Short stories: Cui Cui’s pregnancy

After Cui Cui was pregnant, he vomited like a few days after turning over the sea, and he quickly returned to normal.She was able to eat, drink, sleep, and saw that she had meat on her body, her small face was translucent and bright.

Zhang Linyue watched the daughter -in -law, the more he loved it, and he was afraid of falling in his hand, and he was afraid of it in his mouth.He returned from get off work every day and was not empty: at least go to the supermarket to buy a bag of spicy snacks. Most of them have to have a spicy dried pot in the hotel, or order a spicy duck piece at a cooked food restaurant, or cut a box of spicy grilled pork belly at the barbecue stall.Zhang Lin was afraid that his daughter -in -law was missing "spicy", and he looked forward to giving birth to a beautiful daughter like Cuicui.

Since Zhang Lin’s mother has accused Cui Cui love spicy food, she will no longer open her mouth and "big grandson", and she can’t help but speak in front of her neighbors.Essence

One day, Zhang Lin’s mother announced on the dining table.Dad Zhang Lin said, "What are you separated! But to eat separately." Zhang Lin’s mother turned to look at Cui Cui and said, "Cui, your dad is right. You will do everything, what you love to eat in the future." CuiCui was expected to have this day, so he said, "Mom, I do more meals with Dad." "No need now, we are still young." Zhang Lin said.

In this matter, Zhang Lin was happy, and finally he didn’t have to worry about his mother’s alarm that rang his mother -in -law’s war in a certain day.To be honest, Cuicui’s heart was also relaxed. Since eating the fat chicken and fat duck made by her mother -in -law every day, watching the elderly can’t bear it.Don’t eat it, you’re afraid of thinking more about your mother -in -law; eat it, but you don’t fit your own taste.Eat it separately, so that the elderly will rest.She and Zhang Lin should also plan for the future.

Although they are eaten separately, the two old two houses are in a courtyard.Zhang Lin’s father is a person who can endure hardships. He was a lot of land every year, and he raised cattle again. He was not idle a year.He is the rake of money.Zhang Lin’s mother is working cleanly, and her mouth is not spare -people. She will get sewing needles and will make bean sprouts. When she is young, farmers will make pants for clothing stores, give the big bean sprouts, make tofu, live a life and save them.If you are careful, she is the box of loading money.As soon as Zhang Lin went to junior high school, the couple built three new houses on the west side of the courtyard.At that time, I thought of the old and young people to take care of each other.Now that the daughter -in -law marries into the door, the spoon does not touch the pot, Zhang Lin’s mother regrets that the two houses were built in the early years.Live in a courtyard, regardless of their little couple, watch the son buy the ready -made food every day, and feel the salary of the son’s distress; regard the little couple, watch the Cui Cui pink white face, the old saying that the girl is dressed as dressing upMom, she must be a girl, and think about it.At first, he did not let his son and Cui Cui. First, his son had a job. Cui Cui did not work, and the two were not ordinary.Then Cui Cui can scratch money, but this girl is either a chili, or selling pepper dumplings, and she loves to eat peppers. She doesn’t like to have a girl.Alas, if the house was built two times in the first place, the home was separated from each other.Zhang Linma wanted to get more annoying, and he couldn’t come to his son’s side.Outside of her family, she had less words and her words were low.

After the young couple opened their own, Cui Cui often returned to her mother’s house.From the door, it is the mother’s family to lift the legs.Cui Cui didn’t cook anymore. In the morning, Zhang Lin took students to train, the school canteen tube meal, Cui Cui returned to her mother’s house in the morning, staying in the morning at her mother’s house.Cui Cui Mom saw a girl who loved a girl at noon. She was spicy, spicy, spicy, hot and sour, in short, Dao Dao could not be separated from pepper.After the meal was ready, Cuicui came back to eat with Zhang Lin.Zhang Lin is also spicy and unhappy, and the little couple’s lunch is very moisturized.After getting off work at night, Zhang Lin changed his look at home. He bought Cui Cui’s spicy taste. Cui Cui loved to eat.

More than half a month passed, and Cuicui’s belly hadn’t seen it. Zhang Lin’s belly was a little bulging, which was a taboo for sports teachers.Every spring and summer, a primary and secondary school student sports meeting is held in the city. Every morning, Zhang Lin led the student’s long -distance running. In order to reduce his stomach, he tied a sandbag on his calf to run loading.Running and running, Zhang Lin showed a bitter smile.The salary of 4,000 yuan a month is spent one less, and the money box is bottomed out at the end of the month.

