Settle in the heart

Huang Rongming’s chest was hidden.

He is often sick and dare not exercise. He will pant when he walks, and he will be purple.In order to hide the secrets, even in the summer of the southern hot, two layers of T -shirts must be worn to cover the protruding bumps in the chest.There was a beating heart, under a layer of slim skin, fragile and dangerous, not only physical pain, threat of death, and inferiority of the shadow.

This secret Huang Rongming was wearing it for 25 years. In 2012, in order to raise money, he exposed this rare heart to the camera.

Donation of all sectors of society has been remittance. Doctors from the Xiehe Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology spent a lot of effort, and eventually settled it back to this abnormal heart correction, and filled it back to the chest and filled the defective sternum.

Huang Rongming can finally live like an ordinary person, running, cycling, and inhalation.Until 2022, the skin on the chest suddenly infected, purulent, and ulcerated, exposing several red and black holes.He had to return to the hospital that had surgery 10 years ago, found the former doctor, and set off another round of medical expenses.

A new treatment began.

Before 2012, Huang Rongming’s heart was in the middle of the chest, and the rhythm of the heart could be seen with the naked eye.Interviewee confession

Exposed heart

One day in April, Sun Jiaming, the director of Plastic Surgery, Affiliated to the Association of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, opened the clinic as usual.The young man in front of him was white and thin. He only felt familiar until the man picked his clothes and exposed the slightly drum front chest. A rectangular board with a long 134 cm and a wide eight or nine centimeters wide was visible under his skin.

"You are the child with the heart." Sun Jiaming remembered it.

In early 2012, this young man named Huang Rongming came to the hospital for treatment.This is a very rare condition -the heart that should have grown on the left is growing in the middle and lower part of the sternum, only a layer of skin, the rib defect of the sternum and the ribs on both sides.Organic outline.Doctors diagnosed it as congenital heart exposure. They remembered that at that time, the hospital’s cardiac surgery had been established for more than 30 years, and only two cases were treated. One of them was a baby who was just born.Huang Rongming was able to live to 25 years old. It is already a miracle.

For Huang Rongming and his family, this miracle is composed of more than 9,000 cautious and worried day and night.

When her mother Zhang Yuanfeng saw Huang Rongming at first glance, she only remembered her son "a black hair and her face was so beautiful", but she quickly noticed that she could see a black blood clot through the thin skin of the baby’s chest cavity.Speak constantly.

Relatives and friends came to congratulate her to have children, and she dared not tell the truth."Children of others are perfect. How can my child be like this?" One or two years later, the talents in the village slowly knew Huang Rongming’s situation.

Around 2020, Huang Rongming (left) and her sister were in Guangdong.Interviewee confession

After taking care of such children, Zhang Yuanfeng and her husband must be particularly careful.Use a towel to dip the water and wipe it gently; put him on a wooden chair when doing housework to avoid knocking down; always get up to check when sleeping, for fear that his son’s heart will be suppressed inadvertently.They often told him to wear more clothes, do not take things in their hands when walking, and never hit hard objects.

Since the notation, the heart has become Huang Rongming’s burden.

He must step slowly, and occasionally go to the river with his friends to turn crabs and catch shrimp, and he can only be behind the way.He could hardly eat lard and fish, his body couldn’t stand it, and he could breathe.

In order to survive, he has developed many habits -never sleep on his stomach; when he feels danger, he immediately covers his heart with his hands; try to fall as much as possible., But the moment I fell down, I was still afraid.For 25 years with the exposed heart, these have become instinct.

Grow up hard

Because of this strange heart, Huang Rongming did not go to school until he was 9 years old.For three or four kilometers of school, his mother carried him, and it was five or six years.

At that time, Zhang Yuanfeng was very thin, about 1.6 meters tall, and weighing only 90 kilograms.For more than half an hour of mountain roads, I walked back and forth a day, for her, "like pulling training."

They often set off at six or seven in the morning. When they walk half, there will be a group of students behind them to catch up. When they see their friends jumping to school, Huang Rongming is somewhat envious.

Zhang Yuanfeng is also very envious.She was not good at her body, sometimes she was so tired that she couldn’t breathe, and her legs fell straight down, so most of the time on the road, they were silent.

She cried secretly many times, and she couldn’t stand it once. She put Huang Rongming on the ground and cried on the ground. She could see the child, and her heart softened again: "The child is pitiful, we can only slowly live the lifeGo down. "

Huang Rongming looked at the hard work of his parents.

The weather is too bad, he will stay at home and not go to school; sometimes his mother is too late to pick him up, and he will go downhill a little bit.Seeing the kind senior classmates, he will take him back for a while.The fifth grade is about to end, and he has always had a good temper. He strongly demanded no longer to go to junior high school.

