Story: When I was pregnant, I wanted to get married in Fengzi. I found a tie in my girlfriend’s house.

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After the end of the semester, Jing Sheng’s roommates went to the summer vacation, and there was only Jing Sheng left in the dormitory.

He planned not to go home, so when his dad called, he told the person on the phone that he would find a summer work near the school.

His dad didn’t say much, only letting him take good care of himself, the father and son between them were very light.After hanging up the phone, Jing Sheng was lying on the bed and reading a book. After a while, he fell asleep and had a broken dream.

In the impression, his parents have been divorced for a long time. It was a long tug -of -war. At the end of the noise, everyone was tired, and silent became the norm of this family.

In his third year, his parents finally received a divorce permit, and then soon remarried.At the time of divorce, the hot Jing Sheng suddenly became unattended, and it was a bit extra existence.

After Jing Sheng chanted high school, he began to live with Grandpa.

In memory, compared to the depression of junior high school, he was very brisk in high school. Grandpa gave him a lot of freedom. He often went to the library on the weekend to read books. Sometimes it was a whole day.It is no longer the cold face of parents. Grandpa’s family is always very lively.

The retired elderly people gathered at home to sing Cantonese music, drink tea, and play chess. There were meals he gave him hot in the pot. Grandpa and grandma called to teach him to play chess and sing. He seemed to feel the first time in his life.The meaning of home.

At that time, he liked his table at the same table, and the girl laughed her eyes bent like crescent crescent.

She often stayed up late to watch the show, and then made up in the early study class the next day. She always said to him, "Jing Sheng, the teacher comes to wake me up." Her voice seemed to be echoing in her ears. At that timeHe was so satisfied with him.

Soon after, Grandpa died of illness. His father helped him go through the transfer procedure. He had to move to live with his father and his stepmother.After his dad took him to the class teacher, he came out of the office. He looked at the classroom for a few glances. Suddenly, she ran out of the classroom.Following my father.I have never contacted her again.

Jing Sheng woke up, and when he opened his eyes, the dormitory was drowned in the dark. He got up from the bed, and walked to the window by the light from the outside, pushing the window, and he looked up at the black paint.A round of bending moon, like the girl’s smile.

He remembered that one night, Grandpa invited many old friends to play at home, and he planned to go to the library to read a book after dinner.

Out of the house, walking on the noisy street, the shop next to it had the popular songs that year. He suddenly saw her. She said that she came here to find a friend and now go home.

The two walked slowly to the bus station side by side. She asked him, "Do you like the round moon or the bending moon?" He lowered his head and looked at her, and he said he liked the curved moon.

They got on the same bus, and he got out of the car first. Didn’t you say goodbye that time?He thought for a while and couldn’t remember.

Jing Sheng found a waiter at the dessert shop near the school. Soon after, a girl who was the same age as him. She introduced herself to him. She said that she was called Zhou Yan and he was different from the same university as him.She loves to talk to him, as if there is endless words, but he feels that she is noisy.

After class, she would ask him to wait for her, and then the two walked back to school together.Jing Sheng was accustomed to walking alone, always walking ahead, setting Zhou Yan behind, and at the beginning Zhou Yan tried to keep up with him. Later, he was too tired and gave up., Not big or small.

Gradually familiar with it, Jing Sheng felt embarrassed, and slowly slowed down and waited for her. He also talked about why she didn’t go home. She said she was a child of a single -parent family. She had to earn a little living expenses for herself., Help the mother’s pressure.

She said that her father ran away with other women when she was very young. Since then, her mother has become a little hysterical, and she will be angry when she is unhappy, but she will regret it later and buy her a lot of good.Eating as compensation.

When she talked about these things, her expression was faint, as if telling the story of others, he was soft -hearted, and he felt that she and him were as lonely children.

Once Jing Sheng had a fever, he did not go to work for leave. When he was lying on the bed in the dormitory, he suddenly felt a comfortable and coolness on his forehead.I jumped and asked her how she came in, and she said she slipped in quietly while Uncle Su was fighting.

She brought him white porridge and some light side dishes. He didn’t eat anything a day, and he felt delicious with white porridge.


