Sexual assault, pregnancy, killing, the openness of minor high school students in the United States

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When it comes to education, some people always say that the American educational concept is advanced, respects the students’ own wishes, and is more conducive to the development of students., Drug use, early pregnancy, sexual harassment, shooting and melee, etc., can be said to be accustomed to in US high schools.

People often compare the school as an ivory tower. They believe that the life in the school is beautiful. There is no intrigue at work here, there is no cruel competition pressure.People, they have different personalities from different regions. In their contact with them, we can have different feelings, so schools are like a small society.

The United States has always said that it has the best public education system in the world. It is full of freedom and beauty. However, according to the official data from the United States, more than 2,000 schools in the United States are called "dropout factories". Every year, high school students who drop out of school are availableThe 1.2 million people, and the freedom we hear is just beautifying the publicity.

Because the United States advocates freedom and democracy, even high school students in schools have to pursue absolute freedom, because they have not yet formed the correct values, so they often do excessive behaviors. ThereforeSeeing campus bullying, unmarried early pregnancy, and even drug guns can be seen.

According to the Daily Mail, in a high school in the United States, a girl was sitting on the body of another girl, and then beating her head constantly.The meaning of stopping, the teacher on the side shouted, "Stop, stop quickly, and let go of her." But for the girl’s ears, the teacher said that she was getting more vigorous.

The girl who was beaten at first tried to resist, but later found that it was useless. The perpetrator violently hit the girl’s back of the girl’s back, and also fanned the girl’s face. In just a few minutes, the perpetrator beat fiercely.After more than 30 girls, the girls who were finally beaten couldn’t lift both ends. Finally, under the intervention of the police, they separated the two, and the safety of the girl was still unclear.

Such campus violence in the chaos of American high school is just the tip of the iceberg.

The phenomenon of unmarried early pregnancy in American high school students abound.

Even the daughter of Palin, a presidential candidate for the US presidential candidate, was revealed at the age of 17, and a high school in Massachusetts was also revealed. Many of the high school students were pregnant.The atmosphere is still spreading in high schools in the United States. According to foreign media reports, the proportion of unmarried pregnancy in the United States is as high as 6 %.

In addition, drugs and guns are very common in high schools in the United States.

The United States is a so -called country that pursues freedom and democracy, so they are not strictly controlled by drugs and guns. Some individuals can hold guns and ammunition, and some states in the United States do not explicitly prohibit drugs.The U.S. government said that this is just a personal problem. As long as the individual can control it and does not have serious consequences, there is no problem, which also leads to more flooding drugs in high schools in the United States.

According to a description of a American girl Kayleemuthart, she was originally a high school student with excellent academic science, but when she was working part -time to make money, her friends secretly mixed cocaine and methamphetamine in marijuana, and pretended to be nothing to do.He was handed to Kaylee. After that, the good students with good grades also became drugs. At first, she insisted on unyielding, but in the end, she could not resist the temptation of drugs. She gave up her self.It was also sinking into drugs and couldn’t get out. In the end, she returned to the right track at the cost of a pair of eyes.

In recent years, it is also common for American high school students to shoot guns with guns. According to previous reports, a serial shooting occurred in a elementary school in Texas, USA, and the murderer of this case was a high school student. This name was.High school students drove alone to Robe Primary School. After getting off the car, they took out various guns and installed a magazine. They returned to the school. As long as they saw people, they started to shoot.After that, he walked into a classroom to shoot madly, and the entire Robert Elementary School became the slaughterhouse of the American high school student. After the law enforcement officer arrived, he killed the murderer on the spot, but the damage caused by this was irreparable.Life is gone, which also reflects the chaos of high school students in the United States from the side.

Due to early pregnancy, sexual assault, campus bullying, and other incidents frequently occurred, and the US government was helpless about this phenomenon of public high schools, but they could not watch these teenagers gradually fall, in order to make changes to the current situation, soSome people have specially shot a documentary for American high school students, hoping to make corresponding changes after careful observation of students in the school.

I have to say that the documentary in the United States is also quite real. In order to see the most authentic side of the students, the production team found different places, different personalities, and seven adults of different races.The school in the park records real school life.

And in order to be more authentic, the program team also confiscated their mobile phones, and also dressed their appearance. In order to be able to see the students more realistic, the program group even notified these seven people, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, it isIt is said that the seven people did not know each other before entering the school.

After the documentary began to record, the performance of high school students made the show group surprised. They knew that the school was chaotic, but they did not expect to be confused.

When the ringtone sounded, the teacher stood on the podium, and these high school students were doing their own things by self -care. They did not look at the teacher at all.Some people even put the music out of the music, and they would refute them loudly for the teacher’s dissuasion. They claim that the use of mobile phones is their freedom, and the teacher cannot stop them from exercising their power.

And students want to sleep in the classroom, eat and eat when they want to eat, and have a little dissatisfaction with the teacher, and start their strikes. Such behaviors make the teacher very helpless.

However, after a period of observation, the program group found that these are just appetizing side dishes, cyber violence in the school, and racial discrimination is even more terrible.

Every year in the school, there will be an annual selection of the Queen and Kings of the campus, but the students know that this is actually the beauty pageant of the black American black people in school. Almost these black students are elected every year. HoweverGirls participated in it, and with the help of adults who participated in the recording programs, they finally won the title of "Queen". However, the students did not buy it, and they also attacked this Spanish girl.I think she is not matched with the title of "Queen".

During the recording of the documentary, a girl involved in the recording was also sexually harassed. The girl was named Nina. He was a Spanish girl. She looked sweet, her body was hot, and her character was very lively.After entering the school, he was very popular with his classmates, but at this time, Nina had fallen into the crisis.

When Nina was still immersed in the excitement of returning to the campus again, she did not know that she had been stared at. Wherever he could not see, there was always a group of boys staring at her every move, and added Nina as a friend through the Internet society as a friend.After that, she started to harass information to Nina. At first Nina ignored it, and then prank at the time.

However, Nina quickly discovered that in the campus, many students began to hide from herself and began to alienate herself. Later, Nina knew that some people rumored that she was green tea on the Internet, and often made some people who could not see people.Hou is still in school, which makes Nina very angry.

However, this is not even more excessive. These boys are increasingly unknown to converge, and the news to Nina is increasingly unsatisfactory.

"You want to be my woman or play games with me", "Beauty, I think your buttocks are tilted"

These words are just a little bit. Nina is helpless. She can only turn off the network and ignore it. However, when these people have no response, they start to discuss her figure in front of Nina. NinaAlthough he was angry, he didn’t bother.

But after a period of time, Nina was scared by a news. One day Nina saw that she was pulled into a group, and the people in the group were still discussing herself.I seduced Nina out to take drugs, and also said that she would take the opportunity to rape Nina. Such news scared Nina, and quickly sent the news to the shooting group. Later, people in these groups dropped out of high school and dropped out of the Internet without the Internet.Little mixed.

From other people participating in the recording, they also encountered a variety of problems. In an interview, they said that although they knew the public high school chaos, they did not expect to be messy. One of the girls saidBecause of the unmarried and having children, there was a good future. I did not expect that there are so many unmarried students in the school today, which makes people look heartache.

The United States is as advanced in sex education. I did not expect that this is the so -called advanced education. Of course, there are good high schools in the United States, but they are all private high schools in the white area.

After watching this documentary, it has made American educators more anxious, and the rectification of public high schools is imminent.

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