Sudden abdominal pain may be "the tumor of the ovarian tumor twists"

There are many diseases in gynecology, which can cause abdominal pain. Common dysmenorrhea, adenois muscle disease, and even ectopic pregnancy, etc., will show obvious abdominal pain. Many female friends often wait until the pain is unbearable before they come to the hospital.

A case: Xiaofang, a 24 -year -old girl, has no obvious causes of abdominal discomfort. The symptoms can be slightly relieved after flat lying. She has not attracted attention. Three days later, Xiaofang’s abdominal discomfort has not eased, severe pain, and starting to startAfter fever, go to the hospital for emergency treatment and ask the medical history. Xiaofang had a history of ovarian cysts in the past. Because of the low cyst, it was not treated. After the B -ultrasound was checked, considering the twist of ovarian tumors, comprehensive condition, informing family members and patients need surgery for surgical treatment, Finally, the attachment on one side was removed.

So what is the "ovarian tumor tumor to reverse" in the case?

The incidence of tumor tumor tumors accounts for about 10 % of ovarian tumors. It is better to occur in women aged 20 to 50. It can occur when the posture can suddenly change. It is one of the common acute abdomen in gynecology.

Tumor (such as teratoma tumors) with long tumors, medium large, good activity, and focus on one side.Often when the patient suddenly changes its position, or the size of the uterus during pregnancy, the pathy period, and the position of the position changes.The tires of ovarian tumors are composed of pungent funnel ligaments, inherent ligaments of the ovaries, and tubal tubes.After acute reversal, the venous return is blocked, extreme congestion in the tumor or hemorrhage in the vascular rupture tumor, causing the tumor body to increase rapidly. After the arterial blood flow, the tumor necrosis becomes purple -black, which can rupture and secondary infection.Sometimes the incomplete reversal can naturally reset, and abdominal pain relieves it.

(For example, you can imagine similar ropes such as ovaries and ligaments and fallopian tubes. When ovarian tumors such as teratoma, because of uneven gravity, it is very easy to reverse. Sometimes it is limited to the relationship between space.It just shows that the abdomen suddenly hurts a bit, but sometimes it is like twisting twist, the more twisted the tighter, and finally causes necrotic infection, etc.)

What should I do if the "ovarian tumor is reversed"?

The traditional treatment method is that once the diagnosis is confirmed, the ovarian section or laparoscopy should be performed as soon as possible.But most of the ovarian tumor tumor twisting most of them occurred in young women, even adolescents.Young female ovarian tumor tumor tumor tumors are reversed to reverse conservative surgical treatment is safe and effective.At present, there are many reports of the tumor -tumor treatment of annexed tumors under the laparoscopy. The laparoscopy can be diagnosed with an early diagnosis of ovarian tumors and conservative treatment under the mirror, and the surgery is safe and effective.

piece of cake:

Many girls are worried about whether it will affect pregnancy after removing the ovaries on the side?For most people, one side of the ovaries can also be pregnant normally, and the level of hormones in the body can be maintained at a normal level;At the time, when you are persistent abdominal pain, you must go to the hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the illness!

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