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Hey Girls,

Recently, there are a lot of expectant mothers to ask

What skin care products do I need to use during pregnancy?

Can you make up?

I hope this new friend with rich parenting experience

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President Maggie, the mother of the four -year -old son, Tiange, slowly converged the power of the overbearing president with the germination of the second child, and often shattered my life during pregnancy, shared the parenting experience of Tiange, and occasionally responsible for planting grass.Makeup and pregnancy supplies, strive to become a mother who knows the most of the beauty and the most beautiful makeup.

It was also surprised by "AB admitted to pregnancy" not long ago.

Although friends of major media have long broke the news of her good pregnancy information, it is not possible to see that this is "the daily life of pregnant women" from her life.

When she came to the stage to receive the prize, she was such a gentle and generous pink makeup ↓

Cutting Qi Liu Hai is such a small fresh makeup ↓

Student dress photo is like this pink orange summer cool makeup ↓

Even if you don’t work, you will bring some simple nude makeup ↓

The estimated due date is March next year. I want to come in such a state for more than 4 months. What is it spicy? Can you not make makeup for pregnant women?

In fact, there are countless pregnant mothers who keep their face on the while maintaining their face on the while.

With the advent of the second child, Yao Chen’s 100 -day dazzling belly was born together. The eye makeup and big red lips during the street shot were not provided.

Sun Yan’s pregnancy photos are even rated as "the most beautiful pregnancy photos", and the pseudo -beauty makeup like a mermaid complements the style of this group of photos.

Zhang Zilin’s pregnancy -eight pregnancy photos are not like a mother who is about to produce at all. The makeup on her face is even more beautiful. Perhaps her relationship with her daughter also makes her look good.

What is the problem? This is also a topic that many expectant mothers in the backstage are very concerned:

Is it really okay for pregnancy and makeup?

The answer to this question is no absolute, otherwise so many beautiful star mothers are still led on the road of pregnancy ~ Is it a star with a defensive constitution!

Maggie tells you

I know

Many girls find that they are getting worse and worse after pregnancy. It is inevitable that even if they just apply a lipstick, they are always afraid that the lead component in the cosmetics will hurt the baby in the belly.The "pregnant woman available" type is marked.

But in fact, I think that makeup is not a "restricted area" for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the resistance decreases, the body becomes sensitive, and the cosmetics that are unqualified or not suitable for your own may threaten the child’s health, so the keywords are "don’t frequently" and "product quality".

Small Tips during pregnancy

○ Many pregnant mothers will worry about preservatives in cosmetics. In fact, as long as you buy it through regular channels, the content of preservatives will not affect the pregnant mother (after all, even if you are not pregnant, you must not cause physical damage to ordinary artificial people).The conventional preservatives are taken from natural ingredients and will not cause health.

○ Many star’s chestnut chestnuts above, although it should not be painted, we can observe most of it is light makeup.Because the most worrying cosmetics are lead and mercury, these two things will appear in poor quality lipsticks, foundation and other makeup, so pregnant mothers must pay attention to choosing cosmetics and not to turn on big makeup.(If it is a special need to take a photo, there is no need to worry about it at a time)

○ A lot of pregnant mothers did not dare to do the steps of sunscreen in addition to the cosmetics directly into the cold palace. Some pregnant mothers asked me in the background: sunscreen also needs to remove makeup, so sunscreen is also cosmetics?

The answer is negative. Sun protection products are safe. Physical sunscreen products will not be absorbed by the skin. They can be assured. Chemical sunscreen products are also very small in the skin, so don’t worry.

○ Pregnant mothers must be more detailed for makeup, such as expired cosmetics must not be used (for ordinary people, powder products do not have so -called shelf life, as long as there is no water, you can saveToo heavy, the physical function of the pregnancy becomes different from the previous, and the products commonly used before are allergic.

