Suddenly when the baby sleeps, is it a dream?

Many mothers may find that after the baby falls asleep, he often pouts secretly, and sometimes even giggles, as if to have a dream.

This smile of the baby can make the old mother’s heart, let you forget the hard work of bringing the baby all day.

In the tradition of the older generation, there are many ways to laugh in the baby’s sleep, such as:

Mother -in -law is teaching the baby’s ability;

Sending the son -in -law to play with the baby to play;

The fight is won;

Dreaming delicious:


Many young mothers now laugh at these claims, but there are really some "saying" in the baby’s sleep!The baby dreams

In fact, when the baby is still in the mother’s belly, she will dream!When some pregnant mothers do B -ultrasound around 8 months of pregnancy, they can also see the smiling face of the baby in the sleeping baby.

So don’t think that your child will not dream. In fact, people have this skill in the mother’s belly!The baby laughed so quietly, what a good dream!

Unconscious facial muscle exercise

After the baby is born, the brain development is not perfect, and some unconscious muscle movements will be made. If this exercise happens to be the same as a smiley face, the parent sees that the baby laughed, and some babies occasionally make some strange facial expressions.This is actually a small movement of unconscious muscle exercise.The baby is in a light sleep state

In addition to the above two possibilities, there is another possibility that the baby is in a state of light sleep.Although light sleep is also a kind of sleep, this sleep state is very light, and the surrounding wind is a bit windy and the grass can wake him up.

In this state, the baby occasionally has some small movements in the body, and the eyeball will turn from time to time. There will be a smile, frowning or crying expression.Moms don’t have to worry, this is also a very natural situation. When the child’s sleep degree gradually deepen, these situations will slowly decrease.Traumatic brain injury

In the end, we have to say that there is a kind of dream that parents need special attention, that is, traumatic brain damage.Some children are hit by their heads. If they fall from the bed, the baby may have no abnormalities at the time, but after a while, the situation may appear continuously at night.However, this situation will also be accompanied by other symptoms, such as convulsions, slow response, vomiting, drowsiness, etc. Once you find this situation, take your child to the hospital in time.

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