In a blink of an eye, Cui Cui was pregnant for three months, and her lower abdomen was slightly raised. She was wearing a loose sweater. She didn’t know that Cui Cui had just become plump.Light rain that morning, Zhang Lin informed the students to rest for one morning.He said to Cui Cui: "I buy you a fritter tofu brain?" Cui Cui thought about it, shook his head and said, "How comfortable do we eat ourselves." Zhang Lin busy asked Cuicui what he wanted to eat.Cui Cui said: "Lie two poached eggs, cut some lean shreds and stir -fry the noodles, throw a few spinach inside. Then adjust the chili oil, and eat it well." Zhang Lin said, "This is simple."

Zhang Lin went to the garden to pull spinach, and Zhang Linma also pulled spinach in the garden.Zhang Lin’s mother asked his son: "What is good to eat?" Zhang Lin said: "Cui Cui wants to eat noodles, and some spinach." Zhang Lin’s mother said, "Go to your mother -in -law’s house to eat more." Zhang LinxuanAfter saying, "Cui Cui returned to her mother’s house and wanted to eat spicy."Zhang Lin didn’t say a word, and after pulling the spinach into his house.

Zhang Lin entered the house, Cui Cui had been lying on the poached eggs and cut the lean shredded.Zhang Lin asked Cui Cui to enter the bedroom and sleep for a while. Cui Cui said, "I don’t have that golden and expensive, and I won’t delay anything." After that, she fried lean shredded shredded pork and add soup.Zhang Lin was busy cleaning the spinach, and he was afraid that the water was cold and Cuicu’s hand.

When eating noodles, Cui Cui said, "As soon as the spinach is gained, we should plant chili." "Let’s plant pepper next year." Zhang Lin said."No, the people on the collection are waiting for our chili dumplings." Cuicui said seriously."But you are a pregnant woman …" I didn’t wait for Zhang Lin to say Cui Cui said, "I have been in the first three months, what should I do. Besides, this family cannot refer to your salary."

"I don’t agree with you to plant peppers this year, let alone let you have a stomach. My salary is not high, but I can support your mother." Zhang Linyue said the hotter.

"Brother, the peppers have a stubble one year, and I do n’t plant chili for a year. This year I have a heart in my heart. Your job is to teach sports, and my job is to plant peppers." Cui Cui said emotionally, blushing fluttering, blushing flutteringIn the eyes, the eyes are bright.

Zhang Lin compromised, but said, "Planting is planted, you can’t go to the stall." Cui Cui laughed and said, "If the pepper is harvested, it will make more dumplings to make a lot of money. Isn’t it good to make milk powder for our baby?"No! The villagers jokes to make my wife make money with pregnancy." Zhang Lin was angry again.

"Spicy sister dumplings are your name, you should support me." Cui Cui said tepidly."Let’s spread it next year, so Cui Cui!" Zhang Lin murmured on Cuicui’s waist.

"Last year, you helped me to rest. You still help me this year!" Cui Cui smiled. Zhang Lin also remembered that before getting married, in order to capture Cui Cui’s heart, he concealed his mother every morning and went to spread it.EssenceHe covered the mask with sunglasses, and was mysterious for two months. Now he thinks about it.Suddenly he thought about it, what do you love Cui Cui?Isn’t it her temper?If you want to do, you must do it, and you are not afraid of suffering.Besides, if Cui Cui does not do what she loves, she is unhappy.She is unhappy, how can she be conducive to the development of the fetus?Thinking of this, Zhang Lin said, "Okay, I am still your waiter."

"However, you have to promise me one thing." Zhang Lin’s face sank."What?" Cui Cui asked."I’m not at home in the morning, don’t go back to my mother’s meal." Zhang Lin said."I am back to my maid’s house, and then eat, what is this!" Cui Cui said.Zhang Lin’s statue was a big deal, saying, "What else did you hide me?" "I concealed, I will know it later." Cui Cui smiled happily.

As soon as the spinach gathered, Cui Cui moved out of the house at the pepper seedlings on the window sill.Cui Cui first planted peppers in her mother’s home. Cuicui dad placed a pit. Cui Cui bent over and put the pepper seedlings in.When the neighbors saw it, asked: Cui Cui, I still planted peppers when I was pregnant? "Cui Cui smiled and said nothing.Zhang Linma knew Cui Cui planting peppers and called Zhang Lin to ask.Zhang Lin said: "I let Cui Cui plant pepper, your granddaughter has to drink milk powder." Zhang Lin’s mother was so angry.

Cui Cui finished planting her family, and planted her own garden.Zhang Lin got up early, and Cuicui’s parents came to help during the day.Zhang Lin’s father also went to help, or Cui Cui put the seedlings in the pit, bent down and pulled up his waist.Zhang Lin’s mother was angry and couldn’t stay in the room.She came to the garden and said, "Cui, don’t flash her waist and hurt my granddaughter." Cui Cui saw her mother -in -law and said with a smile, "Mom, it’s okay.": "You can go to the rest of the time, I put on the seedlings." Cui Cui said: "The doctor of delivery said that my fetal position was not right and bent over the fetal position."Zhang Lin’s mother was stunned, her daughter -in -law was not right, and her mother -in -law didn’t know.Her face had a fever, and Miao in her hand was taken back by Cui Cui.For a long while, she said, "I cook, I am eating here."

