Smoking and killing?it is true

The number of male smokers in my country is large, accounting for 96%of the total number of smokers.In fact, when they long for a long time, they have already smashed their health on the gambling table when they have been smoking tobacco and enjoying the "grand crown" brought by tobacco.In particular, cigarettes are most worrying about the damage to male reproductive systems and sexual function.

Smoking is the "sister -in -law" of sperm

Regardless of active smoking or passive smoking, toxic substances in smoke can enter the testicles, epididymia and other tissues through the blood-reproductive glands (testicles, epididymia) barrier, on the one hand, causing testicular sperm epithelial cells on the one hand;Disclosure and insufficient secretion of active substances.This damage affects the occurrence of sperm in the occurrence of testicles and the maturity and activation process of epididymia. In semen analysis, sperm density, decreased vitality, and increased malformations will occur.

In addition, during the combination of sperm eggs, the penetration ability of sperm to eggs will also weaken accordingly. Harmful substances can accumulate in the body, which significantly reduce the chance of women’s conception.It is conceivable that every time the sperm of hundreds of millions of miles in women’s vagina is the old and weak soldiers, and the non -fighting minus is serious. How can we meet thousands of mountains and waters?

However, the "power" of smoking to the male reproductive system is far more than that.As early as 1985, foreign scholars confirmed the mutagenic substances in cigarettes, which could affect the maturity and proliferation of reproductive cells, leading to mutations in DNA contained in sperm.The integrity of the sperm DNA is necessary to correctly transmit genetic information, and its chromosomal abnormalities and DNA damage can cause male infertility.

In addition, the longer the men’s smoking, the more serious the mutation, the more likely to have a potential impact on the next generation.

Smoking is the ender of "sex blessing"

Behind each successful man, there is a family life full of harmony and "sexual blessing", but cigarettes are all beautiful terminator.Many clinical trials at home and abroad have shown that long -term and large smokers’ serum testosterone values (ie, androgen levels) have been significantly reduced.Once the secretion of therogen is reduced, the comprehensive performance of decreased sexual desire, poor erectile, lack of energy, and emotional fluctuations will occur in the short term.

In addition, long -term smoking will also cause damage on the vascular structure.Toxic substances in cigarettes can cause penile blood vessels, promote the gradually formation of thrombosis, and then cause the blood flow of the penis sponge body, affect the penile erection function, cause the male erectile dysfunction to worsen, Strong.It can be said that men’s penis can also "stroke", and once repeated "strokes", it is not easy to recover.

In 2018, a "China Smoking Men’s Birth Health Survey Report" showed that 51.4%of men who were surveyed smoking, 39.3%of them smoked more than 10 smokers a day, and 60.3%of people smoked for more than 5 years.Infertile couples, 54.86%of men smoke; 32.3%of smoking male semen abnormalities.Therefore, it is time to make a choice between "Tengyun driving fog" and "rejuvenating the majesty".

In fact, to poisoning cigarettes is not groundless, because smoking also has a "good manifestation" in inducing multiple system diseases and physical cancer in the whole body.Therefore, staying away from cigarettes is always a correct choice.Regarding the currently relying on the strong willpower of the "grass people" itself. If it is really difficult to quit, it is recommended to go to a professional smoking quit clinic. Applying some smoking quit drugs can help overcome physiological dependence.

Want to be a father’s quit smoking, the better

Having said so much, everyone is estimated that they also understand: It is not worth the blessing of sex for tobacco!If you want to eliminate your wife’s concerns, if you want a healthy baby, you must prepare for pregnancy in advance.

The generation of human sperm requires a cycle, usually 3 months.Because sperm is produced from testicles, it usually takes about 75 days from sperm cells, sperm cells, sperm cells to forming sperm, and then enter epididymis. It takes about 15 days after acquisition.In other words, if you want a child, quit smoking for at least 3 months.But at the same time, there are sperm in different maturity stages in the epididymis, and even a small amount of mature sperm is even in the lower reaches.Therefore, it is not too late to quit smoking at any time, and the longer the better.

Why is the longer the smoking quit?A foreign study found that there are generally only 7 to 10 abnormalities in 46 chromosomes in normal people, and smokers may have about 20 chromosomes in exchange.At the same time, the longer the history of smoking, the greater the amount of smoking, and the higher its chromosomal abnormal rate; the impact of smoking still exists even after the smoking is stopped for 3 months.In addition, the proportion of chromosomal abnormal cells, 70%of the smokers, only about 15%without smoking.

After quitting smoking, as the harmful substances in the blood disappear, the blood flow is smoother, so the organ related to fertility will be available for sufficient blood supply.Hy healthy.

Text: Ma Jianxiong, Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Zhejiang Province

Edit: Zheng Yingzheng Yu Yun Xi Peng Yan

Review: Cao Zheng Yan Yan

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