Sister Shi Shi was pregnant again, and was severely damaged by miscarriage 14 months ago.

The 34 -year -old British singer Jessie J official announced the news of pregnancy. Because she won the championship in "Singer 2018", she circled a lot of fans in China. Everyone liked to call her "Sister Stone" and sincerely became happy for her pregnancy.

Sister Stone was happy to take a pregnant photo, and said carefully: "I am very happy, and I am afraid that I can finally share this matter. During this journey, please be gentle to me." I can see that there was a miscarriage 14 months ago.Give her too much psychological shadow.

The mother -in -law’s stones have blessed a lot, and the whole person exudes the brilliance of the happiness and satisfaction of pregnant mothers.

Looking at Sister Shi’s pregnant belly, she should have reached a relatively stable mid -pregnancy, so she has the confidence to be public.

Don’t look at Sister Shi as an internationally renowned singing world. She has been entangled by the disease since she was a child, and she has suffered in order to be a mother.

As soon as she was born, Sister Stone suffered from the family genetic disease "Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome".Frequently visitor.

In order to alleviate arrhythmia and chest tightness, Sister Stone has been taking medicine, and her fair skin is even more green.

She was a variety show "British Prodigy" at the age of 15, and won the "Best Pop Singers Award" and made her best.

At the age of 17, Sister Shishi actually gently stunned because of his work pressure.

In the 2012 London Olympics, 24 -year -old stone sister sang three songs in a row on the closing ceremony, sitting in the "national treasure singer".

At the age of 25, she became the mentor of "Good Voice of the United Kingdom", and the status of the rivers and lakes is evident.

In 2018, Sister Ji Shi came to China to participate in "Singer", and he retired due to the disease difference, and finally got the "Song King".

At the time of her career, Sister Stone was diagnosed with Menien’s disease at the end of 2020. Her right ear was completely deaf, which caused her to lose balance, and it was difficult to even go straight, which also affected her singing.

It was difficult to sing well before, but now it is difficult. Sister Shishi once "cried for a few hours."But she still worked hard to maintain optimism in 95%, but she couldn’t control her collapse, confusion, and loneliness in 5%.

After being tortured by the illness for more than 30 years, Sister Stone has never given up her dream of being a mother.She wrote a list of wishes at the age of 16, listing the desire she hoped to realize before the age of 30, and ranked first is "being a mother".

She had two relationships with American singer Luke James and actors Chanin Tatum, but endlessly.

As early as 2014, doctors diagnosed with "endometriosis" and 50 % of patients who got this disease infertility.At that time, the doctor suggested that she remove the uterus so that she can alleviate daily pain. Sister Stone refused, and said to the doctor, "I will have children."

In November 2021, Sister Stone revealed to fans that she encountered a miscarriage crit.

In order to prepare for pregnancy, she was nearly 10 pounds, and the previous jeans could not be worn.

She finally became pregnant successfully, but found "fetal stop" during the third checkup. The child had no heartbeat and could only have a miscarriage. Sister Stone fell to the streets and cried. "Losing the child is the worst experience in the world."

The father who unfortunately produced the fetus should be the last boyfriend of the stone sister, Max Engoyen, a British Vietnamese dancer.

In March last year, Sister Stone exposed her new relationship. Her boyfriend was a tall and handsome professional basketball player Chaonan Korman.

Now the fetus in the belly of the stone Shishi should be her love crystallization with Corman.

After surviving so many hurdles, the strong stone sister should be willing to do everything.

Finally, I wish Sister Caval’s healthy and safe production during pregnancy. After being a mother, she returned to the stage.


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