Story: I got pregnant unexpectedly with the male god. I wanted to go to the hospital, but he chased "Marriage"

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Drunk and male gods stay with the same night, whoever wants to get pregnant.

I was worried about going to the hospital for an appointment, but the male god came to take out a bank card from the bag, pushed it to me, and said, "Let’s get married."


At first I really didn’t know about my conscience.

So when the cleaning aunt of our law firms joked, when I was pregnant, I not only did not believe it, but even wanted to laugh.

"You also said that I was fat two days ago, and the waist looked like a small front desk, the front desk was thick. Why did I get pregnant today? Is it time for you to think of my child in elementary school tomorrow?"

Aunt Cleaning was full of confidence: "A few days ago, you have a little belly, and now your face is a bit swollen and fat. Eighty percent is a doll. Have you come to your aunt in the past two days?"

The aunt didn’t say that I didn’t pay attention yet. I did n’t come to my aunt during this time. My aunt was not allowed, so I did n’t take it seriously.

At this time, I haven’t realized the seriousness of the matter, and I still say very much: "I have no boyfriend, how can I be pregnant …"

As soon as the words fell, I put away a smile, and Chen Zhi’s face appeared in my mind, and the chaos after drunk that night.

I murmured impossible, and wrapped it with strictly planning to detour to a slightly farther pharmacy.

Whoever thought was so coincidental, I encountered Chen Li a dog man in the pharmacy.

I saw that he had a little carelessness, and pulled the hat down again, and he couldn’t see me in my heart.

I did not expect that Chen Zhi actually got together, so I had to see what I bought, and I said cheaply that I hid and hid because I bought medicine for the treatment of athletes.

Do you know what the dog man does?IntersectionI really want to stuff in his mouth and let his products have a foot.

I glanced at him, and then planned to check the cashier under the guidance of the counter.

I blame me. In order to avoid acquaintances, I chose a store that is not large and it looks less formal.

I just took two steps at the counter, and the aunt shouted with a throat: "Two pregnancy test sticks collect money."

My psychological activity was very exciting. At that moment, I had countless scenes like a horse lamp in my head. From a young age, I became a picture with Chen Zhi. I became a picture of his employees. The picture of my departure, and even the picture of the two of us.

But obviously, Chen Xi’s expression was more exciting than my psychological activities. He was surprised, puzzled, and happy.

Just when I think it should be said to alleviate the embarrassment, Chen Zhi said.

"You just hid me, won’t because the child is not mine …"

I breathe repeatedly, trying to endure, and failed.

I shouted at him: "You go to death!"


In order to discuss the things that I called people in my stomach, I was sitting in a coffee shop with Chen Zhi "calmness and".

I was very embarrassed and said to him, "Why are you so digging, why don’t you take me to a bar."

Chen Zhi was not polite to me. He pointed at my stomach and said, "Is it appropriate? Is it polite to him?"

I realized it suddenly, and then scolded in a low voice.

Looking at Chen Zhi’s handsome and owed face, I suddenly thought of that night.

On the same day, our law firm competed with Chen Zhi’s law firm. The owner of the party did not know what to think, but we asked the three of us to sit on a dining table to chat.

I was also sent to the dinner table because I was familiar with Chen Zhi. I would like to say that the boss of the party was the alcohol enthusiast. I didn’t wait to talk about the matter, and came up to do three small cups of Maotai.

Chen Zhi, a ghost, saw the hobby of Party A’s boss, and quickly pushed him to change the cup.

Whenever the owner of Party A mentioned me and planned to let me touch him with a cup, he would lead the topic to him without trace.

I knew he was for the contract and to block the wine for me, so when he sent the boss of Party A to lie on the ground, he still supported him to the hotel.

Originally, I planned to put him on the hotel bed and left. I didn’t expect him to be too heavy. A gravity directly knocked me down on the bed.

I helped him into the room all the way, so tired that I was panting. The bed was fatal and attractive to me at this moment. I didn’t remember when I lay down.

