Story: In the crisis, I pushed the husband to block the arrow, and the husband was so angry that I said "I’m pregnant"

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I used to have a husband, his name was Chu Mingxin.

I and he and the front, he was cold, noble, indifferent, and loved me very much.

When I left him with him, he was cold, noble, and indifferent.

The reason why I and him and Li Li were ashamed. At the time of life and death, in the face of a choice that could only live, I pushed him out of the fire …


At the end of October, the "Qi King’s Constellation" ended in a small autumn rain.

King Qi privately hoarded gunpowder and made weapons secretly.

When I returned to Beijing, I caught up with the case.

Today, I went to my uncle, and I met me cordially in the Jinyu Hall, and asked me if I was eating well in the Border Army. Ask how much I love my irritability, and ask my single life.

"Still alone?"

I said: "Well."

I laughed and laughed, "Ming Xin is also single."

"…" Chu Mingxin was a hidden pain that I couldn’t cure on my heart, and I had to be silent.

I am very emotional, "Speaking of which, you and Chu Mingxin walked to this field today, because of the sin of King Qi."

After all, I am an emperor. He hates a rebellious traitor, and I dare not refute.

I just thought secretly: "What does it have to do with others Qi."

They are all wrong with sweet and sour ridge.

A year ago, Chu Mingxin and I were still affectionate couples. On that day, I accompanied Xishan to hunt.

Everyone was besieged on the mountain with now.

Chu Mingxin and I were besieged on the foot of the mountain.

And I called Chu Mingxin to the foot of the mountain, originally I wanted to surprise him -that time I was postponed for more than ten days, and I often got up in the stomach in the morning.Daddy.

Before I told Chu Mingxin about this news, he and he were surrounded.

With my ability, saving him a beautiful man who would not martial arts was not a word, but no one expected that Qi Wang had made a powerful weapon like Huo.

Faced with the sudden gun pull -out movement … Just when I was out of my mother’s love, I had a lot of Chu Mingxin who was closest to me, blocking me in front of me.

I do n’t know if I ’m lucky, or Chu Mingxin’ s luck is too good, and the fire bullet is off.

Immediately when Yu Linjun came to rescue …

In my heart, in the face of Chu Mingxin who turned around, his face was pale, looking at my eyes like frost and snow, and there was no light.

Me: "… Don’t get angry first, I’m pregnant."

I might."

Me: "… surprise?"

In the crisis, I pushed the husband and the arrow, and the husband was so angry that I was "pregnant"

After listening to me, somehow, his face was even more ugly, and he left my hand and left coldly.

Leave me in place.

Waiting for the empty gear from the doctor in the tent, my maid Xiaoding solved the confusion for me.

"After you left last month, he didn’t have the same room as Chu. Chu Xiang slept for more than a month of study. When did you carry me and Chu Xiang and have children with others?"

Me: "Really?"

Me: "My God, yes!"

I remember the wrong days.

Xiaoding: "In Chu Xiang’s view, you are either lying and having a blocking of his guns for yourself, or in Green him. Can he not look ugly?"

Taiyi proved that I did not have pregnant. In those two days, the stomach was acidic, which was a lot of sweet and sour spine.

I asked the doctor euphemistically: "I have a friend, her man, her newly married Yaner’s man, I can endure the same room for more than a month without a month of marriage. Is it my friend and a man?Men can’t? "

Taiyi was shocked and wrote "Kaka" to copy the pulse case. He said with his bright loud voice: "Can Chu Xiangyou? I have to remember it!"

After saying this, Chu Mingxin walked to the door of the tent.

Chu Mingxin’s step was not paused, and he turned and walked away.

In this life, we should not come back again.

Xiaoding said quietly: "Miss, is it possible, Chu Xiang’s sleeping study, pitying you for the hard work of practicing soldiers last month, afraid of tired you."


Me: "But I just slept because I was so busy that I had to sleep."

Xiao Ding: "…"

Taiyi: "…"

The two were erected with my thumbs.


Sisters, I realize three truths through this.

First, the order of things is important.If I was surprised to Chu Mingxin ahead and pulled him to block the gun, it would not be the current result.

Second, you can’t just look at your face.When I got this fooled, I married "You have to realize everything, and you can’t realize that you are incompetent."

Third, sweet and sour spine should not be eaten continuously.

Chu Mingxin moved out of home that night.

I chased Chufu, and the gate of Chufu was often closed for me.

My mother -in -law passed on to me across the door seam.Big liver fire. "

"I know I am too much." I said, "Can you take out the majesty of your mother to intimidate him?"

My mother -in -law hit a cold, "You don’t know the temper of Chu Mingxin? Even his mother -in -law had to be afraid of him. Do you dare to open the door for you?"

"…" I sighed: "Then you take care of it, don’t go out for two days."

My mother -in -law wiped her eyes with Paizi, "Uh uh."

Suddenly listening to the housekeeper of Chufu in the door: "Old lady, Chu Xiang said that he asked his subordinates to pack up for you, you can go out and talk."

When my mother -in -law saw the wind, the rudder turned quickly, "walk away from the bad woman, you almost killed my son, I am not as powerful as you!"

She took the skirt and left me far away, "Mingxin, you can rest assured, this will break with Li Xingge for his mother."


The mother -in -law, a weak Jiangnan woman, can stand in the Shuxiang Family and the century -old Chu family for decades. It makes sense.

After that, I went to the suburbs of Beijing to practice soldiers again. I stayed in the barracks for seven or eight days in a row. I finally tried to block Chu Mingxin several times on the road.Missed with me.

Half a month later, the civil and military officials took a collective rest. I got up early and was ready to go to Chufu again.

Before leaving the door, I heard that Mingyuelou had a new chef, who was best at making Huaiyang cuisine. I remembered Chu Mingxin’s love to eat crab powder and lion head -his family originally had a chef from Jiangnan, and then died.This arms for a long time.

