Stay away from radiation after pregnancy.

Don’t worry, there is almost no effect.

Wi-Fi radiation is not as serious as you think, and the baby is not as fragile as you think during pregnancy.

Including Wi-Fi, all of the wireless operations we use have radiation, such as remote control, and various electrical appliances at home, such as TV, microwave oven, computer, mobile phone, hair dryer, etc.Radiation will indeed affect pregnant women, but the impact can basically be ignored.

If you want to completely isolate all kinds of radiation, then you have to stay into the air -raid hole.


Although the radiation generated by wireless routers is relatively frequent, the power is not great, and it can only affect the surface of the skin. As long as it is not close to the skin, the impact on our body can be said to be minimal.

Some people may have the above ideas that may be misleading by some unspeakable views. In fact, it is not necessary to worry too much. If it causes panic and affects the normal life of themselves and the people around them, it is really worthless.After all, who is not in all kinds of radiation?So many fetuses born in the radiation environment are healthy and healthy, why do you have any problems when you change your child.

Which radiation is really harmful to the body?

In nature, radiation is roughly divided into two types, one is high -energy ionizing radiation, and the other is non -electrode radiation, which is the radiation emitted by the electrical appliances we daily.

Radiations that are harmful to the body belong to the ionization radiation with high energy. For example, the hospital’s X -ray and nuclear radiation, but this ionizing radiation we basically do not contact in daily life.

At present, there is no evidence that daily non -electrical radiation will lead to an increase in abortion rate and fetal malformation rate of pregnant women, and it will not lead to too low weight of newborn births.

For the radiation generated by Wi-Fi, pay attention to the installation of the wireless router in the home. Do not install it near the bed or on the desk to avoid close and long-term contact.

In fact, instead of worrying about radiation during pregnancy, it is better to pay more attention to the nutrition and health of the fetus, especially the supplement of folic acid, because although many people know that pregnancy is supplemented, it is not necessarily correct.Under normal circumstances, folic acid should be supplemented from three months before pregnancy, that is, at 0.4mg per day, and it has been replenished until the end of breastfeeding.

In addition, a good mentality is very important!

For mothers during pregnancy, worrying about the health of you and the fetus is inevitable, but if you are too anxious, you will affect your digestive system and sleep, then it will really affect the health of the fetus.This emotional impact may have a greater impact on the fetus than those radiation.

From birth to growing up, this process always experiences many difficulties. As parents, we cannot be frightened because of a small matter.Learn to let go and learn to let it go.

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