I lay on my side and looked at Chen Li’s face, and it was beautiful like "the son -in -law’s graduation design work".

The towering bridge of the nose, clear and open eyebrows, the eyelashes are twice as long as me, rolled on the eyelids, the mouth is also very beautiful, not thick or thin, pink and water, it looks very good.

I was scared by this idea, and my body was trembling, and I scolded in my heart. Jiang seemed to see you soaked your brain cells!I really want to kiss him!Intersection

Just when I wanted to get up and leave, Chen Zhi suddenly opened his eyes. The two of us were opposite. After three seconds, he suddenly kissed.

Maybe it’s really alcohol. Not only did I not resist but even started to respond, it was the out of control of adults who aroused alcohol. I think, and then I fell into Chen Li’s gentle town without fear.


I looked at the warm milk in front of me and sighed, and then asked, "What do you plan to do?"

Chen Zhi did not hesitate, almost blurting out: "Of course …"

He paused, and then looked at me seriously: "The mother has a complete decision to whether she has a fetus, and the child’s father has no corresponding power, so I listen to you everything."

When I heard him say this, I inevitably lost myself. I unconsciously stroked my belly. It was amazing. There was a small life here. Before yesterday, I thought it was just a simple fat.

"Could it be …"

Before I finished speaking, Chen Zhi was anxious.

"Why!?" He even broke the sound.

I was a little confused by his reaction.

"What is the relationship between the two of us? You can have a child if you are not familiar with it?"

Chen Zhi crossing the ring with both hands on his chest: "Don’t you know how do you have a child? Is it not familiar with the child’s relationship?"

The night that night appeared in my head, and immediately dragged my chin.

Chen Zhi asked curiously: "What are you doing? Did your chin dislocate?"

I didn’t think about it, I blurted out of my heart: "I’m afraid of being seen by the child that I am afraid of bad pictures, and think about blocking."

Chen Zhi suddenly laughed, and then teased: "Let him know what he is early, and save us where he came from in the future, and he has to lie to him to eat hot pot for too long. The boss is too long. The boss is too long.Gift the heart warm gift. "

I was in a hurry: "How do you speak, have you been a dad like this, and drink it, why don’t you say that you have given a lawsuit for ten games."

As soon as the words fell, we both realized that it was wrong. We were so naturally dialogue, like a parent who was ecstatic waiting for the child to be born, but the fact was that this child was just an accident.

The two of us were speechless, and I silently lowered my head and didn’t know what to say.

After a while, Chen Zhi opened his mouth first: "Can you not kill the child? I can be responsible."

"How are you responsible?"

Chen Zhi’s eyes were so scared of being a little scared. How could he have a sense of heroic and righteousness?

I saw that he took out a bank card from the bag, and he pushed it to me and said, "Let’s get married."

I got pregnant unexpectedly with the male god. I wanted to go to the hospital, but he chased "Marriage"

I think I hesitated for a second. I was disrespectful to money. I said, "Let’s talk about it again", but my hand was honestly picked up the bank card.

Chen Zhi was anxious: "If you don’t marry money, you can’t get it!"

I speeded up my speed: "Chen Zhi, you are really dishonest!"

"Jiang looks like you are rotten now, right?"

In the end, the bank card war was successfully announced by me successfully.

Chen Yi glared at me like his daughter -in -law: "If you don’t give me a child, return it to me!"

After I nodded perfunctoryly, I heard Chen Zhi whispered, "If you don’t have this child, give me a daughter -in -law."

I pretended not to hear, and drank the milk on the table.


When I came out of the coffee shop, I was afraid that I would not take good care of myself. Chen Zhi asked me to live in his house.

It happened that I hadn’t finished talking to him, so I acquiesced him and took me home.

As soon as I entered the door, Chen Zhi took me a pair of soft ladies slippers. I thought about it and blurted out.

"Is there a situation? I’m superfluous?"

