Share from the test tube mother: Although the process is bitter, I firmly believe that the ending is beautiful, everything is worth it

I got married with my lover "Wang Fat" in 19 years. The family is harmonious, the two people have a stable career, and the family also urged the baby.I can’t stand the ridicule of relatives. Human thoughts are very strange. Regardless of the reason for having children, whether the reason is that men or women will blame women. Those unpleasant vomiting stars are enough to make people psychologically depressed.In fact, both have done physical examinations before the marriage. Wang Fat’s uric acid is a bit super, and it will not affect pregnancy. Try to control the big fish and meat and eat less. Later, if you do n’t have any sorrow for about two years, you will not be slow or not.After checking it once, I checked a uterine fibroids. Fortunately, the doctor said that the fibroids are benign. The location is on the back wall of the uterus without compression to the uterus and does not affect pregnancy. The size is 19 × 16.9mm.The president’s uterine fibroids or breast nodules, recall that I have been in harmony with my parents every day since they marry Wang Fat. I often say cold jokes to tease my parents.Those who have experienced bad things, freeze three feet in a day’s cold, and the disease is not always up, but I didn’t pay attention before.Therefore, it is recommended that female compatriots present, be better to herself, take a unhappy video to relax and watch, otherwise the last sin is still the medicine, the medicine is herself, the knife is opened, and the knife is regretted.laugh.Thinking that I am not young, since I want a child, I will be born early, and they can restore their bodies. The doctor said that she can do not do the surgery of resection fibroids. Since they want a child, they can be pregnant as soon as possible.You can ask your doctor to remove the fibroids by the way. You do n’t have to drive a knife for the fibroids. It takes one and a half years to restore the body for a year and a half, and the process will hurt the body.

On April 2, 2021, I went to the reproductive center of the city center hospital for the reproductive center of the city center hospital on April 2, 2021. After the successful archives, the doctor issued a lotThere are many projects, and the blood tests have been pumped in more than a dozen controls, and there are various electrocardiogram, breast, gynecological examination.

All inspection items cost more than 20,000 yuan

The most scared thing after me is to do "fallopian tube angiography" inspection. It is to interpolate the intubation without anesthesia, let the water swell, and then walk to the CT machine to lie down and wait for the film.As a result, the nurse asked Wang Fat to come in the CT room. At that time, I was so painful that I couldn’t ignore what Wang Fat came in. I only saw the nurse let him walk next to me.When I was in the uterus, listened to the doctor’s remote command pushing in the shadow water. Every time he pushed it hard, I started to be dizzy, and I heard my heartbeat, and it was very loud.I suspected that I was going to faint, and the doctor said that there was a half -supported syringe (the bigger the needle tube, the more difficult it was pushed), and said: Yes, help your wife go out and sit outside and wait for the results.I was relieved at the time, and the only consciousness helped Wang Fat and wanted to escape from here.

Sitting in a bench, I couldn’t even sit straight. I lay directly in Wang Fat’s arms and said: I don’t want to do this test for the second time in my life.After lying for nearly 10 minutes, I still had abdominal pain and vomiting, and it was only half an hour to soothe. As a result, the doctor said that the fallopian tubes on both sides were unobstructed and normal!I thought: That’s right.I went home with a tired body and didn’t dare to tell my parents what I had just experienced. I was fine when I entered the door. I slipped into the room Ge You and lay down. This is probably the expression of an adult.

After completing all the examinations, the doctor said that the next morning after menstruation came to take a blood draw on the blood.

My menstruation is reported on time every month. I get up at high speed at 6 o’clock in the morning, and try to get the blood from the number before 7:30, because the result of the blood test is the fastest and 2 hours.Therefore, it is often consumed that one morning has passed. Take a few takeaways for lunch and rush back to work at a high speed.

The doctor I watched is the famous "Send Zi Zi Guanyin" here. She said: The woman has a nodule of uterine fibroids, and the position of growth does not affect fertility, so they have passed.Stay up late this month to drink frozen drinks, especially in the ice American style. It is recommended to quit bad habits and review it again.Wang Fat listened to the doctor’s words and went to bed early. After a review, the result was a bit better. Later, he reviewed the third time, and finally it was normal.It turns out that staying up late and frozen drink really hurt the body.