His father Huang Baojiang still remembers that day, his wife was going to send Huang Rongming to school, and the son was unwilling to come out."Family from Junior High School Six Seven Lili Road, you are sin, I don’t forget it." Huang Baojiang was very angry: "In the future, you regret it yourself." He heard his son vowed to say, "I don’t regret it, now I am difficult to walk by myself."

But Huang Rongming was reluctant to school.He likes to catch hiding, flipped ropes, and stones with his classmates, and he likes his classmates to ask him for mathematics -this is the best subject he has learned.He was grateful to his classmates for his care for him, and the teachers would never punish his naughty. Although he was unwilling to be treated, he always remembered this care.

After dropping out of school, Huang Rongming never returned to school.He learned his parents to take care of his newly born brother, do some relaxed and simple household chores, and occasionally turned over his previous textbooks to review the knowledge he learned.

After this year’s surgery, Huang Rongming went home to rest and sometimes cook.Interviewee confession

In 2008, 21 -year -old Huang Rongming was used to this heart, but Zhang Yuanfeng’s body was worse.She often feels tired, dizzy, and has diabetes.

When the mother is cured, the younger and sisters need money to read books. Some people in the village always talk about him. With the company’s company, Huang Rongming sat on a hard seat, covering his heart with one hand, holding a backpack to Foshan in one hand, and going to the kai’s small sales department to work.Later, he successively found a few jobs in Foshan and Dongguan’s shoe factories.

It is not easy to work in the shoe factory. Considering the heart, he can only value the line on the assembly line, brush, folded, and assembled. From 8 am to work late at night, sometimes he will work overtime until the early morning.It is full of the smell of glue in the leather, and the mask can’t stop it.

During the rest, he was lying on the bed, wondering how to learn the technical technology, and made more money, but he was rejected by his body soon."It’s not easy to make money. I can only work on the assembly line. No matter how long I do, it is 800 yuan a month." Huang Rongming was helpless.

But anyway, he can support himself and respect his parents.Most of the first salary he earned returned home, which became a convention in the future.When he called, he heard his parents’ cry.

"He is not easy. I thought he could support himself, but he didn’t expect him to think of us." Huang Baojiang said.

Working alone, except for the trustworthy fellow, he did not even know his condition.Huang Rongming hidden his heart very well.He never changed his clothes to everyone’s face; either goes first or dragged to the end when shining; even in the summer, he insisted on setting two layers of T -shirts; he fell in love with a girl, but he took the initiative to break up.

He was afraid that others would see his organs jumping and could not stand the strange vision.At the end of 2011, Huang Rongming returned home, solemnly proposed to treat with his parents."The older the age, the greater the psychological stress, and the inferiority of everything, what can I do in the future?"


In the past 20 years, Huang Rongming has seen many doctors, but at that time, the medical level was not high and it was difficult to treat.

When Huang Rongming was in the first grade of elementary school, relatives sent a newspaper, which published a news of successful heart exposure surgery.Huang Rongming’s parents felt hopeful and wrote the situation in the letter to the hospital.Soon, they received two reply from the doctor.The other party invited them to Shanghai for inspection, but told them to prepare at least 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

In order to raise money, Zhang Yuanfeng walked away with his son with his son, hoping to help organize donations. After more than a week, he had not raised a penny.The treatment plan can only be suspended.

In early 2012, Huang Rongming asked for medical treatment again.But the treatment fee of two or three00,000 is undoubtedly a huge sum of money for the farmers in Henan.This time, he exposed the "defect" that he had hidden for 25 years in front of the media, and told the public about his experience in order to get social donations.

Donated sources continued to remit, 100 yuan, 500 yuan, 10,000, 150,000 … The caring people helped Huang Rongming a little bit of surgery.

Doctors from Xiehe Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology found that in addition to the exposure of the heart, Huang Rongming also had severe heart disease -the right ventricular double exit, ventricular septal defect, pulmonary arteries …It may be broken and life -threatening.

To this end, a total of three large -scale consultations were organized before and after the hospital. The whole hospital included five disciplines including Cardiology, Plastic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Ultrasound, and hepatobiliary surgery to participate in the discussion to formulate surgical plans — anesthesia to open chest and correct heart deformitiesThen move the heart back to the chest cavity, and finally perform the chest wall defect repair and the thoracic reconstruction, so that Huang Rongming will return to normal.

In April of this year, the doctor of the Association of Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology checked the infected wound for Huang Rongming.Interviewee confession

This is an extremely complicated process.