It is best to coax people not empty. I take a chef, so I turned to Mingyuelou.

Unexpectedly, the famous chef was very old -fashioned, and I didn’t come to the evening. I was in the principle of "all are here", and I was patient.

Gu Xiaohou also came to invite the chef. Seeing that the competitors were me, because he had loved me, and I rejected my friend, so he would not let me die unless I fight with him.


After 30 patrols, we have not yet split the victory, and both of us have been on.

The onlookers of the guests waved around, Gu Xiaohou pulled my hand and said affectionately: "Chu Mingxin ignores you, you will come to Houfu, I will take you …"

I was full of grievances and now I have nowhere to place, and I said angrily: "I see."

But if it is on the ingenuity, there is a sound of the crowd- "Isn’t this Chu?"

I felt cold in my heart, and chased it away. Gu Xiaohou was crooked behind me.

Pedestrians on the streets, Chu Mingxin stood at the door of the restaurant waiting for me, so solemnly had to take away, which can give the provincial statue in the temple.

I said: "It’s not what you want."

"How about you," he said, "I don’t care anymore."

This was so indifferent to my heart, I said, "Why don’t you come to me for me?"

Chu Mingxin has not spoken. Princess Changning, the "Deeli Fisherman", took the chef out of the restaurant. "Brother Chu, I finally invited you to the master."

I understood it for a moment, and said, "Are you coming with her?"

Tell me about Princess Changning.

It is my cousin. The surface is cute, and the heart is ruthless.

She doesn’t necessarily like Chu Mingxin, but she is keen to add to me.

She seemed to see me, "Yo, isn’t this my cousin who didn’t hesitate to push the pro -husband’s king in life and death?"

Listen, give her yin and yang weird.

I ignored it and said to Chu Mingxin directly: "I turn my face with you if I dare to follow her."

I am confident that Chu Mingxin must choose me.

As soon as my words fell, Chu Mingxin got on Changning’s carriage with the chef.


Changning showed a smile on the rock in the well.

"Chu Mingxin," I was angry, "I want to rest you."

The curtain provides a corner.

At this time, Gu Xiaohou rushed up from behind me and hooked my shoulders.

Chu Mingxin said: "Okay."

I kicked Gu Xiaohou and suspected that I heard it wrong, and I was unbelievable.

The fake rivalry was on the side, and the bamboo horses vomited by the horse. Many people watched the lively side by side, and the atmosphere was baking here.

I have a hot mind, "That’s it, who will never leave who is a dog."


Sisters, I make up for a reason.

People really can’t be too good at critical times.


Chu Mingxin never procrastinated. In the early morning of the next morning, he was sent to me.

At the same time, he asked himself to be a "big priest", and the place of inspection of the emperor went to the place. The imperial purpose was off at noon, and the person left Beijing in the afternoon. When I learned the news, he no longer knew which corner he was.

In order to avoid me even if I was not even proper, he hated me.

As soon as he left, I didn’t like to stay in Kyoto’s sadness. When he entered the palace, he expressed the "gratitude" of my husband who just tuned my husband.

I hid behind the dragon case, "Isn’t it a ex -husband?"

My: "Get away the dagger of Yuci.

I went to the frontier to fight the wolf.

After a year, I came back.

The Great Wei Guo was rich and strong, and my father was handsome to sit on the frontier. There was no war for many years. My long princess’s mother suspected that I was shaking in front of their old couple all day and gave me a book.It was not appropriate to get old at home, and sent me back to Beijing.

Qi Wang’s house was almost checked, and only a group of gunpowder he had stocked in the suburbs of Beijing had not been found.

I said, "Do you take someone to find someone?"

I retreat.

When it came out of the hall, it was still drizzle. At the time of the sun, the light of the yellow candle was dragged out of a brilliant light on the wetland in front of the temple.

I looked down at my shadow, and there was a shadow on the face of my gradually overlap.

I looked up and used a green bamboo umbrella with a proud plum.

The umbrella surface was slightly raised, and Chu Mingxin’s soft wide sleeves were brushed away by the wind. In the humid weather, the eyes under the umbrella as always, with the quietness I was familiar with.

Cang was a sky, and what was going on with him again.

I asked, "When will I come back?"

He replied: "It has nothing to do with General Li."

After speaking, I passed by wrong, dripping the water droplets on the umbrella, dripping me.

Is it polite? Ask this person polite!Like a divorce as enemies.

I walked out of my anger, and the father -in -law around me chased up and gave me an umbrella.

I said: "Didn’t you say no, this little rain."

The manager’s father -in -law said: "You should hold it."

The father -in -law: "This means His Majesty."

Xiao Ding waited for me outside the palace, "I saw Chu Xiang in just now!"

I said: "I didn’t see it."

Xiaoding said: "Help you inquire, Her Majesty gave Chu Xiangguan’s restoration, and Chu Xiang stayed in Beijing."

Me: "It has nothing to do with this general."

Xiaoding: "Special help you ask, he has no second marriage, lady, you still have a chance."

I said: "This opportunity is for you, do you want it?"

Xiao Ding: "Yes."


Xiao Ding looked at the gate of the palace, Chu Mingxin gradually approached, "I’m really going? Miss you bless me soon."

I threw an umbrella and drilled into Chu Mingxin’s umbrella, and said, "Chu Xiang, it is dark, it is raining, I run away, can I carry me for a long time?"

Chu Mingxin looked at Xiaoding, and the carriage next to Xiaoding.

Ding Ding made a stop, pushed the driver, drove away in person, and ran away.

Me: "Look, my car ran away."

Chu Mingxin: "…"

Me: "As a colleague, you will never be so ruthless. If I have a cold and cold, I will delay the major events of His Majesty.

Chu Mingxin: "…"

It can be seen that he was enduring anger, and poured the umbrella towards me, "Where?"

Me: "Are you not familiar with the way back to our house?"