The report of the breast nodule should be reviewed regularly

I am still worried about the nodules. It is three types of malignant, but it is relatively small. Temporarily conduct a review for 3 months or half a year.That day, I repeatedly told myself countless times: happy every day, the mood is the most important and the body is the most important!Intersection

Because my husband ran back and forth a few times to review the hospital in order to adjust his body, it took another month. The menstruation in May will take blood and shine over the next day, and the follicles are normal.Be sure to try artificial conception (the woman’s ovulation day, and implant the man’s high-quality sperm into the uterus). The success rate is only 12-15%as naturally in the same room.(Take out the follicles and sperm and artificially combine the laboratory into embryos, and plant it into the uterus, the success rate is 65-70%). Although the power of artificial pregnancy is low, it is also necessary to follow national regulations and start a trip to 3 days a day once a trip once a trip once a day once a trip once a trip once a day.The hospital follows the follicles. About 14 days, the doctor monitored that I had two mature follicles excreted (normally speaking, the girl had only one mature follicles a month), so the doctor said that my success rate increased, and the size was 2.0 × 1.8, which belonged to it belonging toHigh -quality follicles, I am very happy.

The doctor immediately arranged for implantation surgery the next day. There were quite a lot of girls surgery that day, washing -medicine -injections -implantation, what I asked for me to do like a duck, I remember 3 rooms 3Girls go in at the same time and lie down at the same time without anesthesia. The implantation process is about 10 minutes. Just tolerate it. Compared with the fallopian tubal angiography, this is a small pain, and I can hold back the pain.After planting in the bed, I took a rest for 30 minutes, so I changed my own clothes to leave the operating room. Because I did n’t understand it for the first time, I walked slowly after I came out.That nervous look is actually very funny.[laughing out loud]

Two weeks later, I went to the hospital early to spend blood and wait for the lottery. My parents also accompanied us. The family was full of expectations. There was nothing to get out of the result. My parents and Wang Fat comforted me.The second time is.

Ask the doctor for the reason that the doctor said it was normal because it was the probability of 12-15%. Don’t care too much, just make persistent efforts.Wait for the next month to get a blood -drawing diagnosis in the next month, clean up the mood, and prepare for the second time.

At the end of June, menstruation came on time. As before, two days before running at high speeds to go to the hospital to monitor follicles. About July and mid -July, monitoring only one mature follicles was discharged, which was also high -quality follicles and high quality of the endometrium. The next day arranged surgery.The same process of the same process has gone through again. I look forward to the reward at the end of July. Parents said that their support was also accompanied by the whole process.

At the end of July, the same thing, the third artificial conception surgery. When the award at the end of August, I asked my parents not to accompany me. If you have the fat, I am afraid that they are full of expectations and loss.Parents should bear things together, just feel the experience of their own experience.

My decision is wise. There is no winning awards. Although I do n’t understand the reason, the doctor said that there is no reason, but it is inevitable that I will lose more or less unhappy.Wang Fat saw that we could only comfort and encourage each other.

These three artificial conception surgery insisted for nearly half a year, and I have spent the savings that I have worked before my marriage. After my marriage, my economy and Wang Fat’s economy are basically independent, because he also has his pressure.Provident fund loan, commercial loan, no cigarette or alcohol also deducted his salary, and I never asked him for pocket money living expenses.Increase the burden, take care of our diet and living at the same time to help us secretly help us. I am lucky to have this parent. I owe them too much. Instead, I have increased burden on my parents.

With the encouragement of understanding and distressed and distressed myself, and the encouragement of the understanding of the understanding of the understanding, in order to allow me to give up without the suffering of life before being tortured by the medicine and injections of the medicine.

After three artificial conceptions, the cost is about 5,000 yuan per time -about 5500 yuan, and the three -time car fee for the fare for meal cost is not counted.In September, I tried to take the IVF. IVF extracts the egg sperm directly and screened out high -quality egg sperm. In the laboratory, a blastocyst was combined.Frozen the tire of the sac and wait for the mother’s endometrium to be transplanted into the uterus. After transplantation, just wait for the cyst tire to root at the endometrium, and the fetal heart buds are successful.After experiencing the loss of artificial pregnancy, I still look forward to this test tube. After all, the success rate is much higher.

