Story: Recently, a mysterious big snake is entangled in my dreams, but I am pregnant for a long time.

Recently, a mysterious snake appeared in my dream. The red eyes had a heart. He kept twisted around me, and the cold and hard scales painted the skin pain.

Every time I want to call for help, I was pried open by the scarlet snake letter and took my breath little by little.I seemed to be drowned, constantly struggling, but I was entangled tighter by the big snake.

I don’t know how long it took me to let go of me slightly and breathe the fresh air again. I couldn’t help but be cough. At this time, the sound of "Sis" came from my ears.

"You destroy me for doing it, I will ask for your blood debt …" The huge snake head was attached to my nose, and I stared in my eyes in horror. However, before I said a word, I was blocked by the snake again.

The snake’s body had a faint rosin, and it was a little unexpected. I took a few deep sips of consciousness and gradually sank, and the snake in front of me gradually became blurred.

The body began to change, what I wanted, and I didn’t know what I wanted.I was confused and looked at a somewhat vague snake, twisted my body uncomfortably, and finally bowed to him unconsciously.

This move seemed to be a big snake, and the painful pain in the next second spread to the limbs of the limbs. I exclaimed it. The action of the big snake seemed to stop, and it instantly became unscrupulous.

The bed underneath made a "creak–" sound. I grabbed the quilt tightly, and let the snake siege on my body slightly, and couldn’t help but make a sobbing sound of "whine".

In the dream, the big snake seemed to be tired, and I was going to me again and again. The moment I felt delicate and angry at the moment before the coma.

When I woke up the next day, I opened the quilt and saw the blood on the white sheets. It seemed to be scattered with soreness.The big snake has long been disappeared, making everything in the dreams look real and illusory.

I panicked the sheets and threw the sheets into the basin and washed it, for fear of being discovered by my roommate in the same dormitory.After a long time, the black -colored snake would appear in my dream, and I strongly supported my eyelids every night I dare not let myself fall asleep, but in the end I couldn’t resist the sleepy …

Everything is spiritual. I think I must have any grudges with the snake in the dream to be entangled by him.

My name is Su Su, eighteen years old, and is a female student who has just come to college in Y City.Maybe no one would have thought that now I just walked away from the ghost door a month ago.

About a month ago, I got a strange disease, covered with scales, and my body was cold and hot. I always had to eat raw meat.Sometimes the skin under the scales is unbearable, so I buckled the scales with my fingers until the blood was dripping.

In order to prevent me from hurting myself, my grandmother tied me to the bed with a hemp rope, and looked for a doctor everywhere, but all the doctors shook their heads and persuaded my grandmother to give up me early.But my grandmother always believes that I still have to save, and every day and watches think about how to save me.

Later, the cousin didn’t know where to get a remedy, saying that it was to go to the five fairy views of the Houshan Mountain at midnight to find a snake in the Wuxian Guan of Houshan, and the snake gallbladder was killed to let me swallow and swallow it to heal.The cousin was also in a hurry to seek medical treatment. It went to the mountain that night, and did not return until the middle of the night, and also had a bloody smell.

After eating the snake gall I found, the scales on my body began to fall off. After a week, my strange disease was completely good.

Grandma was superstitious, saying that it was the five major fairy in the Wuxian Guan. This saved me. I took me a basket of melon fruit pastries and went to the wish.

Before that day, I saw the people who were full of widening around the view. I and my grandmother walked curiously with my grandmother. The outermost person saw that we were frightened immediately.People took a step back, leaving a gap for us in.I saw a person lying in the hall in the view from a distance, and the bad hunch suddenly came to my heart.

The grandmother around me seemed to find something, letting go of my hand quickly into the Wuxian Guan. After seeing the people on the ground, "wow" cried, "My child, my child … thisWhat happened? Create evil! … "I wanted to step forward, but I was afraid of those dense living creatures on the ground.

It was not others lying on the ground, it was the cousin who was still working for my illness a few days ago.The death of the cousin is extremely appalling, and the body is covered with a thin and long little snake. It is colorful. The eyes seem to be eaten by the snake.I dare not approach.

Before the cousin died, he should be struggling strongly. I saw that his clothes were torn and frustrated, and something in his hand was holding something tightly, but he didn’t dare to get it.

