She is getting ugly here after pregnancy, but others say that it is a sign of a boy with a boy

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Xiaomi has not loved the mirror since she was pregnant, because she couldn’t accept the image in the mirror, the skin was dry and waxy, and it was needless to say.But I was particularly happy. It was said that becoming ugly after pregnancy will have a boy, because the female girl is ugly mother. In addition to her mother -in -law, many people also say to Xiaomi. This can make the ugly Xiaomi heart a lot of comfort.But Xiaomi’s husband made up his knife and made Xiaomi angry: Don’t listen to them all day long, obviously ugly and find various reasons to comfort himself.

In fact, this statement has always been circulating in the folk: the female beauty mother is ugly, if she becomes beautiful after pregnancy, the daughter may be pregnant. If it becomes ugly after pregnancy, it may be the son. Of course, this is not scientific.

After pregnancy, the skin in the body will have a little effect. If some hormones can make the skin of the pregnant mother look smooth and greasy, the hormone level can cause the pigment to precipitate and form stains. GenerallyIn terms of the level of hormones in the body, the whole person will look a bit ugly, and the level of hormone levels in the body is really not necessarily connected with the gender of the fetus. Of course, the beauty and ugliness during pregnancy also depends on whether the pregnant mothers pay attention to their personal image.

How to keep ugly after pregnancy

Appropriate diet

Some pregnant mothers have a good skin after pregnancy. Although they have hormonal effects, their diet is also indispensable. A reasonable meal can be rejuvenated when they need nutrition.

Adjust the mood

As the saying goes, the face is born, and a person’s mentality has a certain effect on his own face. Try to maintain a happy and relaxed mentality during pregnancy.


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