Chen Zhi squatted down to help me with a lace: "My mother came to my house occasionally and prepared for her," then he teased me: "I just want to be jealous in a few months, I’m afraid I am not pregnant.I like my daughter. "

When I heard Chen Zhi’s words, I suddenly thought of what I wanted to say to him, so my expression became serious.

"Chen Zhi, I don’t want this child."

Chen Zhi didn’t know why I was okay just now, and suddenly seemed to change a person.

I raised my hand and stroked my lower abdomen to explain: "Although he was a bit surprising, I believe that since he came to me, it was fate.

Chen Zhi interrupted me: "I don’t have that bastard, this is my child, it is our child, how can I not want him."

My voice unconsciously brought the crying cavity: "But when we are pregnant with him, I drank it! And I drank a lot!"

I didn’t wait for Chen Zhi to reply, and I suddenly heard the sound of door opening and closing in the bedroom, and I was a little afraid to look at Chen Zhi.

"Is your family a thief?"

Chen Zhi looked at the direction of the bedroom and looked at me again, and said helplessly: "I will give you a dose of strong needle first, which may be more terrible than entering the thief."

I hurriedly hid behind Chen Zhi, holding his arms and tried to see the bedroom.

"Don’t scare me, I don’t know if you’re timid!"

As soon as my words fell, the bedroom door was opened, and the two people inside showed a shy and shy smile, and greeted me slightly embarrassingly.

My heart sinks into the bottom of the valley. At this moment, the two people appear here, which is indeed a thousand times more terrible than a thief.

Because the two people in front of me turned out to be Chen Li’s parents.

I was born with an embarrassing smile, and asked Chen Zhi after greeting and greeted: "Is your sound insulation good?"

"It can be said that it can make the two of them heard the extent of our two full conversations."

I looked at Chen Zhi and told him my shock with his eyes.

"In other words, they know everything!? From my pregnancy to drinking!?"

Chen Zhi’s head was sadly.

Cangtian!Save me!


The four of us sitting together stared at each other, and should have been embarrassed that I should be with Chen Zhi. I did not expect that Chen Da Chen’s mother was very guilty.

Mother Chen even wanted to reach out and stretched out Chen Zhi, and was stopped by Chen Dad.

"Guilan, what should be done now is to solve the problem. Don’t fight in front of the girls. She should have a burden."

Chen Ma glanced at me, as if to cry: "Sorry for children, I didn’t educate my son, hurt you, rest assured, what compensation do you want, as long as we have the two, we will give you."

I didn’t wait for me to speak, Chen Zhi spoke; "Why do you both turn your elbows and turn out, is it my biological parents?"

Dad Chen glanced at him: "Against! I still want to have no you as your son!"

Mother Chen sat beside me and whispered: "Child, uncle and aunt didn’t want to overhevate the conversation between you two. It was purely an accident. Auntie just heard you say you don’t want this child, right?"

Since I have said this, I simply said all the words: "Yes, you also hear it with your uncle. If you give birth to him, it is irresponsible to him."

Chen Mom held my hand: "We can go to the hospital for investigation first."

She looked firmly with me.

"Child, auntie knows that our old Chen family is sorry for you. If you want to give birth, we are responsible for all costs."

"If you want to raise it, please arrange for us to meet our parents and make a marriage period."

"If you don’t want to raise, our family is fully responsible to ensure that you will not drag you."

"If you don’t want it, or if you have any problems with this child, we will also give you a sum of money as compensation."

After Chen’s mother said, the old Chen family looked at me with three mouths. I looked at Chen Li. Chen Li’s eyes were very embarrassed. With my years of understanding of him for many years, his heart should be -this Wang EightI don’t really want me and my daughter!Intersection


In the end, I decided to go to the hospital. I was afraid that I had psychological pressure. Chen Da Chen’s mother left first and handed it to Chen Zhi with the task accompanying me.

Before leaving, Chen Ma also told Chen Zhi to take care of me.