The inner wall of the car is like a bean. Chu Mingxin is watching the scenery outside the car. I am watching Chu Mingxin.

I said: "I have unlike the recovery of Chu Xiangguan."

He ignored.

I said: "Call me to Mingyue Building, I want to go down to eat crab powder and lion head."

He ignored.

I said: "There is business to ask Chu Xiang."

He finally turned back.

Me: "Forget it a little, do you like to eat clear stew or braised crab noodles?"

He said: "Boring."

Mingyuelou has been re -decorated, and the rich is better than before.

As soon as I jumped off the carriage, Chu Mingxin said to the driver: "Go."

The wheels rolled over the water pit and splashed my skirt.

I was angry and went to the third floor, and gave the silver two full of money on Mr. Tiao, and asked him to say "Disagree" a few times.

I don’t care very much about the content. I like this title very much.


People can’t curse themselves to get sick. The next day I got up and felt that my head was light.

Xiao Ding touched my head, "a bit burning." The urgent roar wanted to call the doctor, and I ran away while she didn’t pay attention.

Wind and cold, it is not worth a fuss.

Qi Wang Jing’s estate gathered outside the household department, the Ministry of Criminal Affairs, and a large number of people of the Guards. I was very polite when I saw me.

Unexpectedly, Chu Mingxin was also there, away from everyone, as if the cranes that just came out of the chicken group exuded the atmosphere of "mortal away from me".

I picked up the guards Zhao Gong to divide my oil cakes, and stunned Chu Mingxin while eating, saying, "How do Chu Xiang is here?"

The tone of his business publicity, "His Majesty’s will."

I remember that the case was originally taken over by him, and I asked him to follow him and see it reasonably.

But the phase of a country should not be so idle.

"Her Majesty wants to reconnect you and me, Chu Xiang, His Majesty’s good intentions, you need to cherish it."

As he didn’t hear, he watched the criminal department demolished the door and took the lead in walking into the manor.

I followed closely. After eating the oil cakes in three or two, the sense of dizziness was reduced, and the oil stains on my hand had nothing to wipe. I was about to scoop the leaves.

I said he loved me.

Xi Zizi reached out, Chu Mingxin said: "Zhao Gongling."

Zhao Gong was flattered, and he was more excited to hold his hands -in -chip’s fat son for two years.

A big man, the old lady waved the little handkerchief like a small handkerchief, showing off me to show me, "General Li, do you have?"

"…" I was deaf, I couldn’t hear, and I didn’t squint over him, and started the map of the manor.

Let’s do a tight career, let men stand aside.

According to the co -ordination of the Ministry of Households, the gunpowder scratched from the various secret sites of Qi Wang is not right with the ledger found in Qi Wang’s family. No one knows where the gunpowder is except for the suicide.

If you can’t find it, it is really a hidden danger.

The manor did not know how many times the officers and soldiers searched for, and they all found nothing.

I put forward my own thoughts: "Will King Qi build a base in the ground?"

The servant of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs said: "Chu Xiang also had this question, and the husband and wife were together."

Chu Mingxin heard the reputation.

Me: "Ex -husband, thank you."

The servant of the Ministry of Criminal was not shot well, and he slipped away, and he conducted a search with Zhao Gongling again.

I didn’t hold back sneezing, got cold on my body, and stood under the sun. I was very sick and had a big life.

I looked around, and the Qi Wang family had a great cause. This garden covers a wide area. There are mountains in the distance, lakes nearby, and pavilions, pavilions and pavilions.

Speaking of King Qi, I can count on me. I knew that he had been so luxurious.

"What are you thinking about?" Chu Ding, Chu Mingxin came to me.

Of course, I can’t say that I am thinking about the red envelope and expose my nature. I said: "Will we find the wrong direction? Will anyone bury the gunpowder in our own house?"

Chu Mingxin said: "This garden is not always lived with his family."

"He covered such a big garden just to cover up to usurp his right?" I was surprised, "I really don’t understand what is good for that position. If I am so rich, go to Saibei to buy a few mines, retire the retirement pension and go to go to the elderly to go to the pension and go to go to the elderly.It’s. "

"In this world, people have their own ambitions, some people love the right, and some people are greedy for money."


Who does the connotation?I said: "That’s right, not only is I greedy for money, but I am also greedy for death, and Chu Xiang is satisfied?"

He twisted his eyebrows and was about to attack. I sneezed several times after another.

He reluctant to hold my arm, "uncomfortable?"

I rub my nose, "Xiaofenghan, don’t tighten."

He found out my forehead, and his brows formed a cricket. Without a word, he dragged me out and handed the map to the leader of Zhao Tong. "General Li was unwell, I sent her back first."

I said: "Wait."

He said: "Don’t speak."

"Look there." I pointed at the wood not far away.

Since the autumn of this year, the rain was abundant, and there were several heavy rains. One of the trees did not know what was pushed up, and the white roots were exposed.

Chu Mingxin looked at me and said, "Let’s wait here."

He went back and went back, most of them asked Zhao to lead them, and then went home.

I ran towards the woods.

Chu Mingxin: "…"

He couldn’t keep up with it.

Half of the slate was exposed under the tree, and the wood that was supported by the lower head was soaked by the rainwater.

I took a few steps back, flying to the tree pole, and the tree fell to the ground.

Me: "I’m not good?"

Chu Mingxin glanced at me, looking at the soil at the bottom of the tree collapsed, not much for a while, showing a dark hole.

I spoke at the same time with him, "I go down and take a look, you call someone."

Silent with him again.

After a while, I said: "I don’t know what to do underneath. Too many people go in but it is not easy to do.

He nodded, agreed, and took the lead in entering the cave.

I said: "Chu Mingxin."

He turned back.

Me: "Promise me, first protect your face when you encounter danger."

"…" He was right at me, licking the rear fangs.

The martyrdom was narrow, only one person passed, and I followed Chu Mingxin.

