Successful conception experience sharing!The first month of pregnancy is successful

Generally speaking, the prospective mother who is pregnant for one month is happy. Pregnancy is a complicated process. Many times, it is not what you want to be pregnant. Sometimes you have to see any place in the sky.Nothing, let’s share with you the successful experience of preparing for one month.

The first month of pregnancy will become. Now I will share my experience with everyone. I hope that the sisters can also get pregnant as soon as possible.

Basic body temperature: I have been in the basal body temperature since March.According to the low temperature ovulation, the high temperature must be maintained in the law of 12-14 days to determine whether your ovulation is normal.Therefore, I think that if the sisters have a pregnancy plan, you must try to measure the base temperature 1 to 2 months in advance, and you can give yourself a reference data record.

This time I compared the basic body temperature of the previous two months.Because I had a high temperature to 11 days in the past two months to fall 0.1 degrees a day to the 14th day of the day, but this time, there was no slope drop.When I first at the beginning, there will be a question about what time is the amount in the morning. Why is the amount of two temperatures different?Later, I found that there is actually a few times. The key is to fixed the same time point every day to have reference value.It is best to adjust the alarm clock to this time, and then wake up, just do nothing.

In fact, the symptoms of ovulation during ovulation are varying from person to person. Everyone’s physique is different. The cycle may be different. The only thing that can be believed is the basic body temperature and ovulation test strip.But the basal body temperature is lagging, because you have risen your body temperature, but we only measure the base temperature in the morning every day. In case you discharge it at night, you will know a few hours later, soIt depends on ovulation test strips.

In fact, it is best to start testing your ovulation two months in advance, so that the color changes of the test strip are with the time of ovulation and the temperature.I haven’t seen Qiangyang’s appearance at first. In fact, it is really easy to distinguish from Qiangyang. The second one is obviously deeper than the first one.However, do n’t go to the same room immediately if you measure Qiangyang, keep it once every 2-4 hours, and change the color. For example, you can change the room when you change the yang..

After the same room, raise your legs for half an hour, and then sleep without moving.I tested again at 10 o’clock the next morning, and it was Yang, but it was tested again at 2 pm, and it became overcast, which was discharged.So I think everyone from strong Yang to the length of time is different.In addition, you must ensure that you do not drink a lot of water within 2 hours.

Waiting for my first day after ovulation, I had a little abdomen pain, and then an inexplicable stomach pain appeared. After a few seconds of cramps appeared in the lower abdomen, it was fine for a few seconds.It was trapped at 10 o’clock in the evening, and then the lower abdomen was sore, and the soreness was like menstruation.In addition, some people say that if the pregnancy pulse will jump to 90, although I am not 90 at all times, there are indeed several 90 times, and other times are maintained at 80 (there will be a feeling of panic).

I tested a very light and light color on the 12th day after ovulation. At first glance, I couldn’t see it, but I could see it carefully.I heard that there is also a possibility of fake yang, that is, a pale one before menstruation comes.Later, after studying, if your one slowly becomes a good pregnancy (because the growth of HCG has changed in about 2-3 days), if it has not changed, it is a fake sun.

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