Chen Zhi murmured with me dissatisfied; "My parents treat you as a panda, and it’s not so good for my pro -son."

After the inspection, I and Chen Liu were anxiously in the hospital corridor and other results. It may be that for so long, I had feelings for the little guy in my stomach. I started to be nervous and my palms began to sweat.

Chen Li’s symptoms were even more obvious, and he began to urinate frequently.

I joked: "Do you have any obstacles to the toilet so frequently?"

Chen Zhi talked with me without thinking: "What obstacles I have, how do you conceive my daughter?"

I tilted my head: "Maybe you can’t do it now. If so, the child in my belly is your baby’s baby."

Chen Zhi said "了", then raised his hand and covered my belly, and complained: "What do you say, let my daughter hear it, how do you let me establish a loving father image in front of her."

I didn’t hold back the "fluttering": "Do you have a little bit of love with love?"

Hearing me questioning him, Chen Zhi immediately showed a fake smile: "Isn’t I love?"

I know he is to tease me, and wants me not to be too nervous. I really eat this set and nod with him; "Love, love."

At this time, the display in front of us was on, and we notified us to take the test results.

The two of us trembled to find a doctor. Although Chen Zhi was nervous, he still comforted me.

While the doctor read the test sheet, I went to his ear and said, "Don’t shake when you comfort me next time, so as to be more convincing."

Chen Zhi swallowed his mouth nervous: "I know."

Finally, the long waiting ended, and the doctor began to pronounce. The doctor looked at the age. He did not expect that it was an old naughty personality. He announced that he was pretending to be frowning.

"You have to prepare …"

My heart mentioned my throat, and I saw Chen Li’s eyes turned red instantly.

Then the doctor said, "Be prepared to be a parent."

I instantly relaxed and didn’t wait for me to react, so Chen Zhi was held into my arms. He breathed heavily in my ears. I had already listened to some romantic and numb vocabulary. As a result, he said.

"This stinky old man is really scary."


I heard that my test results were okay. Chen Da Chen immediately asked Chen Zhi to bring me home.

As soon as I entered the door, Mom Chen stuffed a cloth bag that looked very simple.

I thought it was a tonic, and I took a look. There were a few housebooks and a bank card inside.

I was so scared that I immediately returned to Chen’s mother.

"Auntie, I ca n’t, I ca n’t!”

Listening to me said no, Mom Chen was serious: "Child, you must hold these things. If you want to marry Chen Zhi, this is a engagement gift given to you by the aunt and uncle. If you don’t want to marry, this will be given you for youThe compensation is also a guarantee for you and children. "

I looked at Chen Zhi helplessly, and Chen Zhi didn’t look at it: "My mother will hold you, and I want her to ask her not to give it to me."

Taking advantage of Chen Da Chen’s mother to prepare a fruit for me, I whispered with Chen Zhi: "Is it your characteristic?"

Chen Yi smiled: "This is the characteristic of the old Chen family for you."

Before I figured out the meaning of Chen Li, Chen Chen’s mother came back with the fruit.

Watermelon, cantaloupe, peach, cherry, strawberry, all I love to eat, neatly cut into small pieces and placed in a plate.

I was flattered and stood up in a hurry: "Uncle, aunt, you are so polite."

Chen Zhi spoke for me: "We plan to buy gifts for you, it’s me stopped."

Mother Chen laughed: "Xiao Jiang, the child is really sensible, unlike Chen Zhi’s rebellion. In the future, you do n’t have to prepare anything at home. You have this heart that you have this heart."

Dad Chen went on to say, "Xiao ginger can come is our best gift."

I was overwhelmed by Chen Da Chen’s enthusiasm, so I asked Chen Zhi to ask Chen Zhi in quietly.

"Are you gay, my uncle and aunt are afraid that I will not leave your baby in my belly, so so enthusiastic about me? Or do you really have a hidden disease?"

Chen Zhi glanced at me, and then hit the screen fiercely.

