Signal in the early stages of pregnancy?Except that the menstruation does not come, I have to say these signals and congratulations to you

In the past few days, the girlfriend group is very noisy, but there is only someone who is usually very active.Everyone is curious, what did she do?In the evening, she stated silently: I didn’t do anything, but had been running between the sofa and the bathroom.Girlfriends expressed their care: diarrhea?Call you to eat less barbecue, beer or something!Is it okay now?After more than 20 minutes, I responded: I am pregnant!IntersectionIntersectionAlways vomiting!After everyone realized, they expressed their understanding, after all, many people came here!

However, in addition to vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, these small signals are also signs of pregnancy.

1. "Aunt Auntie" Shuang Appointment

Friends, if your aunt does not come as appointment, it may generally exceed 5-7 days, and in the two weeks before, you two have not taken any contraceptive measures … Then, congratulations, you may have been affected by your baby by your baby.The founder Pick, remember to buy an early pregnancy test paper.But it may be just a simple month!through!No!Tune!

2. Sleep and sleep

Many mothers have said that during the period when they were pregnant, they just wanted to be a quiet "sleeping beauty".No matter where you are, you want to sleep, and you don’t know how to be so tired!When I was pregnant, I wanted to fall asleep even during the morning and evening.This time made the fat brother dad dare not let me touch the steering wheel, so I enjoyed the shuttle of the special car.

3. Just want to vomit

When I hate a person extremely, I will feel that I want to be disgusting!However, in the early pregnancy, some people feel that the whole world is fighting with themselves!Because everyone wants to vomit, right?And without spitting on the occasion, vomiting by bus, driving by yourself, eating a meal, and seeing friends who have never seen you have been vomiting for a long time … Hey, friend, I am not intentional, really, I also see you, I can also see you too.I am very happy, but I can’t control the heart that I want to vomit … goodbye!

4. Sensitive to odor

Do you have appreciated the feeling of the smell that was suddenly released by a certain gas in the elevator, is it particularly nauseous?This feeling is also often seen in early pregnancy, and it will be disgusted with certain odors.For example, a friend I hate the smell of shampoo in early pregnancy, but I especially like the taste of the car tail!

5. Either anorexia or greedy

To say how my meat came, it was definitely a solid foundation in the early stages of pregnancy!Except for morning and vomiting, I can basically have nothing to do with each other at other times, and I especially like to eat!When I was not pregnant, I was embarrassed to eat and eat, but it was not possible during pregnancy. It can be said: Oh, this is that the baby wants to eat it, it really is really not that I eat it myself.The baby wants to eat sushi today, wants to eat hot pot tomorrow, and may want to eat various flavors of cakes tomorrow.However, everyone, the fruits of really sweets or high sugar are still under control, after all, I am a victim of gestational diabetes!

6. One lost blood

About 11-12 days after conception, almost when you find that you missed menstruation, there may be a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and you may still feel that "this time the aunt is very small."This small amount of vaginal bleeding is normal. It is said that it is caused by the implanted blood in the uterine endometrium implanted by fertilized eggs. This process generally begins after 6 days of fertilization.

7. The chest "develops" again

Thank you for the assistance of progesterone, so that I enjoyed the sense of superiority of the proud surrounding meter during pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, you will find that your breasts become a bit swollen, just like the reaction before you come to the aunt every time.And the breast becomes very sensitive, and the areola has a trend of turning black. I believe that this point is not only known, the husband is also clear, right?Kekeke, I don’t intend to drive!By the way, just enjoy the "proud upper" at this time. After all, wait for your breast milk for a few months, and you will return to the original shape again, which may not be as good as the prototype!

8. Frequent urine

If your aunt has been cool for several days, and you start to feel that your kidneys have been running to the toilet more and more.So don’t hesitate, hurry upstairs to buy a test strip.And no matter where you go shopping or eat, please find the position of WC in advance.

9. Raise the warmth

Don’t understand errors, not your relationship with your husband heating up, but because your base temperature rises a bit, and it lasts for more than ten days.Don’t doubt, you must be pregnant, not sick.Because his body temperature was always a bit high, he ran to the hospital for a big examination after more than ten days. The doctor silently answered: You are pregnant.

In addition to these nine particularly obvious features, you may have a small change, that is, your stomach has always been a little flatter, just like it has never been digested when you are full!It is inevitable that you can use XXX!However, if you are a person who has been preparing for a long time, when you have this symptom, remember not to think about taking medicine first, but use the test strip that you have prepared before.

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