Smart woman, will not confess 4 things with her husband, only stupid women honestly explain honestly

Both parties who enter the marriage need sincerity and honesty. This is the consensus of everyone, but many times, if you let the other half know, it will have a great impact on family life.

Some very sensitive things. If you do n’t say, you may be able to live a lifetime with your husband happily, but if you say it, it may affect the feelings of both parties and become a hidden danger of marriage. Therefore, for the happiness of marriage, a smart woman has some.Things will not be frank with her husband anyway.

So smart women will not confess 4 things with her husband, only stupid women honestly.

Many women have experienced in love or living together before they marry her husband, and it is inevitable that some women have pregnant.

Although her husband can accept women’s predecessor or cohabitation now, if pregnancy is a big problem, this smart woman seems to be frank with her husband anyway.

If it is said, the husband is likely to have a big gap in his heart, and it may even propose a divorce. Therefore, this problem is that a woman must not be frank to her husband.

If your husband doesn’t know, you tell him frankly now, he will feel that you are casual. He will feel that you are a casual woman. Although the woman is also treating her husband wholeheartedly, this past thing, but this past,If he knows, he will doubt the character and sincerity of a woman. For the marriage that can continue, this question is a smart woman must not be frank.

If the husband is curious about this problem, a smart woman can’t confess, because after frankly, the husband will be jealous, you will compare you, and you will feel that your current behavior has traces of love with other people.

Men are jealous. Thinking of her beloved woman, she had been with other men before, and she was so intimate that she would never be comfortable.

If you know your past, men will miss your past life, and your past feelings, if you are linked to his ex -predecessor because of many reasons, then your husband must not be able to maintain a psychological balance.

Women only need to tell her husband that everything in the past is just to make herself better. The past things are not important. Now they are the best self. They only love their husbands now, and they are only willing to spend this life with her husband.Essence

In this way, you can maintain his image in your husband’s heart, and it can also make the husband’s psychology uncomfortable. No matter how the husband is asked, smart women will never confess.

In fact, the husband still values his wife’s family. Because of many things, smart women will not say the secrets of their native family, especially negative information in front of her husband.

For example, parents are not good, or one party is derailed, or domestic violence.Many women feel that they are married, and they can tell her husband everything. Many bad things in their homes will also tell her husband that he hopes to help himself solve the problem.

But in fact, this will only make your husband feel that your native family is troublesome, and feel that your growth environment is not good, so he will look down on you, then he will have a sense of disgust, and he will also hate your parents, affecting them, which will affect their parents and affect their parents.Relations, if their feelings are not good, you are also uncomfortable in the middle.

Although both men and women should pay for the family, women must have their own private money, so in case of something, they can face it calmly.

In addition, these funds can be used to respect their parents or buy what they need, so that they not only satisfy their desires of filial piety, and will not use her husband’s money, so he will feel that you are very sensible and love you more.

The life of the husband and wife does not make the two completely without secrets like a child, but that two people work hard to make life harmonious. When necessary, say some good -faith lie, which will make the relationship better and better.Come and get happiness.Smart women, they will not confess 4 things with her husband, only stupid women honestly.

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