"My parents simply like you, and my baby in your stomach, you are now there are children, it belongs to stack BUFF."

When I heard Chen Li’s explanation, I was suddenly cheerful, but a question lingered in my heart, but did his parents like me?


When eating, Mother Chen hesitated again and again, and said to me, "Xiao Jiang, although this mixed boy in our family is sorry for you, he must always be a good person, and the aunt can feel.Unusual friendship. "

Listening to Chen Mo said that, I looked at Chen Zhi tacitly and hit his eyes. After hitting his eyes, I was inexplicable a little guilty, don’t look at it.

Mother Chen saw the small movements of our two, and laughed: "In this case, the aunt is the master, and tells your parents to eat a meal day to discuss the marriage between the two of you. You can rest assured that the Chen family will never treat you."

After dinner, I and Chen Zhi drove back. I originally planned to ask him to send me home, but Chen Zhi did not agree with life.

"You are the key protection animals in our family now. If Lao Chen Gu knows that I put you home by yourself, you have to pick up my skin."

Looking at Chen Zhi’s face, he rushed from his heart to his mouth. He didn’t wait for his brain to respond, and his mouth could not stop it.

"Chen Zhi, do you really want to marry me?" I asked.

Chen Zhi was suddenly correct, and his naked eye was tense: "How do you ask this?"

I pretend to be as relaxed as much as possible: "Nothing, I’m afraid you are just because of children, I don’t want to force you."

Chen Zhi stopped the car on the side of the road, and looked at me seriously, "What about you? Do you just want to marry me because of your child?"

The two of us looked at each other silently, like two awkward children, and no one was willing to say their thoughts first.

After about a minute, Chen Zhi suddenly solved the seat belt and asked, "Can I kiss you?"

I didn’t wait for me to respond, a warm kiss staggering all my sense.

I don’t know how long after kissing, Chen Zhi said in my ear with heavy breathing: "It’s really defeated to you, you should always know my heart now."

I deliberately teased him: "What I know is not very clear."

Chen Zhi put on my lips again: "I can make you know a little more clearly."

I didn’t wait for him to kiss, my stomach yelled, and I looked at Chen Zhi poorly: "I’m hungry."

Chen Zhi touched my belly, but helplessly: "You BUFF stack my parents not only stacked my parents, but also gained me."


After having breakfast the next day, Chen Zhi began to urge me to call my parents.

I drank the last bite of milk and called my parents in a fright. I was ready to be scolded by them. After all, I was indeed unknown.

As soon as I picked up the voice of Ms. Zhou, Ms. Zhou’s joy came out of the microphone: "What are you looking for me, don’t delay my sea fishing."

Hearing that they were fishing in the sea, Chen Zhi immediately motioned me not to confess first, and then said to me with her mouth shape, "Don’t get out of excitement."

I can’t help but worry: "It should be okay …"

"Well, ginger, you support your wife." I told my dad.

After confirming that standing in a very safe place over there, I cleared my throat.

I didn’t wait for me to confess, my dad said first, "You child, what is wrong with your parents, can you hold me a grandson back?"

My dad did not expect that he would say a word, and the quietness on my side made him unable to be tight with my mother.

"It’s not so outrageous," I said virtually, "It’s just that I am pregnant."

"Oh, it turned out to be pregnant, how big I thought …" Half of the words, my dad realized that it was wrong, and his voice instantly increased eight degrees: "Are you pregnant!?"

At this time, I can see that my mother was calm. She grabbed her mobile phone and said, "Whose child? Chen Zhi?"

Suddenly he mentioned that Chen Zhi was surprised and happy, and whispered, "Is the aunt fortune telling?"

I didn’t answer him, afraid that my mother said omissions, and hurriedly grabbed the talked: "Chen Zhi …"

But my mother’s mouth is faster than I think. She is a bit relieved: "It is Chen Zhi. We know that the child is a good child, not to mention that you like him for so many years, and your mother believes in your eyes."

