, Zhao Lingxiao told his parents’ thoughts. Unexpectedly, his lover was reasonable and immediately agreed.

In fact, when she was in love, she was deeply moved by the Zhao Lingxiao family for the three brothers, and she was amazed by the wonderful fate of the Trippse brothers.

If the trillet brothers can really hold a wedding on the same day, it is not only to fulfill the wish of the two elderly people, but also the best cherish and continuation of this wonderful fate!

Later, Zhao Lingxiao talked about this with his younger brothers. As a result, the younger brothers agreed and said they would go all out.

Therefore, after ten years of graduation, the trillet brothers continued the legend again: On September 18, 2019, the three held a wedding in their hometown at the same time!


Today, the three brothers work hard in their respective positions.Every year, they send money to their families, especially for the two sisters who still live in the countryside, and they can help them.

The case of the successful counterattack of the three brothers once again proved that for children born in poor families at the bottom, reading is still the best way to change their destiny!

It is precisely because of their grandpa, parents, and even sisters, and the three generations worked together to achieve their today.

Grandpa gave them the best education. Parents did their best to make money for them to read books. The two sisters would rather sacrifice their future for the future of their brothers.

Of course, the most important one is the result of the three brothers’ hard work.

But it cannot be denied that no matter which part of it is, the results may be rewritten.

In real life, it is not easy for a person to come out of poor families and be admitted to key universities.And like the trillet brothers, they can successfully counterattack. No one has fallen behind, it is even more difficult.Therefore, they have also become legends.

The class has never been solidified, and ordinary people can rewrite their destiny through hard work.Just as a society moves forward, it will always sacrifice the interests of some people.

A poor family, because of the low starting point, it is particularly difficult to go up.They often have to raise the power of the family and even sacrifice the interests of a family member in order to successfully support the people in the family who are most likely to achieve a counterattack.

This effort and sacrifice are often huge at cost, but it is also moving and respectful.

Although the employment rate of college graduates has continued to decline in the past two years, all walks of life have been serious, and the use of books is useless, but a person does not work hard to study, but the result is really different.

For children at the bottom family, although they do their best, they may not reach the starting point of others, but in the process, they will become better and better, and laid a good foundation for the development of future generations.Essence

Just as he was a child when he was young, he studied high school jinshi, and eventually became a generation of famous Fan Zhongyan. He left the family training for his descendants in his later years: "Nong reading is lazy, the foundation of starting;

In this world, not everyone was born in Rome as soon as it was born.

Those who are in Rome, their ancestors of their parents, have also been 10,000 miles away from Rome.They also worked hard for several generations and worked unremittingly, and then advanced to Rome a little, and finally arrived.

The other cruel truth is that if the children at the bottom do not work hard, the probability will also live on the bottom, even worse.

The story of Shandong triple twins continues, and the story of Changsha twins has just begun. I hope that each student can encourage the Trippse brothers!

No matter what kind of cards are sent to us, we must do our best!

Author: Zhou Keyu

Edit: Yu Yu Shu

Source: "Fate!Shandong’s "The Best Bull Trilogen" married at the same time, and the college entrance examination has been tested in a row "2019-09-19" People’s Daily "

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