She has given birth to five children at the age of 36. She is now pregnant because the couple don’t know contraceptives.

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A person’s life is divided into several stages, and different things will be done in different stages, such as learning knowledge during student days; at work, seize the opportunity of promotion; after marriage, you will definitely give birth to yourself.Children and so on.However, having a child is also a science. Many couples do not understand contraceptive knowledge, and they will frequently "win the prize". In the end, the wife is still injured. When asked the reason, many people may not think of it.

Xiao Lan was eating at the dinner table, and a crying shouted in the toilet made her put down the bowl in her hand.Walking from the kitchen to the living room, the four treasures and three treasures at home are crawling around in the living room.She came to the toilet and saw Dabao pressing Erbao’s head into the water. Before she had time to shout, she heard her husband’s shout in the living room.

When she rushed out, her husband hugged the naughty Sanbao far away, and the corners of the five treasures and Sibao left the debris in the hand of Sanbao.At this time, Dabao, full of wet, and Erbao. Looking at the funny younger brothers, they made a heartless laughter.Xiao Lan glanced at each other with her husband, and the sigh full of heart.

On this day, Xiao Lan finally brought the four children at home to the house, and then took the time to bring the five treasures to a friend meeting.Xiao Lan sat down with Wubao. She looked at the exquisite girlfriend and was at a loss.

The girlfriend sitting next to her, seeing Xiao Lan, 36, got up again, and finally couldn’t help complaining: "If your husband is not able to raise it, don’t take this porcelain!" Xiao Lan sighed with a sigh of reliefHe smiled bitterly: "He didn’t want to give birth." Girlfriend shook coffee and asked, "Why don’t you know contraceptives?"

Xiao Lan, who heard here, asked in surprise: "Can you still be contraceptive? My husband doesn’t understand this, I don’t even understand it!"

In fact, Xiao Lan and her husband are intellectuals who have received higher education, but they have been immersed in trivial life and the ocean of learning, so they are still ignorant about the life of husband and wife.

It is not difficult to find that there are still many couples similar to Xiao Lan in life from Xiaolan and her husband to the public. The reason is because their parents did not deal with these two problems.

1. Parents have a wrong definition of husband and wife life.

Most parents are worried that their children are involved in adults prematurely. Because their minds have not been fully comprehensive, they are likely to be seduced by the outside world.In fact, everything has its meaning in the world.The life of husband and wife is not a flood beast, but the "lubricant" of husband and wife feelings; more, there is no "crystallization of love" without the life of husband and wife.

But parents did not realize this. Instead, they thought that during their children’s reading, they should let their children learn without any disturbances for them.Parents naively thought that separating children from husband and wife can make them grow happily. It is unknown that the definition of this error will also affect the child’s view of husband and wife life.

2. No "class" for children.

When the child was born, whether it was ideological or cognitive, it was a piece of white paper.Parents have absolute rights to teach their children everything they know, and it is necessary to appropriately live a small knowledge for children’s popular science couples.If parents can’t find the right time, in fact, when girls come to the first menstrual tide, they can already be science with the daughter, and my father can find the time to tell his son clearly.

Some parents have always been passive in their children’s education.Some parents even think that their children will know these things in a certain period of time.In fact, parents’ ideas are also reasonable, because teachers in the school’s physiological class will be popular for their children.As everyone knows, the teacher’s knowledge is not as comprehensive as the parents. Some teachers will sweep through in order to avoid growing crooked wind and evil. The child still does not know about this aspect.

In fact, it is not clear to the children. Children will be curious about the life of the husband and wife. In the long run, the children will have these problems.

1. Extreme attitude.

If the child’s parents have a wrong definition of the life of the husband and wife, their children are likely to follow the parents’ thoughts, and they believe that the life of the husband and wife is a flood beast. If they touch, they will affect their studies and future life.

Other children will have a huge curiosity because of their parents’ cover of the husband and wife’s life. Some children may want to sneak a forbidden fruit at the time of minor. However, this is not right.

2. It is easy to be injured.

There are some girls in college, and they always have a love that belongs to themselves, but under the impulse of feelings, their brains have lost their minds, so it is common for college students to eat forbidden fruit during college.

However, girls must need contraception when doing "exercise". In fact, many girls usually do not pay much attention to please her boyfriend. It is too late to wait until pregnancy.If parents have popular science knowledge during their children’s adolescence, maybe their children will not be so passive.

3. I do n’t know if I ask.

Parents have been covered in all aspects of the life of children and husband and wife, so in this case, it is like Xiaolan and her husband only know academics, and do not know that there are other things other than academics.Naturally, they don’t know how to contracence. Even if the child is pregnant, it is already worth celebrating, but in fact, the parents’ practice is too absolute, which is not conducive to the growth of the child.

It is not easy for children to grow up healthy. Parents need to cut thorns for their children and help them create a good future on the road of growth.There is confidence.

Topic today: Do you know how to contraception?

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