Styto!Xun Mengyao tirled the second child’s pregnancy and started to work, because she was too tired to make makeup and sideways sitting on the chair and fell asleep.

Today, some netizens showed a video picture started by Meng Mengyao. The Meng Mengyao in the picture was wearing a small white suit and a long hair shawl. The whole person looked very tired.Many fans began to feel distressed by Meng Mengyao, and they shouted that Meng Yao Yao had already been pregnant with a second child, hoping that she could take a good rest.

During Meng Yaoyao’s makeup, it may be because he was too tired, or it was because of the pregnancy reaction that he began to be sleepy.I didze off while making makeup, and then she was paralyzed in a chair and fell asleep.In the face of such Xi Mengyao, many netizens are distressed and praised that Meng Yao Yao is too hard. Now they are pregnant for several months, and they are still in the work of Daiyue.

In fact, not only today, Xi Mengyao has been busy working recently.Recently, because of shooting magazines, Xun Mengyao also did some significant dangerous actions and jumping shooting magazines, which made netizens distressed.Many mothers have begun to worry about, and they also reminded that the women who were pregnant in Mengyao could not jump, which was very dangerous.

In fact, since Meng Mengyao’s married King’s family, he has not stopped, and has always maintained a state of work. He even went to the variety show with He Yanjun to make money, while making people see their lives, and also made money at work.Some netizens questioned that Meng Yaoyao married the Gambler family, why should he come out to work?However, He Yanjun seemed to give the answer because even if they were rich, they were family, and the property was managed by the family office.

Although Xi Mengyao married into the giants, she has always maintained a state of working women.Just as she recently took her beautiful photos while making makeup, and her mobile phone case wrote the word "without me".Presumably, Mengyao just uses these two words to remind herself to maintain a state of selflessness.This is also the foundation of her at work and standing in the giants.

Today, Meng Yaoyao He Junjun has formed a family of three, and often shows a family of three love daily life.We hope that Erbao will come soon, and we also hope that He Yanjun will take good care of Xi Mengyao, don’t be too tired!

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