○ Makeup remover is just as important as wipe off lipstick before eating!IntersectionNo matter how much lipstick T.T I accidentally eat before, don’t take your children together.

○ Try to avoid eyebrows, eyeliner, and embroidered lips. The materials used are not available for pregnant women. We must be treated with caution.

As long as you remember the above points, it is not so difficult to take photos during pregnancy ~

A few months ago, I went to make eyebrows. To be honest, the eyebrows were really important. After always facing my eyebrows, my colleagues were praised and said that they were more energetic.

At that time, I did n’t know that when I was pregnant, I could n’t get eyebrows, but I was still worried, so I did n’t go again for the second time, but my complexion was getting better and better during the pregnancy.More HOLD’s relationship, I look forward to the more and more calm heart of Erwa ~

I did not change the full set of "pregnant women" skin care products during pregnancy like a lot of pregnant mothers. On the contrary, I occasionally made makeup to make myself more glorious. I want to say that some mothers can not use skin care products during pregnancy.It will look extremely difficult to restore skin care again, so there must be many people who will be curious about which products I use to use, and sort it out for you ~

"Fresh", a lady "Fresh" during pregnancy

Black tea mask push for a lifetime

Two yellow sugar lip balm ~~

Fresh has always been a brand that I like more. The natural ingredients are probably reflected in the price of the lady. It is a rare brand that "can see the effect once" in the skin care products I use.Sentences for Fresh, I am extremely praised and willing to use it."The same model" HABA full series

Last year (still this year?) Faye Wong’s bear child exposed her mother’s cosmetic table. Although the camera moved quickly, the sharp -eyed fat friend found a bottle of haba that was very inconspicuous.

HABA full series

(Photo source: Network)

Their main the main effects of Gulu and two cosmetic oils, the main effects are brightening and hydrating.

Recently, I have been staring at because of changing seasons. I have a knock on the use of sensitive muscles and seasonal skin changes ~ "Qingliu" FANCL

FANCL is really a clear stream in Japanese products, without adding alcohol, the most powerful evidence is to use it within 120 days of Kaifeng. As well as, the more preservatives, the longer the shelf life.Use, of course, the FANCL series mainly focuses on natural ingredients."Essential for pregnancy" Clarins

(Picture source: official website of Clarins)

I have n’t used Clarins’ products, but the French brand named L’Oreal is famous in the pregnant mother ’s world. The online search“ can be used for skin care products during pregnancy ”is the first one.The rate is also extremely high.Not long ago, a friend sent me a bottle of breast oil very good. Although it takes a certain amount of time to see it, it has no instead of massage for my pregnant woman. It is also full of good favorability."Antique" Ricklei

Ricklei lipstick lipstick

Ricklei rice noodle cake

Born in the 1980s, makeup brands can survive until now. It is not unreasonable. It is mainly available for sensitive muscle pregnant women. It is often used by my flipped lipstick throughout the year. It uses a thunder -free area and has a high moisturizing color.

"Discolor Cover" food house sunscreen

Because the lid can change color according to the strength of ultraviolet rays, it was out of fun at that time.

But this sunscreen brand is called "Food House". It can be imagined that the sideline of food and sunscreen can be imagined. How safe is the ingredient? Add natural vegetable and vegetable essence and VE.Only when I let the purchase of goods, pregnant women get √

The above are some of the useful pregnancy products I use. In fact, expectant mothers do not need to be too nervous. When choosing makeup, as long as you follow a few principles, you can use it with confidence:

Important matter

· No alcohol, hormone -free, no heavy metal, mineral oil, dye ingredients

(PS: Most Japanese products are alcohol, so you must find out the ingredients before buying)

· Do not have the effects of whitening, spots, and acne, such as "21 days of whitening essence" and "salicylic acid" and other acidic acne products. Even whitening products that remove acne marks must not be used.These are all taboos!

· Natural, mild and low -sensitivity.Although these effects will be slower than ordinary skin care products, it does not hurt the baby.

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