The test tube process is responsible. This time, the same day’s blood drawing blood and detection of follicles the next day. The next day when menstruation came, there are already countless small follicles on both sides of the fallopian tube., The largest 10 × 9 (more than 1.8 or more is qualified, 2.2 is best).The doctor said that a mature woman will have many small follicles every month, but only one or two mature excretion will be discharged every month, and the others can only be metabolized in the body.This time, it will be prescribed with acupuncture+pilling medicine, which will mature all the small follicles in your body. All of the egg retrieval surgery will be removed. The more you get, the higher the chance of developing a sac.There are domestic needles and imported needles, the price is half the price difference. Ask me what kind of choice, I do n’t understand. Listening to the doctor’s suggestion that the imported needle is relatively stable. I want to hit myself.I heard that the imported doctors have a commission. In fact, the domestic needles are the same as stable.Continue to monitor the growth of follicles in the hospital at the same time, and take medicine at home every day.The imported needle is the brand of Guonan, the needle is very thin, and the needle water is already needed. The lid is opened and the dosage is opened. The two fingers of the two fingers under the navel eyes are disinfected.I want to say it is really scared. In fact, the pain is very small, that is, psychological barriers can not get my hands, I meditate a few times: you can!Don’t be afraid!Then he hit his first needle.I didn’t expect that I was so ruthless to myself, I wanted to cry, and I didn’t know where the grievances came. I said to Wang Fat at the time: You have to be very good to me in the future, cherish me, and start watching tomorrow.I have an injection, I don’t expect you to feel the same, I just hope you can know how easy I am.Wang Fat can be regarded as a highly intellectual. Although the straight man is one, he is quite physically posing. He said that as long as you have time, every time will accompany me as much as possible. I have always been his most important position.Cherish me.I do n’t know if a man can be convinced, just listen to it temporarily, at least it is much more comfortable.

Promote import needle: Guonan, about 1,600 yuan a needle

In the process of promoting the process, I used 4 Guonafen (1600 yuan × 4), and took a total of 1,000 medicine at the same time, blood drawing (260 yuan × 4 times), and conventional monitoring of follicle photos over 70 yuan × 4 times around 4 times.Let ’s finally monitor all small follicles mature. The egg retrieval surgery is arranged the next day. After listening to others, it is very hard after the egg retrieval, and still chooses to go forward.

Precautions before egg retrieval

Before entering the operating room, I changed the nurses and other nurses to get anesthetic. The first time I took a semi -medicine for surgery in my life. I told you that I am not afraid of it.Well, the needle was not pulled up, and I got a bag of needle water after lying on the bed. I didn’t know what continued to hang. I lay on the bed with my eyes and looked at the ceiling light.It is really the same as the feeling in the TV series. I thought to myself: Did n’t I anesthes anesthesia just now? Why is it so awake? I wo n’t be anti -anesthesia [cover your face].I entered the operating room and listened to the doctor and nurses while sorting the tools. I asked me what the name was, and answered it right, letting me close my eyes, but I didn’t expect that I really fell asleep consciously.I don’t know the egg retrieval process later.After waking up, I was already in the bed in the rest area, and I was still holding a bit of my hand. The nurse called Wang Fat and said, "Your wife wakes up, and you see if she finish the drip.I thought that Wang Fat was next to it. I was still sleepy. I continued to fall asleep. I woke up again because of the nurse’s shouting: Where did XXX’s husband go!Why don’t you call someone after the blood is finished?Intersection(Wang Fat, your wife) Fortunately, the nurse found out early. When I saw my bag was next to the bed, I got up and touched Wang Fat himself. He said he saw a lot of needle water and ran to get medicine.Many people delay.Girls, men can’t help it. It is better to rely on people to rely on themselves. I pressed my hands and got up and wore shoes for everything. Don’t seem very simple.It is still long, the abdomen is faint and painful, and the walking is not very stable. The nurse said that some girls were unable to stand stood after getting eggs.Xiao Xiao scolded him a few words to make him realize the mistake.Fortunately, the doctor said that this time the egg retrieval was very successful. A total of 29 mature follicles were taken out, saying that I was a big family, and I didn’t understand what it meant at first. Later, I heard that the normally promoted needle can take 15 scores.More than 30 30 are good health to have so much. The older, the bigger it will affect the number and quality of the follicles. The poor follicles are not enough to have no core, and the shell follicles cannot be paired.The more egg retrieval, the greater the stomach. That night, my belly was so flat that it was as large as a balloon. It felt like a short chest tightness.Someone in the pregnancy group said: Drink a bottle of pulse a day, just 3 days.I just try it, and take a walk in the community for an hour every night.I dare not go out during the day, otherwise anyone will say that my stomach is as big as 6 months pregnant.As a result, my belly disappeared for 5 days. Maybe I had too much eggs. After the hormone was down, menstruation came in two days.At the same time, I received a call from the hospital and said: All 29 eggs are high -quality. They successfully paired with Wang Fat’s sperm and successfully successfully paired with 21 embryos (fresh tires). Whether they agree to continue to develop blastocyst (frozen tires). I said consent.