Without five fingers in the vision, there may be gunpowder in consideration, and he dare not ignite the fire. He didn’t take two steps. I held him a sleeve and said, "Oh, I’m afraid of darkness.

He said: "You are getting bigger and bigger when you open your eyes and say nonsense."

Although it is not teeth, it has not made me sprinkle and has made progress.

I moved all the way to the dark, gradually cheerful, and the light was shaking in front of the eyes.

I bypassed Chu Mingxin and pulled out the dagger.

Chu Mingxin: "What do you do?"

Me: "Maintain the designs given by Chu Xiang. Before the people in the household have not come, pry up with two backs and be full of private pockets."

In fact, I want to try there is no one here. Although King Qi is not so perverted, it makes a warehouse like the tomb behind me, but in case it?

Although I have no experience in building a secret room, I have the experience of digging a trap for the enemy. The two are similar. They are in a rare place, giving foreigners an unexpected one.

If I am King Qi, in the future, "I don’t have any good time," I think that if the defeat will be checked in the future, there will be a mechanism that will be prying away from others.It’s not impossible to live in me.

I am not idle in my hand, and my mouth is not idle.

Chu Mingxin hummed, "Corruption and bribery, do you know what sin should be?"

"What? I want to receive it with me privately? I didn’t expect you to be like this."

The tip of the dagger reached a string -shaped object. I hurriedly pulled Chu Mingxin and stood on the wall.

After half a minute, it stopped.

I was relieved.

Chu Mingxin said thinner: "Why don’t you block me this time?"


Me: "It’s definite next time."

I took a deep breath, and it was difficult to suppress the depression.

"The previous thing was that I couldn’t hold you. When did you hate me? As soon as you are, the instinct of people who seeks life can’t help but control it yourself.

He suddenly hugged me to the wall.

The last cold arrow passed on his hair.


I swallowed the words "You will definitely abandon me".

He doesn’t have a trace of feelings, "What must I do? If you usually have no heart or lungs?"

I am narrow, and my road is narrow.

I feel ashamed.

Fortunately, I knew that I could change it right away, and immediately climbed his neck, and said, "It is worthy of being a general who has been the general for a while, you react really quickly."

If you want to have a "private teaching and acceptance" with him, the relationship eases the relationship, and he pushed me away.

I stretched out my mouth and rushed out. I smashed it, and I trotted it.

"I’m sorry, give a chance to be Chu, Chu Mingxin? Ex -husband?"

The road is wider and wider. At the end, there is a cave of about ten feet high and 20 feet wide. Chu Mingxin and I stand in the mountain belly.

There is also a light sulfur in the cave, but empty.

I checked my hand, and found that there were traces left by the accumulation of gunpowder everywhere.

Such a high cave warehouse, if it is full of gunpowder, is far huge than the ledger left by King Qi, and it is not a problem to blow up half of the capital.

At this time, it was disappeared.

For the rest of the day, everyone searched the mountains and digs the land without merit.

In addition to bringing back a pocket night pearl.

When the Ministry of Households collected the clearing pearl, Chu Mingxin grabbed my hand and trembled. I fell out two "Dang Dang" in my sleeves. Chu Mingxin said to the official department: "General Li is sick."


My heart is dripping blood.

At the end of the year, the court would not award a "righteousness" award to Chu Mingxin. I did not agree.

He ignored my eyes and was about to stare out, pulling me out of the manor, knowing that no one would subdue me in the general’s house. I couldn’t help but say that bringing me back to Chufu.

In the dignitaries, by looking at the ingenious methods such as staring pressure and the temptation of sugar, watching the doctor gave me the pulse, filled the medicine, and Fang Li went to business.

I was sore all over, and I fell asleep with my medicine.

It was dark when I woke up. I opened my eyes and merged with warm light on the pillow.

My illness was just fine.

At this time, the former mother -in -law pushed in and saw the pearl I played, and said, "Isn’t this the baby of my ancestor?"

I was hot.

Former mother -in -law: "Chu Mingxin has conscience, and you play very well."

I got up ashamed and said, "Mrs. Chu is good."

The ex -mother -in -law was crying, "You don’t love me anymore, you used to be called your mother -in -law, and now he is called Mrs. Chu."


Former mother -in -law: "You don’t want Chu Mingxin to be the husband, but you can’t help me be the mother -in -law. Since our family has no you, no one will accompany me to climb the wall to steal the handsome little boy next door."

I said: "Climb, climb now."

"Are you sick?"

Me: "I will jump one alive."

My mother -in -law rubbed her hands excitedly, "That’s going? I spent a lot of money to customize the ladder, but it looks good and stable.

"Go! But don’t let Chu Mingxin know."

"I’m not stupid."

As he said, there was a footsteps approaching. My mother -in -law patted me back with a claw, covered me with the quilt, and lay on my body with rain.

"You have suffered a little song, look at this small body thin, and look at the vicissitudes of this little face. What sin you have suffered this year …"


My mother -in -law was squeezed with the obstruction of the tears with a Paizi.




Closing your eyes and breath.

I felt that someone came to the bed, and I touched my eyes and opened my eyes. Chu Mingxin looked at me quietly, and then looked at his mother who cried into tears.

I continued to reach out and reached out enough. "Chu Xiang, I do n’t feel sad after I die, I just hope you can choose another good fate, raise the crime with that person, be loving, and I will not let it go …Yours."

Me: "Don’t feel sorry for me. Just burn me some delicious foods in the New Year. I like Lin Ji’s words Mei and Xing Preserved. The thicker the frost, the better, and the roast goose in Mingyuelou can also come …… "

Chu Mingxin interrupted me, "The last words of the dead should not be so embarrassed."

He thinks I am embarrassed.

I used to say that people’s words were more lively, but now they say that they are embarrassed.

I really want to cry, and I am smashed.

Chu Mingxin turned to his mother again, saying: "Is the high ladder on the wall of Sunfu’s wall?"