I am afraid that my mother said something, and I went to the balcony with my mobile phone. I planned to come out of the balcony and I planned to go straight to the bedroom. I did n’t expect that when I got out of the balconyMy way to go is at the door.

"Let’s talk." Chen Zhi said with a smile.

"What to say, nothing to say." I broke the jar.

Chen Zhixie didn’t let me go, and asked directly, "Tell me when you start to like me."


It will be unexpected and reasonable to like Chen Zhi.

I do n’t know what the evil fate is. Chen Zhi and I have been in a class since elementary school to high school, and I have been fighting for the first place.

So when I saw in my eyes, Chen Xi was not the same as what others saw. The clever, handsome, and humorous of others seeing it was the student that the teacher liked by the teacher in the class.

And what I saw was the mixed boy who was still stinking with the first place with me.

I don’t know when my feelings for him are deteriorated. It may be that junior high school helped a good friend to "get in the end" and quarreled with a few high school sisters. They threatened to beat me. In those days, Chen Zhi had to send me home.

It may also be the second class of high school. The sun was right that day. Chen Zhi looked up at the sun and shook his head. Everywhere he hit him, the sun was plated with a glittering side of the golden light.

At that moment, he was shining by light and seemed to be my light.

Later, when he went to college, Chen Zhi’s outstandingness was once again verified. He became the captain of the debate team. The suit leather stood on the debate desk and strongly stated his point of view.The audience’s attention.

That day, the school’s confession wall was dominated by him. Everyone was looking for him. There were confession, expressed admiration, and simply praise.

Chen Zhi, who was held on the altar, was known as the light of political and legal light, holding his mobile phone with his big teeth and showing off with me: "You see how big brother, don’t be fascinated by my brother."

After graduating, Chen Zhi said that some lawyers were uncomfortable for money for money, so they opened a law firm in the gaming company in college.

When the office was preparing, Chen Zhi pulled my hand, and his snot was tears, and he brought me to the new law firm.

We are all newcomers. In addition, the newly opened office has no fame and unwilling to do things that violate their conscience and morality. Therefore, in the early stage, law firms were struggling.

I accidentally saw a few white hair on Chen Li’s head, but he didn’t complain to us. Instead, he was full of vitality every day and handed information.

When the office really won the first order in a sense, Chen Li drank that night. He pulled my hand and said he was sorry for me. He also said that he would have a good life in the future.

Until that moment I realized that I had never been in a moment of my heart about Chen Li, but the accumulation of accumulation of long years, and finally became a deep love in my heart, and I couldn’t vomit and dissipate.


I didn’t answer Chen Zhi’s words, and he didn’t embarrass me. After saying that the Civil Affairs Bureau was registered at eight in the morning, he returned to the guest room.

The second day after receiving the certificate, my parents hurried back from Hainan, and they talked to Chen Zhi in the room to talk about the morning.

At noon, he had a meal with Chen Da Chen’s mother. The two pairs of parents were very happy, and they even felt a feeling of seeing each other.

Then my parents rushed back to Hainan in the afternoon, thinking that they could explain to me. I didn’t expect that the two children were quite big.

It just sent me a WeChat before getting on the plane, let me raise my body well, and they naturally returned when they gave birth.

There was no way to ask them, I could only ask Chen Zhi, Chen Zhi did not answer me, but returned to me with wash feet.

"What are you doing?" I was alert, after all, I have been pitted from childhood to me.

Chen Zhi first set up my body, and then put my feet into the basin: "Of course, it is to fulfill my promise to our parents, and take care of you."

"I just want to ask you, what did you say to my parents today?"

Chen Zhi seriously washed me: "What else can I say, my parents told me some of your preferences. In fact, I do n’t need to tell my parents at all. For so many years, if I do n’t even know your preferences, do n’t mix it."

"Just say this?"

Chen Zhi looked up at me: "Of course more than that, my parents also told me that you loved me from childhood to childhood."

