Should I not be taboo during pregnancy? Are the prospective moms taboo?

Regarding whether it is time to avoid this problem during pregnancy, Baomao is also arguing. The public says that the public is reasonable, and the mother -in -law says that it is reasonable.On the major forums, Baoma was also very enthusiastic. He gave an example in combination with his own situation. The mother who supported the taboo said: Seeing that my baby is healthy now, it is because you are not good at not to get good.The mother of Baoma also said that I eat everything, and the child is not healthy.

Dear officials are also contradictory, and they feel uncomfortable when they are avoided. They are worried about the baby if they are not afraid of the baby.

After looking at the examples of the Moma of the forum, there are two extremes, either there are no taboos, or everything is available.

A Baoma: Bao Ma pays special attention to body control before pregnancy. Drinking milk tea is usually sugar -free and cream. Do not eat Haidilao, do not eat chicken feet of crab meat pots, and multi -calorie foods are specially paid attention to.

After Bao Ma was pregnant, he thought that there was still a baby in the body now, under the banner of thinking for the baby, plus the appetite during pregnancy, not easy to be hungry. The diet of Baoma started to change: eating Haidilao twice a weekYou can eat two bowls of rice. Every night holding a box cake for supper, milk tea is drinking every day, and fried fried fried is also not refused.

Eat every day, there is no taboos, weighing 100 pounds before pregnancy, 140 pounds during production, 5.7 catties of children, and 130 catties of postpartum weight. The biggest achievement after production is dozens of pounds of meat on the body.

Bao Ma B, a typical Cantonese, her husband and in -laws are very nervous. This cannot be eaten. The exaggeration is to eat less.You can’t eat sweet potatoes, let alone hot pot, milk tea, braised meat and other foods.

Bao Ma B is notars, but after the baby is born, one eye cannot be opened. It is all eye feces. The problem of the eye shit for almost 3 months is good, and the eyes will return to normal.Then the in -laws also said that because of eating too much food, she said that Bao Ma was wrong.

Now, there are still a lot of Baoma as the person who came to say that it can not be avoided, and some Baoma said that she should avoid the mouth. After all, there is only one child.Everyone is a different individual, and everyone’s physical fitness is different. Moms do not rely on the experience of others, depending on their bodies or not.

After pregnancy, Baoma is indeed not alone. He still has a baby in his body. The baby’s nutrition is derived from the nutritional intake of pregnant women. It should be taboo. After all, some things really can’t touch the fetus. Don’t report it.

The child’s health is related to the happiness of the family. Some Baoma said in the forum that she was not taboo during pregnancy, drinking, and taking medicine, but the baby was fine.There is indeed such a situation, so there are also Bao Ma reported that they are not afraid.I do n’t know if I ’m not afraid of my own head, so for the sake of the child, it is still necessary to avoid the mouth. What are the experts that the experts say that they must be avoided?

1. Tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy, ingesting a lot of tobacco and alcohol, alcohol and nicotine will cause damage to the nerves of the fetus, and you need to taboo when you are pregnant.He said that he would also take it in in his life.

2. Avoid eating raw foods, such as: sashimi, sashimi, raw eggs, etc. to avoid parasitic infection.

3. Avoid coffee.The influence of caffeine on the fetus should not be underestimated. For some professional prospective mummy, they are accustomed to drinking coffee and long -term intake, which has a great impact on the fetus. I can’t help it during pregnancy. You can drink a few mouthfuls.

It should be taboo during pregnancy, but you ca n’t die. Except for some foods that are easy to cause sliding tires, other foods do not say that they must not be touched. I need to consume enough nutrition during pregnancy. What do I need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Dietary balance, diverse intake, eat less meals.

Taboos are needed during pregnancy, but not to say that nothing can be eaten.It is not necessary to eat, but you ca n’t eat more, diverse intake. Only by ingesting multiple foods can you obtain more nutrition and vitamins.

However, diverse intake does not mean that you can eat the sea. Although there is a baby in the stomach, it takes one more nutrition, but the intake of the fetus is also infinitely intake.For example, Bao Ma A, without controlling, eats the sea of drinking, but it can’t be consumed. The meat grows on her own.

2. Adjust your diet in time according to your physical condition.

The prospective mummy needs to be regularly checked. During the checkup, you need to say whether anemia, whether you lack certain vitamins, whether you have low blood pressure, etc., Baoma can adjust the diet in a timely manner based on the doctor’s checkup report and the advice of the doctor.The intake of protein and calcium to ensure the nutrition of the fetus in time.

3. Give pregnant women who love to eat pregnant women without having to die.

Food is not a medicine, there is no irreplaceable, and some Baoma appetite during pregnancy. If you ca n’t even eat what you like, your baby’s nutrition will not keep up.You can also eat two more, so you don’t have to die.

In addition to having a taboo during pregnancy, you have to eat less meals. In the early pregnancy, the appetite is not good. The stomach is compressed during the third trimester, and the digestive system is very stressful. Only eating less meals can be better absorbed.

Should you not have a notiftity during pregnancy, don’t go extreme.Pregnancy needs to be taboo, just science is just good.If you want to eat, you can eat what you want. If you control and control the amount, remember that the amount will cause qualitative changes, so if you want to eat it, the couple of the small taste is not unmatched.

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