Super accurate!After the epidemic is over, God predicts!

Spring Festival 2020

A sudden epidemic

Changed countless life trajectories

When the spring flowers bloom

We are happy


Students and office workers:

During the epidemic: I want to start school, I want to go to work, I want to work hard

After the epidemic: I really want to take a holiday, I just want to be a salted fish


One day after many years, my daughter came to ask my dad:

Dad, why do my classmate’s birthday is the same month as me?

Dad watched her spoiled and said: All of this,

From the year of 2020

A bat in the South China Seafood Market said …


Men’s bathroom has also started to line up

Finally, you can experience the feelings of girls’ queues:

Everyone rubs his hands back and forth, and wash your hands for 60 seconds.


Sleep too much during the epidemic, sequelae after the epidemic:

During the epidemic:

Noon on the day of hoeing, sleeping hard!

Sleeping all morning and one afternoon.

Sleeping at night, it is too painful

Sleep in the morning, sleep in the afternoon, and have to sleep at night;

Sleep today, sleep tomorrow, I have to sleep the day after tomorrow;

Sleep for the country, sleep peacefully

After the epidemic:

Biological clock confusion appears collective

Send a circle of friends at 3 am at 3 am

"A day of insomnia, is anyone chatting online?"

Receive 188 praise


The gym coach said:

After the epidemic, there will be three batches

A batch of fat, pregnant, a group of depression

Which group will you be?

I am not responsible for pregnancy, and I am not responsible for depression.

I am only responsible for the batch of fat


The boss says:

Notice: Holiday delay to 2.2

Notice: Holiday delay to 2.10

Notice: Holiday delay to 2.17

Notice: The company is gone, don’t have to come back


Fear of receiving a phone call from my mother:

My mother called

I just feel 90 % of the rumors in the country

They all passed out from my mother …



Many divorce cases are canceled, because my wife is pregnant with a second child


My friend said to help me introduce a rich second generation:

The mask factory at home, produce N95!


When you log in to QQ, secretly adjust the speaker into mute:

Mainly worried that neighbors report to the police to report my cough


After the epidemic, my boyfriend came

Gently say in your ear:

Did you bring a bra today?


Girlfriend complained:

What is your use?

The epidemic is here, you can’t grab the mask;

After the epidemic, you can’t rank hot pot milk tea


Haofer shop Tony:

The barber shop opens the door

All of the boys who come in are F4


King Glory player:

When playing the king, try to play as little as possible

They are all wild animals, which are easy to get new crowns

If you really need to play the wild

Use Lanling King, he has a mask


I am about to resume work:

What did I do before?


Deeply appreciated the mood of the concubines of the harem:

Wife; how many capsules do I have in my family


On the first day of work:

Lie Cao, just walked on the road, a child rushed to face

His mother held him:

"Be careful! Don’t hit the baby in the aunt’s belly" "

Then smile at me gently

My fat crying sounds

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