She was pregnant inexplicably after drinking, and she lost her ability to give birth again for this mistake.

Female teachers who have not married, inexplicably pregnant.

Big S cannot accept itself, people in the entire office are unacceptable, and the whole society cannot accept it.

The more critical point in it is: Big S is the party, and she does not know who this child is.

Yes, Big S did not go to bed with any man.Although Vice President Zhong wanted to approach himself several times and hug himself, he was relentlessly rejected.

Big S’s pair of table Xiaoli looked at her soul upside down, a little unable to breathe.Pulling the big S’s hand and walking towards the bathroom.

There is a long distance from the corridor to the bathroom.Xiaoli closer to Da S’s ears.

"Honestly, is the child Vice President Zhong?"

"I’m thinking too!"

"Ah? Have you ever went to bed with men?"

"Oh, sister, see what you said, I don’t mean that."

"What do you mean? I don’t understand!"

"To tell you the truth, you are my sister, I won’t lie to you. I really didn’t go to bed with anyone!"

"This is strange!"


"It’s just what, let’s say, I’ll help you analyze."

"That’s it: I drank too much that night, and when I woke up in the morning, I lay on the bed of Vice President Zhong’s office. And the clothes were taken off, and I felt weird."

"Needless to say, this matter was done by Vice President Zhong. Go, I lead you to find him."

"Don’t first, this is not sure. Vice President Zhong is a good person. Without my consent, he will not do this!"

"You are so simple in the world, treat anyone as a good person."

Xiaoli was said by Da S’s words. She left her alone in the corridor and left alone.

Big S thought of that night.Five people from the permanent school, plus President Zhong and Xiao S of the information technology director.Seven people are only small S, and he never drinks, he never drinks, on any occasion.It is said that it is allergic to the whole body as soon as I drink.The remaining six people let go and drink.During the period, Vice President Zhong held the glass and looked at Big S.

"Best wine, drink well tonight, don’t get drunk or not! Come on, I’ll accompany you!"

Big S can not quit, one cup after another, gradually alcohol and lost consciousness.How to go to the office of Vice President Zhong, how to lie on the bed of Vice President Zhong, why he was reluctant, he didn’t know.

Perhaps, it is really the principal of Zhong Zhong?If it is really the case, Da S really doesn’t want to ask anymore.Because President Zhong helped himself on many occasions and took care of himself.I have been rated as the excellent annual excellence for three consecutive years, and they are all related to the strong recommendation of Vice President Zhong.Vice President Zhong treats himself, like his elder brother.

In the case of being drunk, you can forgive an exceptional behavior, let alone who can guarantee that he is not actively voting.

Big S wanted to understand, and he didn’t want to investigate this matter.The key to the problem is that the child is now three months old.Children must be killed.There is still a long way to go in the future, and you have to set up his own family. Besides, this child is caused by the behavior of the aftermath. It is difficult to protect your child health.More importantly, if this matter is known by his boyfriend, his life will be destroyed.

Yes, the child must be killed.Big S was determined.

In order to reduce the impact, Da S secretly went to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital alone, but the doctor told his family to accompany him.No way, Da S called Xiaoli and asked her to come over.

Xiaoli heard the news, and said that she fully supported the practice of Big S.

Doctors are preparing to perform induction of labor for Big S, but another problem comes.Because large S has basic diseases and is not suitable for induction surgery, if forced, there will be life -threatening.

Big S spent every day in contradictions, but the children in the belly grew up day by day.She couldn’t drag it anymore, he was going to leave here to go where no one knew herself.More importantly, he wants to avoid her boyfriend, because her boyfriend said that she would come to see her after a few days.Once the boyfriend comes, everything can’t be concealed, and the second half of his life is over.Besides, I now feel sorry for my boyfriend, and I have no face to see him.

Big S went to the cousin’s house in the country.The cousin received a warm reception and said that she had to raise her fetus with her heart.But my cousin was very disgusted with this matter.One is that he thinks that this cousin is not a good thing. I do n’t know who the child is before the marriage. I do n’t know who the child is. You say how messy this person is.The second is that the burden of the family is already heavy, and this mouth is out of thin air. In the future, there will be children, and the burden will further increase.Therefore, the cousin often knocked on the side, saying some ugly words to the big S.

After so many days, Big S has accepted the child’s existence.She hoped that he was born early.Bring passion to your monotonous life.She even thought about it, and she would not become a home.I will depend on this child and live for the rest of my life.

On this night, Big S felt pain in the lower abdomen, so he greeted his cousin. The cousin looked at the situation and said that it was about to give birth.Sister cousin hurriedly took a big S to the hospital.

After checking, the doctor told the cousin who waited at the door of the operating room: "The child is difficult to give birth. If you keep the adult, the child is gone. If you want this child, adults have to remove the uterus. What do you see?"

The cousin said after a fierce ideological struggle: "Children!" This is consistent with the idea of Da S.

Sister cousin believed that the child was innocent. She came to her mother and had a relationship with her mother.Children must be born.

The child was born on Ping An, but the uterus of Da S was gone.She has lost the ability to give birth.Therefore, Big S is particularly kind to this newly born little girl.Yes, this is your future dependence, this is the most dazzling pride in your life.Raising her and letting her run everywhere with her appearance, her blood flowed in her body. This is a kind of pride and pride.Although this child was born in sin, the child was innocent.Besides, she is the first child in her life and the last child. She has no reason to ignore her. I ignore her just neglecting herself and practicing herself.In this regard, big S wants to understand more than anyone.

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