My mother -in -law stopped crying, blank and innocent, "What high ladder? I don’t know, don’t know, I don’t know."

Chu Mingxin: "I expected that my mother did not know, and I had moved their subordinates to remove it."

Mother -in -law: "…"

Mother -in -law laughed and was ugly than crying. "Good disassembly, who is rare that kind of flowers."

Chu Mingxin: "Master Sun came to me a few times, suspecting that there were ghosts on our house, and said that people often saw someone drifting in the wall. I hope the ghost can consciously and cultivate a few hobbies without bad juniors."

Mother -in -law: "…"

The family is bitter and sorrowful for a long time.

The sound of "Ding Ding Dang Dang" came out outside, and the mother -in -law couldn’t sit still.

Mother -in -law was groaning, "God, let the time go back to 23 years and four months. I want to have a daughter, a little song like a daughter."

See, Chu Mingxin forced a kind mother to make everything.

"Don’t pretend to be like it." Chu Mingxin took away the quilt, revealing my face, and put a paper bag in front of me.

Lin Ji’s words Mei and Apricot!I got up with a bone, and my eyes were bright.

Chu Mingxin: "I bought it."

"I know," I said, "The umbrella was given by His Majesty, the preserved fruit was bought by a subordinate, and the pearl was running to my bed with long legs," I reached out, "What about the roast goose?"

Chu Mingxin gave silent contempt, "You need to abstain from greasy and fishy."

So that day, my mother -in -law and Chu Mingxin’s big fish and meat, I watched it, and drank two bowls of porridge in sadness.

My mother -in -law secretly gave me the meat and was intimidated by Chu Mingxin with her eyes.

Cruel men.


After dinner, he also kicked me out of the door of Chufu.

I came to pick me up and asked me to collect the idiot with a smile.

"I was so happy to be driven out, Chu Xiang forgive you?"

I said: "No."

"I am happy because I have this," I took out Daming Pearl, "I got rich and got rich."

Xiao Ding: "…"

Xiao Ding: "So Chu Xiang?"

Me: "Which Chu Xiang? Who is Chu Xiang?"

What do men do with the big pearl.

Me: "Ding, let’s go back to Saibei to buy mine."

Xiao Ding: "Don’t be Chu Xiang?"

I thought about it, so I had to.


His men chase themselves.

I told Xiaoding my grand plan–

Move him with my excellence.

"Don’t be disdainful. Once up early, I grew up and chased you in the dark. The reason why I can win him successfully depends on my martial arts high, strong sense of justice, funny and humorous, and sincere …"

Xiaoding: "Isn’t it really relying on the dead skin to rely on the face, the deadly begging, and begging Bai Lai?"

"You have to think so … OK."

"But it doesn’t matter, know, Ding, it turns out that I can win his first time, and I can win him for the second time."

Xiao Ding: "How do you start?"

I recalled, "Three years ago, Chu Mingxin traveled to the northwest, from looks to the demeanor, all hitting my heart, so I sent four soldiers to dress up as a robber and him.","

"Did he be moved by you?"

"He said that I was naive, boring, and conspiracy to privately, and I didn’t know the so -called."

"You didn’t refute him?"

"Can I suffer from this grievance? At that time, I refuted. I jumped up and pointed at his nose and said who you think you are.

Xiao Ding: "…"

Xiaoding said to me with great words, and long -term, "Miss, we are honest at home, don’t go out to chase men, be good."

Before I chased, I heard that Chu Mingxin was about to leave Beijing.

In this year, Princess Changning was not idle, and she slipped to Jiangnan to meet a young man and became a kick.

It is said where the princess is, where the horse should be, and Changning is ingenious, and he has to marry Jiangnan.

My sister -in -law is just such a baby girl, what to give, and sent a team of several streets to send a relatives.

Chu Mingxin is a brick.

From Beijing to Jiangnan, according to the emperor’s marrying girl, it takes at least half a year back and forth.

I went to me late at night.

He focused on how long the long -term separation of husband and wife can cause great harm to my soul.

Anyway, I can’t sleep anyway, I’m not good at it, and I don’t want to pillow it.

The next day, the gate of the city, I jumped into the red float, Changning was taking makeup, and saw me, and the oral lipid turned to the cheek.

"Li Xingge?!"

"Are you surprised to see me?" I said with a smile. "His Royal Highness is about to get married. How can you send you?

I caught her neck, "You are ruthless, let me go back and get back, right? Ying Ying me, right?

Changning: "Come, protect your driver!"

The curtain was lifted, Chu Mingxin stood outside the car, and when he saw me, he was surprised in his eyes.


Me: "A man who is playing with other women to visit the mountains and waters, don’t even tell me a man, don’t talk to me!"

Chu Mingxin: "…"

The brigade is offering.

I set myself in the corner of Chu Mingxin’s carriage, hoeing intently.

Chu Mingxin calmly read his official document. After a while, he didn’t raise his head and asked, "Is it exhausted?"

I don’t!"

"Then be angry."


I put my face on his official document, "explain to me."

He: "What is explained?"

"Why don’t you know such a big thing?"

He raised his eyes, "Am I related to you?"

"…" I sat back and sat back.

He said that he had no half -relationship with me now, why should he report to me.

I announced fiercely: "I will have it right away, I want to chase you."

He pulled the corner of his mouth and looked at the official document.

I saw a few words when I made trouble for him and asked, "The gunpowder’s matter is not over yet?"

He "um" was a response.

Tao: "Such a large number can be roughly ruled out the possibility of hiding the capital."

I understand what he meant. The place of Gyeonggi and the guardian is strict. The only place where the folk allows gunpowder to exist is that there are only a few flower artillery houses designated by the court.

It was King Qi who hid the gunpowder in his lifetime. It took time and labor -intensive, and it was difficult to concentrate. Second, he wanted to rebel. The movement was too difficult to protect.