Naturally, I knew that Chen Zhi was fishing law enforcement, but I still didn’t control my red face. I dumped the water on his feet at him: "Don’t be nonsense!"

Chen Zhi began to counterattack, put his hand into the washbasin and tried to pour water on me. I immediately threatened my stomach.

Chen Yi smiled and threw me on the bed, carefully avoiding my stomach and rolling in bed with me.

Suddenly I found that Chen Li’s breathing began to get heavy, and I blushed to push him away.

Chen Zhi was obviously a little grievance: "Can I sleep here tonight? We are already legal couples."

I pointed at my stomach: "It’s not suitable."

"It’s been three months, I have also asked the doctor that there will be no problems."

Listening to Chen Zhi said that, I did not want to refuse, so I nodded with blush.

After getting my permission, Chen Zhi immediately lay flat in bed: "It’s great, the air conditioner in the room is broken, and I can finally sleep well."

I know that this bastard is intentional. In order to report the revenge of splashing water just now, but I am not vegetarian, and kissed Chen Li’s lips.

After noticing Chen Zhi’s emotion, I decisively learned him: "I’m sleepy with your daughter, sleep."

Chen Zhi knew that I was intentional, but I couldn’t help it, I could only smile and shook my head, and then kissed my forehead: "Good night, good dream."


As soon as the plane flying to Hainan landed, my mother couldn’t wait to call me. She regretted it: "I should go to the wedding before leaving you.

I am very helpless: "It’s your tools for gathering wealth."

"You are too difficult to speak, what is the tool for collecting money."

"if not?"

"Most of the furnishings at the wedding."


Forget it, I gave up.

I told Chen Zhi’s thoughts with Chen Zhi that Chen Zhi shook his head: "I don’t plan to have a wedding now."

I have thought that Chen Zhi may not like that occasion, but for his decisive rejection, it is inevitable that it is sour.

I laughed at Yan Huan: "That is, the wedding is energy -consuming and wasting. The groom and groom are fiddled with a line puppet, which is not interesting."

Chen Zhi saw my mind and explained: "I don’t want to have a wedding. I don’t want to have a wedding with you. I only have once in my life. I want to make you beautiful and beautiful, but it takes time to prepare. The child is in your stomach.I grew up day by day, I’m afraid … "

I know what Chen Zhi is afraid of. He is afraid that I will be chewing my tongue, and I am afraid that I can’t leave regrets in the most beautiful attitude.

I was persuaded by him, and then called my mother: "Don’t rely on me, wait for your grandchildren to" gather money "."


The owner of our law firm is his good friend. Chen Xi told him that after I was pregnant, the boss gave me a relaxed lawsuit.

I am dissatisfied to find the boss to protest: "I’m pregnant, not sick, I don’t need to be treated so special."

The boss sighed: "Chen Zhi thinks you need."

"Just tell him."

"Are you sure?" The boss asked: "I’m afraid Chen Zhi has a cold face, and then give me two punch again."

Why don’t I know that Chen Zhi is so scary?

I signaled the boss to relax: "Chen Zhi is very busy recently. All several cases of laws need him to follow up. He also provides legal aid, so he often does not have home."

"Damn," the boss whispered: "Why is there a city in the city, I will do it."

I was busy after passing with the boss. When I reacted, I had a husband, and it was one month later.

I finished my work early that day, so I planned to take him to Chen Zhilu to give him a surprise.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I walked at the door, I saw that Chen Zhi and Feng Miaomiao said that they came out of the door of the law firm.

I want to come forward and swore the sovereignty of Chen Zhi. When I was just a friend with Chen Zhi, I was not qualified. Now I am qualified, but my legs can’t move.

At the beginning, I resigned from Chen Li’s law firm. On the surface, the reason was because Chen Xi did not pass legal aid to help a child who was sick of the factory.