You don’t know how courage I have spoke to you for the first time, Jing Sheng, I like you for a long time.She said that she burst into tears, and Jing Sheng gently stroked her face. The tears were wet on his palm. The girl in front of her eyes was so real, not far away from the sky.They kissed.

After graduating from college, Jing Sheng and Zhou Yan lived together.Their lives are very simple. They go to work to visit the vegetable market together to discuss what to eat at night and what to eat tomorrow.

Zhou Yan learned to bargain with the aunt selling vegetables, but she was always unsuccessful. She told Jing Sheng that I would be fine next time, but next time I still did not talk about the auntie of the vegetables, so she had to admit defeat.

After buying the vegetables home, Zhou Yan was responsible for cooking. Jing Sheng was responsible for washing the dishes after meals. After busy, he took a bath and lay on the bed to play with his mobile phone and chat. It was very late.

The days are very common and harmonious, but they are not available when they are eager to get when they are young, so they both cherish such days.They hugged each other.

On another day, Zhou Yan said that she had a junior high school classmate. She was a very good friend. Because she could not stand the dry weather in Beijing. After four years of college, she planned to come back to find a job.Living with her, she asked Jing Sheng if she could, and Jing Sheng agreed.

On the weekend, the two went to the airport to pick up Zhou Yan’s friends. The friend pushed a few big boxes and ran to them. There was a big smile on their faces, and their eyes bent in crescents.However, this smile was a little stagnant when he was face -to -face with Jing Sheng.

Zhou Yan helped the two to introduce. Jing Sheng said, I know Li Xiaotian, we are high school classmates, do you remember?Li Xiaotian said, of course, remember.

As a result, Zhou Yan’s smile was a little stagnant.

Jing Sheng helped Li Xiaotian’s promotion of the ceremony in front, Zhou Yan and Li Xiaotian followed behind. Zhou Yan asked Li Xiaotian with joke. When I was in high school, you told me that you crush on the same table at the same table.Jing Sheng?Li Xiaotian smiled exaggeratedly, how is it possible?She saw Zhou Yan’s frowning eyebrows and let go, and she also relieved.


The original life of the two suddenly had one more person, and the people who visited the vegetable market with Zhou Yan became Li Xiaotian. The two of them sold aunt’s mouth, and finally told them the price.It is also enough to make them happy.

After buying the vegetables on the way home, they saw that there were eggs selling eggs, and they remembered that when they were in junior high school, they would often buy them at the entrance of the school and eat them home.

The two bought an eggs and eaten, and they did not forget to bring a copy of Jing Sheng.When he got home, Zhou Yan and Li Xiaotian were busy in the kitchen. Jing Sheng led his eggs to eat on the sofa, and the two in the kitchen shouted that the eggs were cold.

The two in the kitchen, one washing vegetables and one cut vegetables. Li Xiaotian said that it was unsatisfactory to see a few houses today. It is difficult to find a house now.

Zhou Yan said, not in a hurry, live with me with peace of mind, you are so happy with me, like when I go back to school.

Li Xiaotian said that I have passed my work interview and I can go to work tomorrow. The salary is not much, but the boss is a famous designer in the industry. It is good to follow him with a little experience.week

呀 said, you said earlier, we should eat hot pot tonight!She threw the vegetables into the pool, unravel the apron, say, no, let’s go, I invite you to eat hot pot!When Jing Sheng heard it, he said, Boss Zhou, don’t forget to bring me!

The three people went out to eat hot pot, ordered the spicy soup base, had a swelling of mouth, and raised the ice beer toast. Zhou Yan said, long live friendship!Li Xiaotian and Jing Sheng glanced at each other, and the words "Long live friendship" were said to be late.

Li Xiaotian went to work in the company. When he first arrived, there was nothing important to give her to do it. She accepted the phone all day to run the leg. When I got out of work, others had to work overtime to catch the design.I do n’t know why, she has a conscience, grinding and rubbing in her seat delayed for five minutes before she stood up and said goodbye to her colleagues.

There was only Jing Sheng at home, and Zhou Yan said in the WeChat group that she would work overtime late, so that they did not have to wait for her to eat.They just ordered takeaway to eat, nothing to do.