The statue of the five major immortals in the Wuxian Guan broke one. It was the Liu Xian in the middle, which is the statue of the snake fairy.

There are fewer people in this place. Everyone who can pass on a small thing is known. I have to know that there is a strange disease and a cow.

I heard them talk about it, saying that I offended the gods, and then let the cousin recruit this scourge, otherwise it should be me who died … I lowered my head and held my grandmother’s hand tightly, so as not to let the tears fall.I dare not look at my watch.

After finishing the cousin, my grandmother asked me to take a college admission notice to City Y in advance. I know she didn’t want me to see the eyes of the villagers, and I didn’t want me to blame myself.

That strange dream started from the first night I started …

And not only dreams, there are various weird things around me.When I went to the laboratory, the good test tube suddenly exploded in front of me … I washed all the light bulbs in half of the lights in front of me … Washing clothes in the pool, rusty iron water flowing in the faucet of water, Yin HongLike blood … and so on.

When the other three girls in the dormitory first started to eat with me, they would eat with me. Later, I felt that there would always be unlucky things with me, and I automatically alienated me.

Since dreaming of the black -colored snake, my body has gradually changed. My facial features have become three -dimensional.It is long, otherwise there is an old saying that the eighteen changes to the female.

What makes me strange is that, when I hated the water, I started to like the water. I took an hour or two to take a bath every day and enjoy the feeling of bathing in the water.

As soon as people look good, there are many right and wrong, and they are always envious and jealous, especially the objects that make everyone look far away, and make those girls hate itchy teeth., Mouth, eyes, chin, and even ears have swords, they don’t want to think of the money I came to cosmetic surgery.

But my mouth grows on others, and I can’t control it.

In the blink of an eye, one month has passed, and the frequency of the big snake appeared in my dreams. Until later, I didn’t have that strange dream for two months.

After two months of disappearing from my dream, I began to secretly ecstatic, thinking that I finally got rid of him until my body began to appear strange.

I was getting more and more sleepy every day when I got up every day, and every time I woke up, it was because of a sudden nausea.At first I only thought it was a cold, but after a week, the nausea became more intense. I couldn’t eat anything, but I always thought about bloody raw meat, thinking about having appetite.

What is even more terrible is that in just one week, my belly was slightly bulging, as if I was pregnant.I calculated the days, and my aunt hadn’t come for more than two months. I was so careless that I didn’t notice it.

In the evening, I had another nightmare. My belly was as big as a ball in the dream. I was lying on the bed with my stomach pain and unbearable, and then saw my belly rupture. A snake with thick wrists climbed out of it.The snake looked at me with a blood basin, and when he was about to swallow me, I was awakened.

I wiped my sweat full of sweat, I had no drowsiness, I was full of the snake in my heart, I guessing something faintly, and repeatedly told myself that it was never possible. That was just a dream.Never get pregnant.

But I don’t believe it or not, I still want to determine my thoughts.Because I didn’t dare to go to the hospital for examination, I had to secretly go to the convenience store at night to buy a pregnancy test stick.

After buying it, I hid in the bathroom guiltyly. The minute of waiting for the result was definitely the most torment in my life.

Just as I was nervous about checking the pregnancy test stick, the door of the bathroom was pushed open vigorously. I was too late to hide, and the door was hit hard, and the pregnancy test stick in my hand was also thrown out.Without waiting for me to respond, I saw a roommate in the same dormitory picked up the pregnancy test stick on the ground. Fortunately, a group of girls who did not know when they came in and said, "You see, I say she is wrong."

I saw that there were two lines on the pregnancy test stick, one was clear, and the other was very shallow. I didn’t see it without looking carefully. Of course, I understood what this represents.

The girls in front of them have already exploded …

"Usually watching her quite honest!"

"You see that her limbs are so thin, so the stomach is abnormal."

"I also saw her vomiting several times."

"Do you say she will be fired by the school?"


"Why do she still have a face to stay here, so she is not afraid that her stomach is getting older and will be discovered."

The topic of female college students is unmarried, no matter where they are, no matter when they are always exciting, let alone this group of eighteen or nine years old.student.

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