After another three days, the hospital said: 21 embryos developed 19 blastocytes, including 6 (high quality) of A -class embryo, 11 class B, and 2 C -levels.I agree to the signature of the hospital now.

Run again on a high speed immediately, sign the signature and explain the freezing fee at the same time. One tube is 1100 yuan freezer fee (as if 7700 yuan), one tube is put in a maximum of 2 tires.The doctor suggested the last 11 tube and left the A -level B tire.Coupled with egg retrieval costs, another 20,000 yuan.

Instructions for Capsule

It may have been promoted to be tapping too much. This time, this time has been more than a few days. After the menstruation is clean, I will see the doctor. The beginning of the endometrium is 6. The doctor said that I can grow myself in the end.Growth, start to eat composite vitamins directly, and then use Yin Super Monitoring endometrial growth once 3 days. Later, it rose to 8A. The doctor saidAfter 5 days of lutenone needle water, 60mg a day, 2 hours a day (6 pm today, 4 pm tomorrow in the morning, 2 pm the day after day -12 noon -in the morning -in the morning -in the morning -in the morning -morning10 o’clock), because I want to go to work, it is more convenient to take a needle water back to my local hospital.

On the sixth day, there is no need to draw blood on the transplant surgery day. I arrived at the doctor’s clinic and waited for the B -ultrasound early. I said that I got up to drink too much water.Go and pull it to add water [cover your face].At the same time, the endometrium is good, and I feel more relaxed.

After paying the surgery fee, I took a bunch of medicines, a large bag of progesterone needle water, and hurried to go out outside the hospital for breakfast. In the operating room, the nurse said: Today’s surgery comes over to gather. 16 girls are gathered. 16 girlsToday is a lot of surgery, like catching ducks, changing clothes -rinse -injections -taking medicine -a group of girls waiting in the waiting room and waiting for usOne, sitting and waiting for one morning, urinating until 12 noon, including 3 people left, there are 3 people who said that there are too many people in the morning. You can change it to dinner in 3 in the morning.Urine again to you.Hungry and sleepy, changed clothes and hurried to eat, rest and wait until 2:30 pm.

Go in the operating room and wait, it is my turn in less than half an hour. I don’t anesthes anesthesia. The nurse is in the B -ultrasound. The doctor is in a custody. Occasionally I ask me for two words. It will be fine in less than 15 minutes.I can bear it, and then push it to the rest area to lie in bed for half an hour before changing my clothes and go home to rest.This time, the needle water was more than 8,000 yuan.

Take a bunch of auxiliary medicines every morning. Eat three meals a day a day, and averaxone needle before 2 pm every day.Persist in 14 days of abdominal blood drawing.I don’t know why, brown discharge appeared on the third day after transplantation. The doctor asked me to stop the aspirin enteric soluble tablets, and other medicines continued to take it.I feel back pain for a week lying on the bed for a week. Occasionally I get up in the living room and walk. I think it should be stable. I went back to work on the second week.Success, think about having so many needles, taking so many medicines, and spending money and suffering. The doctor said that I asked me to test NK, draw a bunch of blood, and then make a hysteroscopy to see if there are polyps.

As a result, I have no NK, normal.After a hysteroscopy surgery, local anesthesia, I watched the computer screen next to my sober state. The doctor told me where this is [covering your face] psychological quality may be dizzy.Said that I don’t have polyps, the endometrium is smooth.If there is polyps, it will affect the blastocyst bed and conceive, so there is a good thing without polyps.