Li Xiaotian proposed to watch a movie, and searched for the old film with a high score. After watching it for thirty minutes, Li Xiaotian asked Jing Sheng, do you understand?Jing Sheng said, I didn’t, what about you?The two exchanged a blank eyes, and suddenly laughed like being smiled.

After laughing, Li Xiaotian said, do you remember the fat man sitting in front of me?He divorced a few days ago.

Jing Sheng said "ah", a little unbelievable, why did he get married and divorced?This speed is fast enough.

Li Xiaotian said, yes, our English teacher, recently gave birth to a second child.

Jing Sheng said, she is now in her forties, right?Li Xiaotian nodded, 43, gave birth to a son, and sent a circle of friends to say that there was no regret.

Jing Sheng said, do you have contact with them?Li Xiaotian said that last year we also had a classmate party. Everyone said that they couldn’t contact you, and you evaporated like the world.Jing Sheng smiled, and both suddenly quietly.

Silently, Jing Sheng said, how have you been good these years?Li Xiaotian nodded, but smiled bitterly. She said that in fact, I left Beijing, not because the weather was dry, I fled.When I had a relationship with my ex -boyfriend, he was very good to me, but gradually he showed his nature, began to scold me, and gradually moved to me.

She raised her jacket, and her fair skin was full of scars and bruises.She said that he specializes in the place where these clothes can be covered. After playing me, he will kneel and apologize with me again. I repeatedly forgive him until the last time he grabbed my head and hit the wall. ThenI thought I would die by myself, and I was scared. I fled like it.

Her body trembled, as if she was caught in those violence and could not save herself. He put his hand gently on her hands and comforted her that it was okay now.

She raised her red eyes and looked at him, asking him, why did you contact me again after you transfer?Over the years, I have kept in touch with all old classmates. I want to get your news through them, but I do n’t have it. Why are you so ruthless?

He also had red eyes. He thought about contacting her, but the better in her memories, the more he didn’t dare to touch it. He felt that he was not worthy of this beauty.Now he hates this world. He feels that the world is not worthy of her. She should always be so happy, so light, and never have to suffer.

The two of them gradually and gradually approached. Suddenly Jing Sheng’s mobile phone rang, and Zhou Yan called. Li Xiaotian hurriedly got up and left. Jing Sheng picked up the phone. Zhou Yan asked him if he had dinner, and he answered soully.

Li Xiaotian went to the toilet and washed her face, and the cold water stimulated her, making her sober.She felt inconvenient to return to the living room, so she went back to the room to take a bath.

The dull old movie in the TV was still staged, and Jing Sheng looked intently, but he heard the sound of the toilet’s rushing water.Suddenly, there was a scream in the toilet. Jing Sheng was frightened and rushed to the toilet. It was called Li Xiaotian across the toilet door, but no one responded.

The toilet door was not locked. He opened the door and saw Li Xiaotian sitting on the ground, holding his head with his hands. The two of them looked at each other. Jing Sheng was busy exiting and closing the door.With blood, she said, I slipped and broke my forehead.

The two took the car and went to the hospital to deal with it. It was already midnight after the processing. Zhou Yan returned home and did not see anyone. He called and asked where Jing Sheng went. Jing Sheng told her things and let her not worry.

After sewing the needle, in the car home from the hospital, Li Xiaotian and Jing Sheng sat in the back seat, separated by a person’s seat in the middle, and looked at each other without saying nothing.

The lights of the city are immortal at night, the night of the city is so beautiful, but the people in the city are very lonely.In the dark car, Li Xiaotian quietly reached out to touch Jing Sheng’s hand, and the hands of the two quickly held together.

Li Xiaotian thought, no one knows, right?I hope no one will know this dark night.

The car drove downstairs in the rental house, Zhou Zai was waiting there, and he stomped coldly. When he saw the two got out of the car, he was busy to care about Li Xiaotian’s injury.Crying, Zhou Yan was unknown, so she thought she was crying, and she was crying like a child.

Jing Sheng walked away, ordered a cigarette to slowly smoke.