But in fact, I know that Chen Zhi reached a reconciliation with the pollution factory privately, but because the child’s illness could not afford it, their family urgently needed this money to cure the disease. If the child continues to be treated, not only the child cannot be treated well, but also does not have good treatment, and it does not have good treatment, and it does not have a good treatment, and it is not not treated well, and it is not not treated well, and it is not good.You can definitely get such high compensation.

However, Chen Zhi did not let the factory continue to pollute, but contacted Feng Miaomiao to expose the pollution factory.

I just can’t accept Chen Zhi and Feng Miao Miao getting closer and closer because of work.

Feng Miaomiao is from the Department of Journalism of our university. She has a well -known beauty plus academic academics. She and Chen Zhi met at a debate.Golden Boy Jade Girl.

Feng Miaomiao once confessed to Chen Zhi, bold and enthusiastic about expressing love, and I was a courageous ghost who could only shrink in the corner. I didn’t even dare to say.


After returning home, Chen Zhi immediately discovered my low emotions. He held me in his arms and calmly soothed me, "What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable? The child has trouble you?"

I shook my head.

Chen Zhi touched my head: "I saw you just now."

I feel like I was caught, and I quickly denied: "It’s not me, you read it wrong."

Chen Zhi explained to me: "I really have nothing to do with Feng Miaomiao. Don’t you know why I rejected her confession at the beginning?"

My heart pounded, I seemed to know the answer and didn’t seem to know.


Chen Zhi looked at my eyes seriously: "Because the people I have always liked are you."

This sentence swims to my heart along my ears, and then blows a firework at the heart.

Chen Zhi said that he had different feelings for me since he was a child, but each stage was different for his favorite expression.

When I was a kid, we were relatively competitive, and even more competition with me, until we were admitted to the same university, Chen Zhi said that he didn’t seem to have been so happy since he was a child.

At that moment, the hazy feelings began to be clear, and he realized that he started to like me.

But the model of our two has been getting along with each other, either to make trouble or compete with each other. He subconsciously felt that he could not complain about this. He had to wait for me to say that he could not lose in this competition.

But over time, he found that the pursuit around me continued. For this reason, Chen Zhi said angrily: "Even if the boy is, there are girls pursuing you, you say I feel more crisis!"

But Chen Zhi couldn’t keep my mind, so this delay was several years.

"If you don’t have this accident, you still plan to be so confused?" I asked.

Chen Zhi shook his head: "I didn’t plan to continue waiting. On the day I was drunk, I originally planned to confess to you while Jiu Jin, but I did not expect that my body was too honest.You have to be with you, so I plan to wait for the period for some time, but I did not expect my daughter to report gratitude. "

After listening to Chen Zhi’s words, I found out that I was so lucky that I could go with my favorite person.

"If you really mind me in contact with Feng Miaomiao, I told them to send them a male journalist." Chen Zhi said.

I immediately stopped him: "I’m not so stingy, I believe you." Then I turned around: "But, as far as I know, you still have a few real estate and a few passbooks."

Chen Zhi shocked me to transfer the topic like this, and then smiled and yielded: "Good good, all for you."

I snuggled in his arms and joked: "Where is the money?" Where can my heart be? "



God always loves to joke with you. Since Chen Zhi is so expected to want a daughter, the probability of my birth is my son.

Sure enough, I didn’t expect it, I gave birth to a son.

Although when facing the child, Chen Zhi might bloom with a smile, but I could still notice his dullness.

Chen Zhi said with some grievances and said, "Wife, I think you are too hard to have a child and don’t want you to have a second child, but I really want a daughter, so you can call me a dad to satisfy my little wish?"

I didn’t hold back a white eyes: "You roll me!"


When Chen Mujiang was three years old, Chen Zhi and I made up for the wedding. The moment my dad handed me to Chen Zhi’s hand, I thought it would be the most moved moment in the audience.

Unexpectedly, I heard my mother whispered with Chen Mom: "It’s great, this wave of gifts has received a lot, I’m afraid I can wake up with dreams."

I sighed, although I have been married for three years, but you are so sad anyway!Mother!

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