Sisters who relieve pregnancy vomiting, pregnant sisters who are pregnant

Sisters who have experienced pregnancy vomiting know that pregnancy vomiting is simply torture on earth.When you smell the smell of oil, you want to vomit, you want to vomit, you must vomit if you don’t eat it.Spit in the morning, vomit at noon, and vomit at night.I remember that my pregnancy vomiting started from the sixth and sixth weeks, and disappeared until about three months. The middle experience was just unbearable.

What should I do if I vomit?Although it is said that pregnancy is basically relying on, but it is not allowed to let it go. It is always necessary to try to alleviate the pregnancy.

1. We can eat less.Eat a little and eat a few more meals.There is basically no appetite during pregnancy, but you ca n’t wait until you are hungry before eating. You should eat it appropriately when you are not hungry. You ca n’t eat too much when you eat it.I took a little bit after a while, and I continued to vomit after eating.

2. The diet is slightly lighter, so as not to eat greasy food, causing stomach discomfort.If you ca n’t eat things, you can buy some appetizing small snacks, such as soda biscuits, dried plums, yogurt, etc., and eat a little.In the early pregnancy, children do not need much nutrition, so they really can’t eat those nutritious foods.There are nutritional fish and shrimp. Don’t force yourself to eat if you don’t want to eat.I was nauseous when I saw fish and shrimp.

3. Try not to smell the irritating smell, avoid entering and leaving the kitchen, and stay away from the smell of oil fume.Keeping indoor ventilation and breathing fresh air can reduce the feeling of nausea.You can get some orange peel and grapefruit skin. When you feel disgusting, you will smell it.

4. You can drink ginger soup or lemonade, which helps improve the symptoms of nausea.

5. Pregnancy vomiting can also find a doctor. Kai vitamin B6 can relieve pregnancy.You can also eat more foods rich in vitamin B6, such as bananas and Xi Mei.

6. Drink water in a small mouth, and you can’t drink water. You can add some glucose.

7. Keep sufficient sleep and pay attention to rest.

The taste of pregnancy and pregnancy. Only those who have experienced can feel the same. Hope that sisters who are experiencing pregnancy can disappear as soon as possible.

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