Skin allergy how to do?First figure out eczema or urticaria!Do you know these protection methods

Is skin scratch in life common?According to statistics, the incidence of skin scratches in the crowd is as high as 2%to 5%.What is skin scratch?Use your nails, back -shaped needles, and wire to gently draw a few lanes on the forearm flexion side, and observe the results after about three minutes.

A thread -shaped white stripes will be produced on the forearm of patients with skin scratches. It is obviously bulging and red on both sides of the stripes. At this time, you can confirm the diagnosis.Skin scratch can use Chinese medicine to improve allergies.Skin scratch is also called artificial urticaria, which is an allergic reaction of skin blood vessels. The formation of allergic reactions is caused by internal and external causes.

There are two types of artificial urticaria: one is called simple artificial urticaria, which is more common in women and belongs to physiological constitutional abnormal reactions.Its symptoms are a rash block that appears after the skin is scratched by nails or other blunt objects, and most of them do not have itching or other discomfort.

Another kind of artificial urticaria is called symptomatic artificial urticaria, which is common in young people with allergies.When the skin passes through the nails or other blunt objects, the erythema wind ball appears in the first place, and then the edema of the wind ball is higher than the skin, and the red halo appears on the edge of the red spots.The traces left are the same.Some patients with severe symptoms even have symptoms of lip swelling after their lips are bitten by their teeth.

The inherent factors of artificial urticaria are the most common allergens that cause artificial urticaria to be allergic, especially penicillin, serum preparations, and bacteria, fungi, plant protein, animal protein, etc.Essence

There are many external factors.Including diet, inhalation, climate, contact factors such as allergies, etc.It is the most common cause of artificial urticaria.Due to such complicated reasons, the skin scratch disease has repeatedly occurred due to the many causes and induced factors.But generally not life -threatening.

How do patients with skin scratches care in their lives?

The disease is often related to the diet, and it does not need to be taboo for most skin scratches.Pay attention to putting less salt, less oil, less salt -containing seasoning, eat less pickled vegetables, pickled meat, etc.; Do not only eat fine rice noodles, you can use coarse grains, miscellaneous beans, potatoes, pumpkin, etc. to replaceSome staple foods; reasonable combination of vegetables and vegetables, the first choice of chicken, duck fish and other white meat such as meat, eat less fat, eggs, milk is an important source of protein and other nutrients; if it is a vegetarian, you can eat more beans and soy productsSupplement protein; eat more fruits, vegetables; try not to drink.

Patients with skin scratches can cause disease attacks after scratching physical factors, so they should try to avoid various physical stimuli.For example, avoid scratching, avoid too hot hot baths, and avoid wearing tight clothes pants.Generally speaking, skin scratches do not affect pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can skin scratches be prevented?

Because the pathogenesis of skin scratches is not clear enough, it is not easy to prevent it.However, patients with skin scratches can try to avoid scratching and other physical stimulus factors, and can avoid inducing rash as much as possible; cut short nails, do not scratch with force, otherwise it can cause significant increase in skin lesions and itching and severe itching; keep the stools smoothly.; The indoor should be kept clean and dry, and the flowers are prohibited, and chemicals such as the Soviet Union and the dichlorvos of the enemy should not be sprayed to avoid sensitization.

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