Super cute Dutch pig, who is pregnant, but when I see the end of me, I wet my eyes ~

(Issue 29 of the Dutch pig show)

Beckham talks about the topic related to pregnancy today.

Needless to say, it is the most significant thing for a woman or even a family.What Xiaobei wants to say today is some little things that you don’t know about this big thing.

1. "October, October, Once Divert"

Everyone knows that "in October in October, once gave birth."Therefore, everyone generally thinks that the baby stays in his mother’s belly for ten months, and it should be about 265.But there are exceptions in everything. A prospective mother in the United States is 375 days during pregnancy, which is 110 days older than ordinary expectant mothers.What is even more miraculous is that the baby who had been in the mother’s belly for more than a year was less than 7 pounds after birth, but the baby is healthy!

2. After childbirth, Rongguang is glowing

I believe that many girls have heard that pregnancy is a good time for women’s appearance.That’s right, especially those girls who are just being a treasure mother often exude a "maternal light".

This is because the blood in girls during pregnancy is 1.5 times the normal period, so the skin of the whole person looks rosy and light.At the same time, the role of hormones will make the expectant mother look full of collagen, and the temperament of the whole person will be greatly improved.

3, smell, taste more sensitive

Scientifically proves that women’s sense of smell and taste will become very sensitive during pregnancy. This super -energy improvement is mainly to allow pregnant women to be easier to detect toxins in food during pregnancy to ensure the safety of the fetus in the abdomen.It is no wonder that the taste of pregnant women and drinks is very disgusted.

4. A few yards will become larger

The feet will become bigger. This should be well understood. The main reason is that the weight of the pregnant woman gradually increases, and naturally all the weight will fall on the feet.A pair of slim jade feet are so crushed and large.However, this change is just temporarily. As long as the child’s fiber and jade feet are naturally returned, the premise is that you still have to keep a stylish figure during pregnancy ~

5. Three years pregnant for three years

During pregnancy, it can be said to be a ten -month -old bump, emotional disorders, strange tastes, and various discomforts of the body.Even began to forget, slow response, and slowly "stupid".In fact, this "silly" is not really stupid, it is just a memory loss caused by the improvement of estradiol hormone levels in the body.And there is no exaggerated "silly three years", so it is generally recovered after the baby is born after the baby is born.

6. Don’t steal the prospective dad

After watching so much about the prospective mother, the prospective dad should not be happy.There is a very strange phenomenon during human pregnancy called "giving birth", which means that during the pregnancy of expectant mothers, the weight of the prospective father will increase, and even the phenomenon of pregnant women during morning vomiting and abdominal cramps will appear.

The scientific interpretation of this phenomenon is to be pregnant, as if obesity can infect.

The video pushed today is a scene of pigs who have just given birth to the baby.But when I saw 36 我, my eyes were moist …

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