Smart women deal with marriage derailment during pregnancy, and resolve the marriage crisis in three ways!

Women are pregnant, and men cannot have a normal husband and wife life for a long time, so some men will be derailed.In the face of her husband’s derailment, what are the ways of clever women to deal with marriage derailment during pregnancy?If women still want to restore their marriage, the following methods need to learn well.

1. Knowing no noise

The husband was derailed during pregnancy. At the beginning, women could inevitably have waves in their hearts, but from the abdomen, children should not be able to move their liver and avoid their fetal gas.Men’s demand for husbands and wives, smart pregnant women must learn to know without noise.Pregnant women should let her husband know that they have aware of their derailment. Based on this, the husband can be jealous and guilty of his wife. In this case, after the wife produces, the husband will basically return.

2. Pressing through in -laws

Smart women deal with marriage derailment during pregnancy, and pressure through her in -laws is a good way.When pregnant women still have feelings for her husband, derailment should not be said to the husband directly by the pregnant woman. After all, as soon as the words are exported, marriage is difficult to recover.How to do it?Pregnant women can say their words through the mouth of the mother -in -law.In terms of kinship, the mother -in -law and husband are the closest, so if the husband’s wrong -minded mother -in -law is forgiven, it is naturally understandable. For the husband, the mother -in -law secretly persuaded the husband to make the husband have a step down, and he can get back faster.

A pregnant mother contacted us a month ago. Her situation is similar to this. Her husband was derailed five months during her pregnancy.Considering that the husband spent several years before chasing it, and the husband was very good to herself after pregnancy. She hoped to give a chance to get a chance to get back, but she didn’t know how to speak.The suggestion I gave her was to persuade her mother -in -law.The pregnant woman later asked her mother -in -law to help. Now her husband completely shakes off the primary three and returns to the family.

3. Upgrade yourself

Smart women deal with marriage derailment during pregnancy, and upgrading this trick is very helpful.Most of the postpartum women’s figures will go away, and the husband will complain to this to somehow, although many times they will not say.In order to make themselves re -competitive, pregnant mothers must actively manage their figure and let their appearance and figure return to pre -pregnancy state.The woman is the one who pleases herself, and her husband is also a emotional animal. Seeing the efforts of his wife for themselves, they will also move.This method of saving husbands can be described as unsatisfactory, resolving contradictions and invisible.

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