I have a question mark with my head, "Gario medicine is not in Beijing, is it already transferred before the incident? Where did the transfer?"

Chu Mingxin looked at me.

I said: "No? You and Majesty use Changning?"

Chu Mingxin: "What are you so happy?"

Me: "Is there? Hahahahahahaha."

Chu Mingxin: "I don’t use it. I don’t have to go to Jiangnan, but the princess …"

"She ordered you," I said, "So your Majesty pushed the boat in the water and let you go to Jiangnan to check it."

Now that the only one with Qi Qi is the only one, Princess Qi is left.

After Princess Qi was the hero, he had already left King Qi. He has been alone in a old house in Jiangnan for many years. The husband and wife have died, so they were not implicated by King Qi.

The court also pity her lonely and sent a special person to care for it.

Chu Mingxin: "It’s just doubt."

Chu Mingxin: "Is it difficult to be like a color?"

Me: "It’s hard."


At night, His Royal Highness His Highness stayed at Taishou Mansion of Lingzhou.

I squeezed a bed with His Royal Highness.

His Royal Highness left his heart this time, with four strong maids beside the bed.

… What’s useful, I can play ten in one punch.

I said: "Cousin sister and sister ~~"

She hugged the pillow as a shield, and was cordially called disgustingly, "Don’t come here!"

"I don’t fight with you today," I held her hand and said sensually. "When I think of you to marry a distance, I will never see you anymore in the future.Sadness comes from it, the liver and intestine are broken. "

Changning: "Have you taken the wrong medicine?"

"Sentences are all in my heart," I was sorrowful. "Before separate, I have already started missing you."

Ningning’s face was even more fearful. "Walking, your mud man was broken at the age of ten, not a cat."

"……"I knew it!

I then laughed, "It’s all the fun of children, my cousin doesn’t blame you."

Changning: "!"

Chang Ning roared: "You and the ink on the dress that day was splashed! You reported it to the master if you didn’t pay the homework! Your kite was hanging on the tree, not the wind scrape! Okay? Can you?Right? Can you kill it? "

I knew it!

I endured her urge to kill her, and said kindly: "Cousin is not the kind of stingy person. We have a stroke of the past. From now on, until Jiangnan, my cousin is sleepy with you."

Chang Ning trembled: "Why … I am a princess, I am very precious, I am not used to sleeping around my side."

"Eclipse is not to sleep at noon when I was five years old. I kicked you out of bed. I didn’t boil when I was ten years old. I dreamed that I slapped you.Draw a panda on your face, "I said," How can the cousin sisters have overnight revenge, life is short, and forbearance will pass. "

Changning: "…"

Changning: "The panda on my face really draws you!"

Changning: "Give you five hundred and you go to sleep."

Me: "The elder guard is poor, how can there be so many empty houses arranged for you."

I also said: "The only two two rooms to go to you and Chu Mingxin, do you think I have other choices besides you?"

Changning’s face was a little pumped, and his eyes turned into the beam.

She made a noise that the four maids rushed together, packed me, and entered the door of Chu Mingxin.

Chu Mingxin was startled, turned around, and faced with me who was tied from head to the feet, and revealed the note that I put on my forehead–

Please take care of your own woman.

I smiled brightly at him.

If I read it correctly, is he in wide clothes.

Chu Mingxin sighed lightly, turned me back to him, and took off the other half of his coat.

I jumped back, and he was going to bed, ready to rest.


Me: "Don’t loosen me?"

My ex -husband is more physically, "I want to be beautiful."


I jumped over and went to bed with my own efforts.

I couldn’t go up, I accidentally fell to the ground, so I had to continue to work hard and stunned on the carpet.

Chu Mingxin had the side of the sideways against the wall.

I bit my lower lip, stunned his eyes at him, and threw it.

Chu Mingxin put down the bed account.


Sisters, please hit the "Chu Mingxin" on the bouncing comment.

The next day I woke up, and the man was loosened, lay on the bed, and the quilt was stuck tightly.

After washing, I went to the front hall, caught up with everyone for breakfast. Changning was not angry. "I didn’t leave your meal."

I glanced at Chu Mingxin. He turned a blind eye to me and left the table with the Taishou adults and talked about the flower hall.

I sat in the place where Chu Mingxin was sitting and opened the buckled bowl, which put two peeled eggs in it.


It was more than a long time when the road of Jiangnan was rushed.

The newcomer could not meet before marriage, and the group lived in the post hall built for the princess.

There were two games under the snow, and the sideline willow and silver -wrapped in the water village coast were wrapped, and Qiong and Jade were stacked.

Cold is really cold, wet and wet and cold.

People who come to Jiangnan this first come to Jiangnan. They need to nestle with someone to warm up. Someone does not agree, and tell me not to bother him to discuss things with local officials.

I had to go to pick up Changning’s fox skin bib.

Unexpectedly, Changning held the letter sent by his fiance and cried so much.

For the first time, I saw her so sad, and I couldn’t move the neck to put her back back, and asked carefully, "What are you?"

It was okay not to ask, and when I asked Changning, I simply put on the table, tears soaked in the letter paper, and the ink marks were dripping. I only saw the word "separate", and I couldn’t help but get angry from my heart.

What is also equipped with crying Changning.

I said: "It’s okay, you wait."

I opened the door of the post hall, and a group of people inside suddenly came silently, and Chu Mingxin’s face on the main position wrote "habit".

I said: "Sorry, disturb, use Chu to use it, and return it for an hour."

Chu Mingxin stood up and walked with me.

Changning’s fiance is surnamed Lin. He is born in a martial arts door. The residence is very easy to inquire.

On the road, I said to Chu Mingxin: "Why don’t you ask me? You ask me quickly."

Chu Mingxin hasn’t asked yet, I took the initiative: "Bullying my sister with the surname Lin, I am going to find him now."

Chu Mingxin: "Is the evaluation I understand?"