Two days later, Li Xiaotian found the house and moved away. Zhou Yan also retained her, worried that she was not taken care of by her injuries, but Zhou Yan was so good to her, and the more Li Xiaotian escaped, she was worried about leaving.She will mess up everything. It is good to stop here. Everyone is very good.

Jing Sheng helped her move things to her new home. When she left, Li Xiaotian supported the door inside the house. He stood outside the house.


One day when the company had a morning meeting, the boss suddenly announced that he would give a large order to Li Xiaotian to do it. The colleagues present focused on her.She thanked the boss excitedly to ensure that she would cherish this opportunity and make results.

After opening the meeting, the boss told her to the office and pointed out what she should pay attention to at work. She also showed her some design drawings so that she could find inspiration in this direction and talk, the boss’s hand, the boss’s handShe put it on her shoulder, she felt uncomfortable, but she endured it, and gradually, the boss’s hand slipped to her waist.When you come out, you can only leave the office in a rush.

She thought that this was just like this, but after she returned home in the evening, she received a text message from the boss, which wrote the address and room number of the hotel.

She felt humiliated, and was so angry that she scolded the man. After hanging up the phone, she felt sad and felt sad. Why did she encounter these injuries when she worked hard?

She suddenly missed home, she wanted her mother, she called her mother, and no one answered it a few times. After a while, her mother called back and asked her if she had a meal. What did she eat?Professional, her mother said, Oda, my mother had one thing to tell you that my mother gave you a younger brother two months ago.

After hearing it, Li Xiaotian was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day and stayed for a few seconds. Her mother continued to say on the phone, Oda, my father and mother’s love for you will not change …

Li Xiaotian did not hear what her mother said. She thought of the circle of friends sent by the English teacher. She never thought that she was a shortcoming of her family.

Li Xiaotian opened the refrigerator muddy, leaving only a can of beer in the refrigerator. She drank it and didn’t feel happy. She put on a coat and shivered in the cold wind.Essence

Pedestrians on the road are retrograde from her. She originally had a very good friend. It was the kind of friend who would stand next to her anyway, but now she dare not call her. She never thought that there was such a day.Parents’ love, friends’ love, lovers’ love, these loves have become needles densely on her heart.

She walked into a bar, and noisy music shook her eardrums and hearts. She didn’t know how much wine she drank. When she came out, she couldn’t stand the tree and spit it up.People walked forward, she didn’t know where to go, walked, walked for a long time, and returned to the rental house.

Someone at the door was sitting there and waited for her. I don’t know how long she had been sitting. Li Xiaotian was waking up. She asked the man, what are you doing?

Jing Sheng said, I don’t know, I suddenly want to see you.They were holding together, kissing warmly, regardless of everything, and secretly.

Afterwards, Li Xiaotian asked him, what are we now?Jing Sheng said that I would confess to Zhou Yan, and I could no longer bully her.Li Xiaotian snuggled in his arms and wondered what he was thinking. After a while, she said, I face it with you.

The next night, Li Xiaotian invited Zhou Yan and Jing Sheng to fight the furnace at home. The heat kept emerging from the pot. Li Xiaotian and Jing Sheng both had some souls. Zhou Yan had a good appetite.

For almost a long time, Zhou Yan said that I would have one thing to announce it with you.She took her eyes to look at the other two, and she smiled big on her face. She said that I was pregnant for two months.

Both Jing Sheng and Li Xiaotian were stunned. I didn’t know what the reaction should be for a while.Zhou Yan said, Jing Sheng, you are going to be a dad, are you unhappy?

Jing Sheng laughed, and he said, happy, of course I am happy.The eyes looked at Li Xiaotian, and Li Xiaotian did not dare to look at him.Zhou Yan also said, Oda, you must be a child’s godmother.Li Xiaotian nodded and said, of course, it’s okay.

Later, I did n’t know when the party was scattered. Zhou Yan first wore his shoes and went out to press the elevator. Jing Sheng was still tie the laces in the house. Li Xiaotian looked at him with his shoelaces. Zhou Yan said that Jing Sheng was fast and the elevator came.Jing Sheng went out.

On the elevator door, Li Xiaotian laughed and rubbed his stiff face.