However, the doctor asked me to check it. I was normal, that is, I couldn’t find the reason. I could only say that the fate of that month had not arrived.Maybe because the hormone rises from continuous injections in the early stage, my uterine fibroids also grew up from 40 × 30 to more than 60 × 40. The doctor gave me a imported needle called a decrease.Multiple pieces, after I rest at home after 28 days of rest, I will return to the clinic. I also go to work for 28 days.However, you still need to continue to abstain from the mouth. You cannot eat coolness and too much replenishment. The medicinal soup cannot be drunk. As long as the soy red beans and mung bean bean sprouts cannot be eaten, the relatives of the oranges and oranges (like oranges very much (like oranges very much growing very much as oranges.Nothing can be eaten by orange grapefruit lemon, lettuce cabbage mustard winter melon and other cool materials cannot be eaten, and many fruits cannot.It is best to eat fish and meat, drink fish soup, and eat more walnut nuts.

After a review of 28 days later, the doctor said that the body hormone had dropped, but the uterine fibroids were reduced a little more than 40 X30. It is recommended that I have another tone, so I rest for 28 days.At the same time, the progesterone needle water was hit every day, and the position of the buttocks began to attack, it was painful, stubborn, and swollen. The doctor said that it was normal because the progesterone was oily and the human body was not easy to absorb.During the pain.It is recommended that the eyebrows of the test tubes. After one hour after the progesterone, you can use the thin slices of the potato, and apply it to the injection position. As much as possible, apply it for 1 hour.Then use a hot water bottle, hot compress, and apply it several times.It will not be developed after a month.Some people say that the pharmacies buy magnesium sulfate medication to apply it quickly, but doctors say that magnesium sulfate is always a medicine. If you are now preparing to transplant, do not use magnesium sulfate, for fear of the impact, so I just use potatoes and hot water bottle.

After two consecutive months, the adjustment of the uterine fibroids is not very obvious. The doctor said that it does not affect the conception. Do n’t play for another month. Go directly to the transplant process. I said yes, listen to the doctor!

At the same time, I also went to see Chinese medicine. The doctor showed me the tongue and pulse, saying that I was not the cold, but I could acupuncture and moxibustion the warm palace to help conceive. I also tried to moxibustion twice a week at the same time.For the first time, I am also afraid of acupuncture. The doctor had 36 stitches at the head to the foot, and the soles of the feet were moving with Ai.

The second transplantation is also to adjust the endometrium and the reason for the reduction. I have no menstruation for 2 consecutive months. Just take an injection and take medicine to adjust the endometrium.Hepatin beats the belly every day, and progesterone spanks every day.In order to absorb the left side and hit the right side, I am afraid that I do n’t remember. Every day I use the notes to hit the position of the note. On the first day, I play 3, 2 to 2, 3-2-3-2-3,Run the hospital once a 3 -day monitoring of the endometrium, and take a lot of medicines at the same time. The endometrium is 10A. The doctor said that he can give birth after 5 days.

Take more than 20 medicines every day during transplantation

There are a lot of needles in a week

Some needles were equipped with needle water, and I could beat it myself. I learned to bravely give myself a needle. Every time Wang Fat was assisted by the side, he looked painful. Sometimes I was afraid that he would affect me to tie the needle to pierce the needle., Give him out.Before, I always had a stasis of blood stasis the next day. I might have practiced more practice. I found the trick to know how to get an injection.Take it out and thaw, because frozen needle water will hurt a bit, and the pain will bear it.The needle of the needle must be installed. When you get the hospital, you cannot throw the trash can.

I wrote here, I want to pay tribute to my brave self, you can never imagine the belief and persistence of a girl. I dare not imagine that one day I will do the above. It is self -consolation and encouragement.Everything is worth it, the result must be beautiful, it is worth insisting!

Finally, on the day of transplantation, it was November 16th. In the morning, urine mitigation monitoring the uterus and endometrium. The doctor said that it was good.I went to the operating room and waited for arrangements. Some girls were more embarrassed and the documents were leaked. Here I reminded that before departure, you must check the documents: the couple’s ID card, marriage certificate, the medical record book, the red card (reproductive center (reproductive center (reproductive center (reproductive center (reproductive center (reproductive centerSpecial card), embryo frozen invoice.Today, 12 girls are transplanted. This time, I am lucky. It is ranked third. It is almost 11:30 after 30 minutes of rest.Wang Fat held me, and slowly took my father’s special car, and carefully drove home to cultivate. After 11 days, he returned to the hospital to draw blood and pregnancy.

