Squid and squid, a delicious home -cooked dish that my family often eats, can be made in 10 minutes

Squid is a good thing. It is delicious and nutritious. The key is that there are more practices. Squid is delicious no matter how you do it.I used to see iron plate squid on the street. It was really cool to eat. Every time I went to the street, I bought several strings.

Although squid is delicious, it is too cost -effective to eat outside. Today I will teach you a very delicious salt and pepper squid. The taste is also very good. The key is that the practice is also very simple.

Now the weather is too hot, cooking for one minute, sweating for 2 hours. At this time, you need to make more simple and delicious home -cooked dishes, so you can eat it if you don’t have to suffer too much.The salt and pepper squid is a good choice in summer. If you like it, you can collect it first, and you can try it when you have time.

【Stew and Squid】

Materials: squid, green pepper, green onion, garlic, ginger

Seasoning: cooking wine, oyster sauce, salt and pepper

【Detailed practice】

1. Buy a pound of squid back on the street, you can let the boss help it, or you can go home to deal with it.Boil the water in the pot, pour a little cooking wine, and then pour the squid in and simmer the water. It can be simmered for about 15 seconds.Squid squid, remove and put them on one side for later use.

2. Prepare a green pepper, 2 shallots, and a few petals, cut the green onion and green pepper, and chop the garlic into the end for later use.Put a little peanut oil in the pot. First, put the garlic and ginger in and fry, then pour the squid in and stir fry, then pour in a little cooking wine and stir fry for 10 seconds, so that you can go to the fishy.

3. After the time arrives, add green pepper, continue to stir fry medium fire for 30 seconds, and then adjust the taste.Put a spoonful of oyster sauce and an appropriate amount of salt and pepper in the pot. It will be better to add salt and salt to the flavor. Then turn on the medium and medium heat and stir -fry them evenly. Finally, add a little onion segment.

4. After adding the onion section, continue to stir fry for a few seconds, then put the small half -spoons of edible oil, and continue to stir -fry evenly, you can turn off the hot pot.Because squid meat is easy to grow old, fried squid must be fast, usually the pot will be released in 1 minute, otherwise it will be very old.(It will be tender with fresh squid).This fragrant and delicious salt and pepper squid is ready, the taste is great, try it quickly.

I am a tofu. I will share with you detailed home -cooked recipes, Guangdong cuisine, family snacks, etc., and there are shortcomings. Welcome to advice!If you like it, you can click on it.

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