In the middle of the night, Jing Sheng called Li Xiaotian. She was unable to sleep with her eyes open. They connected the phone and fell into a long silence. Li Xiaotian suddenly came angry. She scolded him, Lin Jingsheng, you are a courageous ghost!You dare not tell me at the high school at that time, and now you dare not tell me the end, you force me to do all of this!

I have become a bad guy, I can’t face myself, nor can I face Zhou Yan, and you can still put on your mask to be a decent person.After she scolded, she cried again.

Jing Sheng listened to her crying. He said, sorry, maybe we should return to the right track, as as everything happened, and the child was innocent.

It’s almost the end of the year, there are many things in the company, and they can’t be fake. Jing Sheng and Zhou Yan discussed it and decided to visit the parents of both parties at the Spring Festival, and then discuss the marriage. Before that, the pregnancy was not told for the time being.

Zhou Yan began to be pregnant and couldn’t eat anything. Occasionally, there was anything to eat. No matter how many late scenery, he would get up from the bed to buy it, just to eat more for Zhou Yan.

He liked to return home after a busy day, and put his ears on Zhou Yan’s belly to listen to fetal movements. He would say, children, children, you can come out, don’t torture your mother anymore.

Dad promises you that dad will let you be a happy child.Zhou Yan didn’t know if the child had heard it, but she felt very happy in her ears.She and him are a faint family. She always hopes to have a close family. She feels that her wish is realized, and she is grateful.

On the weekend, Zhou Yan asked Li Xiaotian to go shopping and passed a wedding shop. Zhou Yan stopped in front of the shop and looked in through the glass window.You can come in and pick a wedding dress.

Zhou Yan and Li Xiaotian entered the store, and the clerk gave tea and biscuits. Li Xiaotian sat down on the sofa. Zhou Yan picked a favorite wedding dress to try it. When he came out, he looked at Li Xiaotian’s eyes.Change it like a person, pure as an angel.

Li Xiaotian said that you wore this wedding dress very beautiful.Zhou Yan said that it was too expensive to buy.

She took a picture of Zhang Zhang and sent a photo to Jing Sheng. After receiving the reply from Jing Sheng, she smiled sweetly to Li Xiaotian and said that Jing Sheng said that it was good -looking.Li Xiaotian also laughed, and this smile was bitter.

After shopping, it was not far from Li Xiaotian’s house. The two returned to Li Xiaotian’s house to rest. Li Xiaotian hadn’t cleaned up the house for a long time.

Zhou Yan had nothing to do with it, so she packed her up the house, and suddenly pulled out a tie in the sofa gap. She recognized that this tie was a birthday gift she picked it to Jing Sheng for a long time. How could she fall here?

She "buzzed" in her head, and intuitively told her something that she put the tie into the pocket of coats. I didn’t know what to do for a while.

Li Xiaotian did the sandwich and looked at Zhou Yan’s face badly. She asked her what happened. She shook her head and said, it’s okay, the pregnancy is reversed, and I want to vomit.

She couldn’t eat sandwiches and proposed to go. Li Xiaotian sent her out. Zhou Yan suddenly held Li Xiaotian’s hand. She said, Oda, how long have we been in?

Li Xiaotian thought about it, for more than ten years.

Zhou Yan said, you will never betray me, right?

Li Xiaotian had some guilty conscience, and broke Zhou Yan’s hand and asked her, what’s wrong with you?What do you do?

Zhou Yan took out the tie from his coat pocket and said, why did Jing Sheng’s tie stay in your sofa seam?

Li Xiaotian looked at the tie. She remembered what happened that happened that night. She could actually have a lot of excuses. Maybe it was left when I helped move it. Perhaps it was left when I came to eat hot pot, but she was tired.Zhou Yan would not believe it anymore, so she didn’t say a word.

Zhou Yan slapped her heavily, hit her, and her own hand trembled.

Zhou Yan said, you are no longer my friend, and my friends will not hurt me like this.

When I got home, Zhou Yan sat on the sofa a lot. When she remembered that when she was five years old, her dad packed up his luggage and left. Her mother hugged his legs to not let him go, but he was kicked away by him and moved.How ruthless men who love and love, they did not even look back at the daughter who wowed.

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