Shandong Aunt Tian Xinju, a 67 -year -old baby girl, baby girl, children: You really make me feel shameful

The world has always been instilled in various concepts, which has also led to many blind spots in thinking.

Some people say that this is a good thing, because inertia thinking can help people take less detours, especially those commonly conscious and experienced things, it will never make you fail anyway.success?

Some people say that this is a bad thing, because it is limited to the way people think about problems, not only cannot solve the problem, but even after realizing that the problem is doing their best, you have no way to compete and always live in your own "small world".Essence

No one can conclude right or wrong. Only specific things can make judgments, provided that you must have the concept of breaking thinking, as Feng Tangzeng said:

To please yourself is ability, loyalty to the original heart is the realm, and dare to express good at action. In the future, there will be a cup of beauty that belongs to you.

Having said that, some people still dare not accept or even imagine. After all, there are really "alternatives" in the world. I have to mention a 67 -year -old aunt here. Her name is Tian Xinju.It should have enjoyed his old age.

No one expected that Tian Xinju was successfully conceived at this age. Let’s not say this. Consider the key to physical and practical factors, she should not give birth to her child, but after discussion with her husbandNaturally conceive maternal ".

In addition to being surprised, how could this happen to women 67 years old?When reality is in front of yourself, you can only choose to believe that this is to break the thinking?It just broke the common sense of the world.

After knowing the children, they started to persuade all kinds of persuasion, but Tian Xinju was never going on. I did not expect that the child finally said that "you really make me feel shame". What is going on?

Tian Xinju was born in Shandong. Her husband was named Huang Weiping. The two parents had settled the "doll" for them since childhood.

Huang Weiping was earlier in society. Tian Xinju was still in Shangwei School. Waiting until the end of the academic end, the two became married. In the concept of most people, marriage without emotional foundation could not last long."exception".

You read you and read you. In order to be able to accompany his wife, Huang Weiping took the initiative to give up many opportunities for promotion. Parents would scold him from time to time, but they always refuted in a word: marry a beloved woman enough to be enoughEssence

Shortly after marriage, Tian Xinju gave birth to two children for her husband, and the family of four was happy, not to mention how happy it was.

Huang Weiping works abroad every day to maintain normal family expenses. His wife stays at home and teaches his son. The story of "good man and good woman" is circulated in the village. A busy and bland life. Isn’t this the most authentic portrayal?

Such a day lasted for more than 40 years, and the children have successively become a family one after another, and their largest granddaughter is 18 years old.

At the age of sixty, with the company of children and grandchildren, there are pensions of 10,000 yuan per month. What do you want to eat, where you want to go and play, as long as you can maintain your health and healthy and healthy old age.It will become the envy of everyone.

From time to time, the people in the village are still ridiculous: Where are the two of you are going to go to?Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju couldn’t hold their mouths.

No one expected that such a beautiful life was suddenly broken. At that time, Huang Weiping was wearing firewood in the courtyard.The latter never agreed.

"It’s okay, a slight cerebral infarction, prescribe some medicine and eat it." The doctor said that the two people returned home with the medicine after diagnosis.

Who would think that the symptoms after a week were not alleviated, but the lower abdomen began to have pain, and at the same time, it was accompanied by a trace of blood. How could this at the age of 66 comes?

Then I came to the hospital for examination again. The doctor told her that "your body is tough, take medicine on time and take a good rest."

The heart of the two people was put down. Since then, Tian Xinju will come every month. After half a year, they suddenly stop. After the diagnosis of the hospital, it was finally determined as "pregnancy", which scared the medical staff present.Because Tian Xinju is 67 years old.

The first reaction is impossible, and the second reaction cannot be born. After all, the physical conditions are there. In case something wrong happens, the doctor quickly posted a diagnosis letter for him.Go home to discuss and decide.

After learning about the children, they rushed to the house. Naturally, the inner thoughts were not born, but Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju made a view:

First of all, you have a fixed pension to raise this newborn baby;

Secondly, the two people are healthy, including the usual schedule, and there is no problem with the medical examination some time ago. Naturally, the child is not difficult to talk about.

In the end, there is too much time to live every day. Now that this child has just solved the key to the problem, why is it a good choice to fulfill happiness?

It sounds unreasonable, but the children disagree, and at the same time give their own suggestions:

It ’s enough to bear the baby. If you hurt the innocent children, who is responsible for him or her?

Furthermore, you are nearly 70s now. How long can you accompany your children?No one can guarantee it. Isn’t it a burden to us in the end?

Besides, they are persuaded. The two are very persistent anyway. They have to give birth to this child. There is also a later scene. The children fell away and left the words "You really make me feel shame".

Until Tian Xinju’s third child was born, children have never contacted the initiative, and the contradiction between the two generations was born.

Of course, this is also a romantic words and deeds. Over time, they slowly explained their suspicions. The children later not only accepted this "younger sister", but also took time to take a time to look at their parents’ burden.

Today, the couples often live on the media, telling netizens about the growth history of the third child. Some people also visited them deliberately, saying "What secret recipes do you have"?Huang Weiping always smiled …

As a bystander, in addition to blessings or blessings.

Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju are not wrong. They just chose their favorite life. Although there are many unpredictable suffering and setbacks, they still have confidence to face the solution.hapiness.

At the end of the article, give you a word: Breaking the cage of concept, Fang Xian’s home ferry.

Life is in the world habit, the non -factual hearing, the non -truth you see, instead of arguing that it is worse than buried. Why not try to pursue the life he wants like Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju?Finally, I hope that the next future will be your beauty.

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