On the first day, I almost stayed in bed. Except for injections and medicine to go to the toilet, my mobile phone did not dare to watch more.

A person who hides in the room for a long time is relatively small, and you can’t move too much all day. Apart from watching your mobile phone, he did not accompany friends who talk and chat. At the beginning of the day, my husband came home from get off work and could talk to himself and blow water. EssenceI asked for a fake in bed at home for 14 days. The leader was very considerate to make me very grateful. In addition, I asked for a long time for a long time for a long time for a long time.They are also a pushing agent that I can insist on moving forward, as well as my parents. For me, I make various cooperation and selfless companionship. The person who loves you the most in the world is always parents.

On the third day, there was a bit of brown secretion, and there was no certain situation. On the fifth day of the fourth day, there was still a little brown secretion. I told the doctor on the 6th day that the doctor asked me to stop eating aspirin enteric soluble slices. These days

I heard that the ovulation test strip is relatively sensitive. On the seventh day, I used the ovulation test paper to test the money. I was a little bit happy, but the pregnancy test stick seemed to be gray. I don’t know if it was a psychological effect.

On the seventh night, the ovulation test paper was weak yang at 9pm

On the seventh day, the pregnancy test stick seems to be gray

On the eighth day of the morning urine, I used the ovulation test strip and early pregnancy test strip at the same time. It seemed obvious.

On the eighth day of 8:30 in the morning

The doctor said that it was basically the winning prize. I was a little excited in my heart. I didn’t dare to speak out, calmed down, and decided to measure tomorrow.

I hope that the early pregnancy test strip will become more and more obvious, and double double it until Ping An gave birth to a healthy and smart baby!Mom loves you ~ The family is looking forward to the advent of the little tiger, and loves you very much!Mom ~!IntersectionI believe that persistence will have good results!Intersection

Today is the eleventh day of transplantation. The blood drawing results show that the HCG value is 334.5, and the sisters have been successful!IntersectionIntersection

After a few days, go to the clinic, double double and double, perfect [Heart] [Heart] Because I have brown secretions, the medicine is eaten normally, no need to eat aspirin enteric soluble tabletsFetal pills, three meals a day, a box of 168 yuan just a week.

The needle must continue to be lutenone, heparin, and vitamin.Now I am pregnant, and I suddenly don’t have so scared of the injection. It is not difficult to grow up for the healthy growth of the baby.

After 4 days, I was responsible. Today is the 15th day of the tire surgery, and I have doubled the situation. At the speed of doubling 2 days, the lottery should be turned to 1600-1700 for 4 days to be beautiful.Full of expectations for the results, thank you for the tenacity of vitality. The double result is 1916.9, which is very good!After two weeks of the doctor, the doctor will go over, that is, to see the fetal heart buds according to the color Doppler ultrasound, I hope it can always be smooth!

It took more than 2,000 to buy medicine and needle money. I spent at least thousands of yuan in the hospital, and my salary was also spent. During these two weeks, the needle should be taken as usual for three stitches.Still to eat, they are all on the fetus, and continue to persist!

I have taken medicine and injections for 7 weeks in the early days of pregnancy. I can enter a super examination. This time, I checked the baby’s fetal heart bud development. I am very happy. The doctor saidIt’s ~.She was even more nervous about the other girl who was awarded at the same time as me, because she had been a super -handed empty sac that had no fetal heart buds in the same turn, and she was even more sad., Her husband and her fluttered happily on the spot, and I was happy for her!Only women can understand women!

The first three months of the first trimester was the process of protecting the fetus and the fetus. The doctor prescribed another bunch of fetal medicine. I was happy to start to reduce the needle this week. Take one less arm needle, only two stitches every day, oneI spent two thousand oceans in the morning, spending money in the hospital really like flowing water.

The young ladies and sisters who want to work hard on the test tube roads are that although the process is very tortured, sometimes hesitate to give up, please persist again, maybe you will come to pregnancy, don’t be discouraged, come on!Intersection

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