I said: "No."

Chu Mingxin: "Let me go back."

"No," I said.

Snowfall in front of Linjiabao.

I said that I was here to provoke, and I looked at Uncle Seeing, "I saw such an arrogant young man last time still thirty years ago."

After speaking, you must report to the official.


Isn’t it Wulin famous?

I changed my mouth, "I’m here to whisper to the princess for the princess."

Uncle taught me to be a man, "Yes, don’t you help you inform you?"

When the work of the notification, I instructed Chu Mingxin, "You will be far away later, don’t be caught."

Chu Mingxin took care of around and walked slowly towards a gazebo in the bamboo forest.

I am deeply surprised that this is not Chu Mingxin’s usual style of acting.

"Don’t you persuade me?"

Chu Mingxin: "Three years ago, I met for a month with you. You encountered it, and helped the knife. I persuaded, did you listen?"

Chu Mingxin: "On the day of my marriage, the middle of the chapel, your eyes were uneven, and the knife was helped. I persuaded, did you listen?"

Chu Mingxin: "Half a year after marriage, Tanabata, half of the Mingyuelou eats half of the dinner. You have witnessed it and helped the knife. I persuaded, did you listen?"


Me: "I explained a little bit or two on the day of my marriage. The stinky man who hated the bad intentions in his life drank a few yellow soups, and dirty my wedding through the" wedding "."

He: "So do you chase others and cut it in the middle of the night?"

Me: "Didn’t I come back on time during the cave?"


He reached out, "dagger."

I handed my carrying dagger, in order to show my maturity and stability, I said: "You can rest assured, I’m not the past me anymore, I am not reckless now."

The words did not fall, and behind him, "Sister of General?"

I traveled the man with a sweeper leg and turned back, "Who is your sister?!"

"…" Chu Mingxin retreated to the gazebo, drew a chessboard on the snow -covered stone table with bamboo branches, "call me."

To be honest, Kobayashi is not bad, and his face is also handsome. The child is good at Chang Ning. The same brain is not enough. He got up from the snow and ignored: "Why do you hit me?"

I kicked him out of his personal shape in the snow. "There is still a face to ask, a spoiled golden branch and jade leaves, and the dust and dust came to marry you thousands of miles. How do you treat her?"

Kobayashi: "I … what’s like?"

"The man of the man, dare to do dare to admit, and dare not mention it in person. You have to write a letter. On behalf of my family, I condemn you!"

Kobayashi cried, "Why did I write a breakup letter, is there any misunderstanding of this … and you go to my house to hit me, and you can watch it with each other. You … you are overbearing and handsome, I am so good to worship."

"…" I think the young man’s eyes look at the idols are quite accurate, and he must not be bad at his heart. There may be misunderstandings.

For a long time, the misunderstanding was lifted, and Chu Mingxin and I left a meal.

On the dinner table, Kobayashi asked me: "Sister, Chu Xiang also came to Jiangnan, but you shook a big male pet, aren’t he afraid of Chu Xiang jealous?"

I looked at Chu Mingxin, "A ex -husband, what is he qualified to be jealous."

Chu Mingxin darked to our two conversations, and he poured vinegar into the steamed meat.

Kobayashi also asked me, "Sister, I heard that you have a bad relationship with Ningning."

"That’s not good," I said, "But if you dare to bully Changning, I still beat you in the dead, do you understand?"

"…" Kobayashi decisively leaned towards Chu Mingxin. "Brother, we sit next to each other. By the way, where do you think you are better than Chu?

Kobayashi: "You must have self -knowledge, brother."

Chu Mingxin frowned, "control yourself."

Kobayashi trembled and sat back again.

As soon as I returned to the post hall, Changning rushed to me, "Where did you go?

I was slightly conscience, "In the morning, you cried the most in the morning, I have come, do you know?"

She: "Have you been here?"


"I’m so excited, I don’t pay attention," she almost cried again, "The wooden wood in my family finally opened up, knowing that I wrote a flower words to coax me happily, see -‘ eternal life and eternal life do n’t separate with you ’.”

She: "I really want to marry him right away."


Me: "… you can get married slowly."


I took a step back, "What, do you mind that there is bruises on the groom’s face?"


After listening to the cause and consequences, Chang Ning’s face was unprecedented. I was ready to fight back, waiting for her to hit me.

She inhaled deeply and hugged me suddenly.

"Thank you." She said.

I was relieved and hugged her.

The sisters are warm but a moment, Changning said: "Brother Chu wrote a love letter for you?"

Changning: "Well, then you are so pitiful."


I stunned her all afternoon.

Changning inspired me. The love letter does not have to write a man.

That night, Chu Mingxin’s Corporation was facing the window.

I hid under the window roots, throwing paper balls in a ball.

Throw it to have a fragrant fragrance, and hear Chu Mingxin: "Li Xingge, come in."

There is a drama in love!

I walked in with a new dress, stepped on the paper balls, and supported it in front of his desk. Watching Chu Mingxin buried by the paper ball, the charming voice said: "Guest officer, appointment?"

Chu Mingxin smiled.

There must be a play!I covered my little heart.

Chu Mingxin: "You take back five steps back."

I do n’t know why, do it according to words.

Chu Mingxin: "Turn around, look right."

Chu Mingxin: "See you?"

"… I saw it." I picked up the broom in the corner.

Chu Mingxin: "Scan."

I complained about sweeping the ground. He held the writing documents and walked through the shame beside me, leaving a sentence, "This new dress is beautiful."

I shouted at his back: "Do you dare to go to bed and get rid of it!"

He tripped.


The marriage period of Changning and Kobayashi is close.

Chu Mingxin wanted to wait for the two of him to get a dear and then check the whereabouts of the gunpowder. Unexpectedly, he first waited for Princess Qi’s invitation.

The car and horse goes slowly and go to the mountains.

