Specific mothers are moody?The prospective dad learns 6 methods to help happiness during pregnancy, and it is recommended to collect

Specific mothers are particularly emotional during pregnancy.

Since my friend is pregnant with a second child, his emotions have been easily irritable.On the one hand, she is no longer confident, feels that her body is fat and ugly, and her physical strength is not as good as before. She feels very anxious every day.On the other hand, she will chew repeatedly to the daily words of her in -laws, thinking that they do not understand herself, and simply intend to target herself. Every time I think of it, I am full of resentment.Sleeping is difficult.In addition, she was worried about her mood and would affect the normal growth of the fetus.Therefore, it is often angry for no reason.

So, does the bad mood of expectant mothers affect the normal development of the fetus?

According to a foreign study, expectant mothers are prone to psychological problems. If the expectant mothers are in a good mood, the body will automatically secrete positive hormones, which is conducive to fetal growth.Conversely, a large amount of renal epithelial hormones will be produced. With the blood circulation, enter the body and make the emotions of the fetus in a bad state, thereby destroying the normal development of the fetus.

This means that if expectant mothers are mood during pregnancy, they will adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus.

The psychological problems of expectant mothers will have a dual effect on the fetus and psychological effects.

① Psychologically: It may lead to depression.

Under normal circumstances, the fetus will form a touch for 3 months, and hearing will be formed in 5 months.At this time, the emotions of expectant mothers directly affect the formation of fetal personality.A psychologist said that he had received a 3 -year -old boy. He usually didn’t like to talk. He looked depressed, his physical indicators were normal, but psychological tests were moderate depression.After detailed inquiries from a psychologist, it turned out that because the mother was in poor mood during the whole pregnancy.

Mom said that she always vomited after she was pregnant.My mother -in -law had to move over to take care of, but she was introverted in her own personality. She was afraid that her mother -in -law would say that she was arrogant. Whether it was anything, she followed the old man’s wishes. Therefore, she suppressed her emotions and dared not express her opinions.

Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of children with emotional and behavioral problems, the child will be happier during pregnancy, and the child will be more happy.The family also gives more attention and understanding of the mother.

② physical: may cause fetal development.

The expectant mothers are low in mood, poor eating, poor sleep, and prone to malnutrition. It not only affects her immune system, but also may cause the fetus to develop slowly. Therefore, expectant mothers must learn to relieve tension and anxiety.

To relieve emotions is a must -have ability to give birth to a healthy baby.Almost every expectant mother has to pass the "mood low". The emotions are relieved, which can make themselves physically and mentally happy, and make the baby healthy.The expectant mothers started from the following 6 aspects and carried out emotional self -relief.

① Understand pregnancy.

Some expectant mothers are insufficient in the experience, processes, and understanding of the entire production. As long as there are any changes during pregnancy, they are particularly nervous and affect the mood and mental state of the whole person. At this time, we must learn more about pregnancy knowledge.You can learn through pregnancy learning classes, watching short videos, reading magazines, communicating with those who come over, and so on.

② Life law.

Scientific dietary diet is very important on psychological impact. If the nutritional nutrition is comprehensive and the rest is sufficient, the mood of expectant mothers will naturally improve.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers eat reasonably, forbidden to be cold, spicy, and exciting.Makes at least 8 hours of sleep every day.In addition, appropriate exercise can also increase happiness.Such as walking, meditation and so on.

③ Hobbies

Specific mothers can also alleviate emotions by doing something they like.For example, listening to music, painting, meditation and other methods to relax the body and mind, so that anxiety is replaced by happy experience.

The emotions of expectant mothers are easily very sensitive and fragile, and they are easily infected by people, things, and seasons. In addition, during pregnancy, the changes in hormones and physiological cycles of expectant mothers, expectant mothers will inevitably have bad emotions such as complaints, cares, and faults.At this time, the prospective dad needs to care, understand and tolerate her more.

So, what should prospective dad do to help the mother through the whole pregnancy?

① As a "guardian god", you must not give up.

Pregnant mothers need to bear physical discomfort and suffering, and they need to get rid of the emotions of themselves and their children. At this time, they need the consideration and care of the people around them.

As a prospective father, at this time, you need to be the role of the patron saint. When the expectant mother is in a bad mood, you may wish to give her some small accidents and surprises.When the expectant mother is uncomfortable, help her massage, buy her some beautiful decorations, and so on.At this time, the expectant mother felt the guardianship from the beloved, and she would no longer dislike her body deformation, fears that the baby will be unhealthy, and will become extremely practical, because someone will help themselves, they will have a sense of security.

