Story: Obviously wearing a suit, but still pregnant


Yu Ting and Wang Feng are neighbors who grew up in the same community. They have known each other since they were young and have always been good friends.After graduating from high school, Yuting was admitted to a local ordinary university, while Wang Feng chose to go to a university in a foreign country.

Yuting met many new friends in college and began a relationship.However, this relationship did not last long, and Yu Ting quickly found that her boyfriend was not the person she wanted.There are more and more contradictions between her and her boyfriend, which eventually leads to a breakup.

After breaking up, Yuting became very lost, and the whole person was not very good.She often stays in the dormitory alone and does not want to go out to play with her friends.She felt like she had lost her direction and didn’t know where she should go.She used to have many dreams, but now she feels far away.

One day, Wang Feng came back to visit his family from other places and learned about Yuting’s condition.He immediately called Yu Ting and asked her to come out to meet.The two met at the coffee shop. Wang Feng comforted Yuting and told her to live a good life and not let himself be too lost.He also told Yuting a lot of his university living in the field, which made Yu Ting very inspiring.

Since then, Yu Ting has re -examined his life.She understood what she had wanted, and recovered her confidence.She told herself that she should not give up even if she failed, she should continue to work hard.

After returning to school, Yuting began to strengthen her learning and social activities.She met many new friends and participated in various associations and activities.Her life became fulfilling and meaningful, and she felt that she had returned to the right track again.In addition, he quietly talked with Wang Feng.


A few months later, Yu Ting unexpectedly found that she was often disgusting and vomited, and told her mother that her mother suspected that Yu Ting was pregnant.She was shocked because she always thought that she was very careful that she would wear a set every time she had sex.She was puzzled and didn’t know what was going on.

Yu Ting’s mother immediately took Yuting to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her that she was pregnant and had been 5 weeks.

After walking out of the hospital, Yuting’s mother walked to no one, and lowered her voice, suppressed her emotionally and asked Yu Ting: "Who is this child?"

Yu Ting forced her mother’s pressure to say something about her and Wang Feng’s love, and told her that she had to wear a suit every time she wanted Wang Feng, and she didn’t know how she was pregnant with her child.

Mom said curiously: "Do you still need to say this? It must be Wang Feng’s kid made hands and feet on the condom."

After listening to her mother’s words, Yu Ting couldn’t help but have a doubt and anxiety.

On the same day, Yu Ting saw Wang Feng, and she was in doubt, but she couldn’t ask. She really did not believe that Wang Feng was such a person.


Although Yu Ting also wanted to make things clear, she began to alienate Wang Feng unconsciously, and her attitude towards Wang Feng became more and more indifferent.

However, Wang Feng noticed the change of Yuting. He tried to talk to Yuting, but was always avoided by Yuting.Wang Feng began to feel uneasy. He didn’t know what he had done wrong.In a coincidence of a short time later, Wang Feng found that Yu Ting turned out some old items, including some of the damaged condoms.

Watching Yuting feel worried about the condoms, Wang Feng felt worried, so he shouted Yuting,

Yu Ting returned to God and asked Wang Feng: "Did I buy these condoms?"

Wang Feng said, "Yeah! I told you before, don’t buy a condom on the Internet, the dust looks very unclean, you have to buy it. It’s okay, now you don’t like it.","

Yu Ting stunned for a while, looking back at Wang Feng and said, "These condoms are so old … Is it broken?"

Wang Feng walked quickly. As a result, Yu Ting’s condoms in his hands found that some of the outer packaging was broken, and some were not known to have some pointed traces, which seemed to be broken.So Wang Feng said in the tone of a big man: "Yeah, yes, bad things, lost!"

Wang Fenggang threw all the condoms into the trash can around him, but Yu Ting cried with a whisper.

Yu Ting informed Wang Feng that she was pregnant and almost 3 months. During this time, she dared not tell Wang Feng that she was afraid that Wang Feng caused bad.

Wang Feng began to understand a little, and he realized that his wife had doubts and distrust of himself because of this misunderstanding.So he did not hesitate to swear to Yuting that he had never done similar things: "Although I am poor, but marry you, I must marry the media, and it will not make it bad!"

Yu Ting was shocked. She couldn’t believe that she would misunderstand her husband, and this misunderstanding continued for so long.Yu Ting felt very blame. She felt too fond of thinking and did not believe in her boyfriend.Wang Feng held Yuting and expressed her sincerity to her. He told Yuting that although he was very poor, he had been working hard for herself and Yuting’s future.Wang Feng also promised Yuting that he would always work hard to make their future better.

Under Wang Feng’s persuasion, Yuting slowly let go of the anxiety in her heart, and she began to trust Wang Feng again.Start thinking, how to arrange, so as to have children while not affecting their studies.


However, people are not as good as heaven. In a school -arranged research activity, Yu Ting walked in an unfamiliar factory. If he accidentally slipped from the steps, he found that there was a red red.

Hearing this news, Yu Ting’s mother quickly rushed from the house and took the doctor’s medical records and prescriptions, hoping to help Yuting as soon as possible.

After some inspection, the doctor told Yuting’s mother that Yu Ting’s body was weak and needed to adjust it for a while.In addition, we must avoid re -pregnancy in the short term, and it may be difficult to get pregnant in the future.Yu Ting’s mother was very shocked and sad, but she could only accept this situation.

In the next few months, Yuting began to recuperate. Her mother cooks soup and cooks for her, and accompanies her every day.Wang Feng was also very concerned about Yuting’s physical condition. She called her situation every day and was busy in the hospital.Their feelings are deeper.

After several months of recuperation, Yuting’s body recovered a lot.

In a conversation with Wang Feng, Yu Ting listened carefully to Wang Feng’s thoughts. When he heard that Wang Feng said that even if he had no children, he would continue to be with Yu Ting, and Yu Ting’s mother really accepted Wang Feng.

Later, Yu Ting stepped out of the mood of the mood, continued his studies, while studying, while studying Wang Feng’s company, he began to practice Eight Duan Jin, and his body became better and better.

Now, Yu Ting and Wang Feng have already graduated from college. They marry like other little couples. The children can already run and jump and make soy sauce.

Recalling the twists and turns of the past, Yu Ting knew that God made her encounter Wang Feng and changed her life.She is also deeply grateful for this good marriage.

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