I looked at Cangshan in the car for a while, and put down the curtain. Except for the driver, this trip, I and Chu Mingxin, didn’t even bring a follower.

I said: "Guess the intention of Princess Qi?"

Chu Mingxin groaned, obviously didn’t think about it.

"Princess Qi is a transparent person. At this time, find you and me, and I must know what." In my childhood impression, she was open -minded and smart. "When she was a child, she told me that she would grow up in the future.If you choose a husband, you must pick a good look. If you quarrel after marriage, you can get up to half of your face, which is conducive to the harmony of the husband and wife. "

She also told me that she loves a man, don’t push all the body and mind on him, and be trapped in passive. If this man does not love you one day, you will have nothing to do with your body and mind.

I said: "Otherwise, I will ask her after getting to the place?"

Chu Mingxin: "How do you plan to ask?"


"Aunt, do you have the gunpowder we are looking for in your hands?"

The farmhouse of the mountain farmhouse cleaned up, just like its owner.

There is a weirdness that can’t be said.

The water vapor of the stone table in the courtyard is steaming, and the tea is fragrant.

I sat side by side with Chu Mingxin, opposite the thin middle -aged woman.

After listening to my words, Princess Qi laughed, "I noticed that he was unlikely ten years ago, persuaded him, and revealed him hard. He consciously came to the end of the couple, so he separated from him."

"However, after all, I couldn’t bear to watch him go on the way. When he was walking, I asked him to ask those things in the cave in the suburbs of Beijing and transported them to Jiangnan in batches. If he dares to act lightly, I will inevitably make a noise before, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him to hinder him, hindering him, hindering him to hinder him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him to hinder him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him to hinder him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him to hinder him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him to hinder him, which hindered him, hindering him, hindering him, hindering him, he would hinder him.The plan. "

"I didn’t expect him to go alone. The moment he learned of his death, I was waiting for you to come to me, why did you come?"

Me: "On the road, Changning linked food from all over the place, slowing down the trip."

Princess Qi smiled deeper. "You are still the same as when you were a kid.

"Never depend on it, Changning is going to marry."

"And you?"

"I am better than her, and I even have a stubble."

"Men, often change to new, my aunt introduces one for you?"

"No, I followed my aunt, dead, and I didn’t plan to let go in this life," I said, "Aunt, you almost persuade me to be the man around me, saying that if he does not remarry with me, you will not tell him that the gunpowder is inwhere."

Chu Mingxin: "…"

Princess Qi smiled and spoiled, and the hands on the table were lifted up, holding a fire.

My cold sweat "下 下" is down.

This time, I defeated instinct.

When I reacted, I was dead in front of Chu Mingxin.

"Aunt calm down," I said, "a family, there is something to say, it is not worth it for a man."

Princess Qi: "Then what are you doing at this moment?"

Me: "Chu Mingxin is different, he is worth it."

Chu Mingxin patted my arm, and I said angrily: "If you want me to laugh at Jiuquan, I like me! Otherwise, shut up!"

Chu Mingxin: "Like you, but …"

"When are you all? You still have it!"

Chu Mingxin closed his mouth.

Princess Qi said leisurely: "Is there many people killed?"

This stall must not be angry at her. I just want to say much. Chu Mingxin has said: "What are there and there are more?

"There is no mistakes in ambition, and it is sin to die if you are involved."

"That’s right," Princess Qi nodded, "Song, Chu Xiang is very good, you have a good vision than me than me."

"Look at your little face frightened," Princess Qi handed me the fire to me backhand. "I want to say that this thing is transported with the gunpowder that year, I won’t play, give you good."

"…" I hurried the fire in my hand, and my whole body was still cold.

"Xingge, see you again, my aunt is very happy, remembering a lot of young times, go back," Princess Qi calmly from beginning to end, "You will know where the gunpowder is."

"Aunt …" I was unwilling.

Chu Mingxin got up, owed him to Princess Qi, and pulled me out of the courtyard.

I said: "Just go? What should I do if she detonates the gunpowder?"

Chu Mingxin said: "Do you know the origin of Princess Qi?"

"It is said that after the hero, I don’t know."

Chu Mingxin: "Princess Qi is a talented person in the mech, and the drawings and other drawings found by Qi Wangfu. From the perspective of the strokes and handwriting, they all come from the same woman’s hand, do you understand?"

"You mean, the aunt is intentional to let us go?"


I was shocked and turned around, the tea was boiled, and Princess Qi was trying leisurely.

I understand what the weirdness that can’t be said is. In the small farm courtyard, the puppets drawn water, the grooves of chickens and ducks, and even the stoves of tea are not driven automatically.

Princess Qi will not use that fire.

She really deliberately let us go. Perhaps after listening to Chu Mingxin’s words, she regretted it, perhaps because of the firearms she had developed.

Today, she finally understands that those who are guilty are not those firearms, and those who are guilty are people.

King Qi was killed by King Qi himself.

Let the innocent people lose their lives and add wrong.

A few days later, some people sent ten major cars to the Yiyuan.


On the night of Changning’s wedding, the fireworks seemed to be full of the city.

The people in the entire post hall went out to see the fun.

I rushed into the Chu Mingxin bedroom and closed the door.

Chu Mingxin was packing his luggage and prepared to return to Beijing tomorrow.

I didn’t say a nonsense, and I poured people down.

Luggage was sprinkled in the ground, Chu Mingxin was so panic, "Li Xingge!"

I said: "The old husband and wife are called full name. You can see the hearts of people who are hurting the outside world."

He: "Ex -wife."


Me: "Can’t He Li be a husband and wife?"

He: "What do you say?"

Me: "Then you find the reason more from yourself, why don’t you come to marry me?"


He laughed at his head and said with his face again: "Can you return to Beijing?"

"No," I said, "Unless you let the grandfather sleep one first."

Come to help blow the lights, thank you.

(End) (Original title: "Official with the Ex -husband")

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