② Companion is the longest confession.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are more sensitive and more doubtful.

The prospective father must accompany the expectant mother. If you can’t go home, call in advance.At the same time, the prospective dad should actively do housework. If she has energy, she can also use her fine rubbing her feet. When Du Jiang was pregnant, he was afraid of her legs when she was pregnant.

③ Careful and creating a quiet child -breeding environment.

During the pregnancy of expectant mothers, the prospective mother was most careful and created a quiet living environment. Both expectant mothers and fetuses did not like noise.Because of strong noise, it may cause mothers to mothers’ mood, as well as accelerated heartbeat and spasm of the fetus.If there is a decoration upstairs and downstairs, let the expectant mother move to other places to live.For example, the maid’s house or in -laws, wait for the renovation to stop, and then pick up the mother to go home.

In normal times, the prospective father avoids roaring his voice. When doing housework, you should pay attention to the sound. Do n’t be too loud. Be careful to disturb the expectant mothers and fetuses.

In addition, the cleaning of indoor and outdoor is also very important. You can arrange the room warmly and pleasing to the eye. Let the expectant mothers stay at home, feel pleasant and comfortable, and sunlight in the afternoon is good for mothers and fetuses.

④ Don’t stimulate expectant mothers.

The expectant mothers are always full of fear about having a baby. They are particularly afraid of their own figure, and they are worried about the health of the baby, and whether they will educate their children in the future.

The sudden conversion of these characters made the expectant mothers feel complicated, stunned, tangled, and uneasy.Therefore, the prospective dad should pay attention to his words and deeds. Do not speak some irritating words to the expectant mother because of the moment of breath. Unintentional injuries will cause expectant mothers to be depressed.

For example, due to the influence of traditional ideas, the prospective father hopes that the baby is a boy. Whether it is a father -in -law or a prospective father, you have to hold the same thoughts as having boys and women. Do not give the mother’s psychological pressure.It is best not to mention such topics. Once the expectant mother mentioned itself, the prospective dad is better to comfort her.

For another example, sometimes when I am tired, expectant mothers make small temperament, and the prospective dad should not do it. It is best to let the mother -in -law, transfer her attention, tell a joke, or listen to a funny paragraph, tease her, adjust the expectant motherHer emotions make her emotions develop positive and positive.

⑤ Accompany the mother’s mother for a birth check.

Although it is wonderful to go to the hospital during the epidemic, the necessary pregnancy examinations are still inevitable.The fixed time for expectant mothers to do pregnancy examination will help understand the situation of her and the fetus. Therefore, the prospective father should pay attention to it, and use the mother -in -law to do the production test on the calendar.Go to the hospital for examination.

If the prospective dad is busy with work and it is really unable to get rid of it, it is recommended that other other mother at home accompany the expectant mother to ensure safety and let the expectant mother feel the deep care of her husband.

⑥ Cultivate the parent -child relationship between expectant mothers and fetuses.

Due to pregnancy, expectant mothers are prone to bad changes in their bodies.For example, gaining weight, long spots, etc., expectant mothers are deeply weak for this, and sometimes even furious, to be confused about the baby who is not born in her belly.

At this time, it is recommended that the prospective dad intends to cultivate the parent -child relationship between the wife and the fetus, such as accompany the expectant mother to imagine the warm scene of a family of three in the future, imagine the naughty appearance of the fetus in the wife’s belly, etc.Health description to his wife, to enhance the feelings between parents and children, stimulate the mother’s love of expectant mothers, and let her be willing to protect her baby from the bottom of her heart. It feels that it is worthwhile to make some sacrifices for her baby!It also helps to dissolve misunderstandings and contradictions during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a process that every mother has to experience and experience.As a expectant mother, changes in the body will make us confused; psychological anxiety has adverse effects on ourselves and children.

Instead of depression, it is better to spend ten months of pregnancy with expectations and blessings, joy and happiness.First of all, expectant mothers should eliminate blind spots, change their own mentality, and adjust their emotions by understanding the knowledge of pregnancy and schedules during pregnancy.Secondly, the prospective dad learns 6 methods to help the mother to relieve emotions.That is to act as the "guardian god", never give up, accompany more, give the prospective mother a quiet living environment, avoid stimulating expectant mothers, regularly accompany his wife for a birth check, and closer the parent -child relationship.Only in this way can the expectant mothers put aside their inner distress, boredom and anxiety, and happily welcome the arrival of the newborn happily.

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