Cui Cui planted both gardens into peppers, and she was busy in the garden all day long.Zhang Lin dad helped the seedlings and weeds. Cuicui’s parents helped water and put on dung. Zhang Lin was also busy with him.Zhang Linma has even said even less recently. She talks to her husband, and her wife is so busy with "uh" to deal with him.She talked to Zhang Lin, and felt that her son only had a daughter -in -law in her eyes, especially her daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law, and she always felt that her son had the birth of herself.She wanted to talk to Cui Cui, but some couldn’t speak.At this time, I didn’t make a delicious meal for my daughter -in -law. The daughter -in -law came in and had a smile in the past.The daughter -in -law is much stronger than her son. She has no daughter, so she is the same.

Zhang Lin’s mother regretted it.At noon that day, she killed a hen, cut a few pounds of meat, made a few dishes, and left Cuicui’s parents to eat together.Cui Cui was honest, and the principal of the family was Cui Cui.Listening to Zhang Lin’s mother for dinner, Cuicui’s father had no wind on his face, and his eyes looked at Cui Cui.Cui Cui Mom was full of spring breeze and said, "Okay, I wanted to try the skills of my relatives." Cui Cui said to her mother with a smile: "Mom, my mother -in -law can cook fragrant." Zhang Lin said, "What is fragrant?Well, we should make a good meal when we live. "Zhang Lin’s mother stared at her wife, and Zhang Lin dad didn’t look at her.Cui Cui said with her mother -in -law’s arm, "Mom, I can help you cook." "Okay, okay." Zhang Lin’s mother said in a hurry.

Since then, the two work in one place and often eat in one place.However, sometimes Cui Cui Mom made a good meal and called Zhang Lin and the young couple to eat together.At the beginning, Zhang Lin’s mother didn’t want to go.She still remembered that when Cui Cui and Zhang Lin dad had a period of time when she was young, she committed her response, and thought that the man went to the woman’s house to eat soft meals.

Cui Cui said: "Don’t come just don’t want us to eat at your house. We will not eat your meal in the future." Zhang Lin’s mother had to go to eat a meal.Cui Dad also had more words. The two pro -family father had a "granddaughter" and "granddaughter" as soon as they drank.Zhang Lin’s mother is not eager, just go, the family fell over there, and what else he was twisted.

Summer is here, and a layer of white flowers are bloomed under the chili leaves, like green leaves and falling rice flowers.The flowers were falling, and the small peppers were covered with long green lanterns.Cui Cui and Zhang Lin said, "This year, the pepper is harvested again, and I have to sell chili dumplings." "Can you do it?" Zhang Lin looked at his daughter -in -law’s raised belly."Our daughter is full, and I am not uncomfortable. Selling dumplings sells the price of peppers, and we can save a sum of money." Zhang Lin said: "Then sell it for a month or two,Let our parents help. "Cui Cui said:" I have a stall, they can be busy at home. "

Cui Cui stood up with the hot sister dumpling stall again.The dumpling stalls are not large, a large umbrella, a plastic stool, a fighting electric car, a pot of water burning on a gas stove, a box of plates on a chopping board, a bottle of soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil.Dip the juice yourself.Cui Cui is busy but not messy, skin, stuffing, and garlic sauce are ready at home.The current package is sold, ten bags are ten, and twenty bags and twenty are.After five o’clock, Zhang Lin came to help and took the stall at six o’clock.The business of the dumpling stall was very popular. The villagers said that Cui Cui was really capable. Zhang Linma was satisfied this time.

Cuicui’s body was even more stupid, and the peppers were more knotted. Zhang Lin’s father drove the electric car to collect Cui Cui every morning, and the electric vehicles driven by Cui Cui were all peppers.The two pro -family gang Cui Cui went up and went to the vegetable farm to wholesale peppers.The two relatives of the family chopped their stuffing, noodles, and leather. They said and laughed.

The pepper is too high, and the chili dumplings and fresh peppers sold for two months, and a red pepper on the eaves.Zhang Lin’s mother wore red socks and pepper every day, and put on the eaves after wearing a string. The red is so beautiful.At this time, she turned her head and saw Cui Cui picking red peppers in the peppers.Zhang Lin’s eyes were hot and tears came out.What a good daughter -in -law who lives and lives, but what I do.She was thinking about waiting for Cui Cui to confine, but she had to compensate her.

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