Supermodel Mi Mengyao appeared in Cannes waist fat to empirical pregnancy!Intersection

On May 19th, Xun Mengyao, who just promised the son of the gambler’s son He Yanjun to propose to the Cannes Film Festival, wore a light blue cloud puff skirt, she was full of gas, cold and full.

However, in addition to this cold and beautiful shape, most netizens found that as a supermodel, Mengyao Yao, there were fat on the waist of the waist, and the red carpet placed POSE POSE Xun Mengyao. The fat on the waist was obvious, and the two layers of fat were stacked.The arm and the fat on the waist are in sharp contrast, which looks extremely uncoordinated.Netizens shouted directly: Shouldn’t it be moisturized by love or this is the real hammer of pregnancy!

However, Xun Mengyao has been in a pregnancy incident since she was asking for a storm. After all, as a supermodel, she was not a trivial matter for her. For her, her body shape was her revolutionary capital.It can be regarded as one of the best supermodels in China. We ca n’t be sure to hammer directly. We can only wait for the parties ’meter!

Of course, in addition to Meng Mengyao, another supermodel Ho Sui also appeared at the Cannes Film Festival. A see -through fishtail skirt was directly called "Devil’s Style" by the majority of netizens.It highlights He Sui’s body is really sexy and so good!I am jealous!IntersectionIntersection

Yesterday wearing a hollow dress Guan Xiaotong today also appeared at the second red carpet scene. The mint green gifts were embroidered with scattered leaves, fresh, elegant and shining. Yesterday, the Baroque style was noble and elegant.IntersectionIt is understood that Guan Xiaotong appeared at the red carpet of the premiere of "The Most Beautiful Year".

!!Hu Ge Wanqian walked the red carpet together, I was sour 5555555

Alright, let’s not say much about nonsense. Let’s enjoy the beautiful pictures on the scene first.

I’m not sour, really none at all

Zheng Xiuyan’s feather skirt of this Cannes Film Festival is rated as the best shape, and the second place is to participate in the hollow printing skirt of Guan Xiaotong, the red carpet of the movie "Pain and Glory".Intersection

Zheng Xiuyan’s Cannes is full of fairy and impeccable. She was rated as the first place in the best red carpet in Cannes by foreign media as the first place in Cannes.

Guan Xiaotong’s hollow printed long skirt is full. The girl has already transformed into a shiny star on the red carpet, and was rated as the second place in Cannes in Cannes.

Guan Xiaotong’s Cannes has really improved a lot ~ The new movie "Tu Lun Dot" and "Moon Half Eris" are about to be released.

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