Sun Jiaming remembers that it took more than 40 days from Huang Rongming to the hospital for discharge.The operation of the "Century Surgery" by many media lasted from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, which lasted 9 hours.

The return of the heart was smooth, and it began to move in the chest in Huang Rongming’s chest, transporting blood and oxygen to the young body.After that, there was only the last task left in this operation -supplemented the defective sternum and ribs, covered the skin, and filled this "hole".

The materials that fill in the "holes" should not be too soft, otherwise it will not be able to support the protection; it should not be too hard, otherwise it is not easy to shape according to the actual style; it should not be too small, otherwise it will fall into the chest cavity;When it is tilted, the skin cannot be sutured, and there is also the risk of exposing later.In the end, Sun Jiaming selected polyethylene.

"This material is often used to support bone defects, and the hole above is also convenient for the growth of vascular tissue, which can be combined with the skin well." Sun Jiaming explained that he recorded Huang Rongming’s inspection data into the CD, posting it to the manufacturer, and waited for more than a week.Get this most important material.

The process of shaping is particularly difficult.The size and thickness must be corresponding to the sternum and ribs, and they can only rely on the doctor to compare and carve by hand.The material is like a piece of gypsum. The operating knife is scratched from the top, and it will be blunt after a while.Sun Jiaming could only pinch it with pliers, let go of the water, and then take it out to continue carving and polishing.After more than a dozen knives, more than an hour passed, and Sun Jiaming sculpts sour. A large slap and one centimeter -thick material finally formed.

This material was buckled in the gap, and the wire was connected to each rib on both sides. Sun Jiaming carefully brought and suture the flaps on both sides, and the operation was completed.

Huang Rongming didn’t know how long he had slept. When he woke up, he inserted his tube and felt a heavy chest.

"The place in the heart was hardened, and I couldn’t see it. At that time, I thought, why was it so strange, where did my heart go, how could I not touch it?" But he was very happy, "I know that I can soon be able to get it soonback to normal."

Go back to the hospital

Huang Rongming finally had a normal life.He and the "lid" on his chest were completely adapted for a month or two. Although his chest was higher than others, he could not see obvious scars.

He could do it countless times before, but he could do it one by one.When he just brightens and scarce, he runs along the highway for 20 minutes, and he can also ride a bicycle to the town for half an hour.

Getting along with outsiders, he still showering and changing clothes alone, but no longer wearing two layers of clothes to cover up deliberately. People are confident and like to laugh."I don’t think I have nothing different, I can make money by myself."

Since 2013, he returned to Dongguan and continued to work in shoe factories and electronic factories.Until the beginning of this year, Huang Rongming suddenly discovered that his chest was swollen. "Skin inflammation and pus, and many stains were flowing out of squeezing." When he was the most painful, he couldn’t even go.He went to the hospital in Dongguan and Henan for medical treatment. The doctors could only eliminate inflammation for him, and suggested that he go to a large hospital as soon as possible.

When he found Sun Jiaming in early April, half of the skin covered on the board had become black and purple, unveiled the gauze above, exposed three black pores, and even saw the horizontal steel wire.

Before the operation in April this year, Sun Jiaming (right) and colleagues checked Huang Rongming’s wounds.Interviewee confession

Sun Jiaming told him that the best way now is to perform another surgery and replace the current ulcerated skin with the skin on the outside of the thigh.However, the operation is very difficult -10 years before the last operation, the material may be adhesive with the pericardial and the surrounding tissue, the adhesion cannot be separated, or the heart rupture is broken when the separation … conservative estimation requires more than 100,000.

"Can you only change the medicine and not surgery?" Huang Rongming asked the only question."No." Sun Jiaming told him that once he was not treated in time, local ulcers would become bigger and bigger, and eventually there would be danger of life.

Ten years later, Huang Rongming’s family conditions were still not enough to let him complete the operation.

His father could no longer bear high -intensity work because of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition to diabetes, his mother also suffered from uremia, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.Because of infection, Huang Rongming no longer worked, and one of the few savings was used to cure diseases.The annual income of the family is only 39,000, but the annual expenditure is as high as 80,000.

Huang Rongming has been ready to surgery.Only Huang Baojiang was unwilling to give up: "Even if you are in a family, the loan must be cured by the child."

Make an exception

As a judge of doctors of the new oxygen "Emerald", Sun Jiaming thought of the "New Oxygen Beauty Plan" jointly carried out by the New Oxygen Public Welfare Foundation and the China Siyuan Engineering Foundation.Since 2021, the "New Oxygen Beauty Plan" has begun to provide medical assistance for patients with congenital physical disability and acquired accidents, helping more patients out of haze, establishing confidence, and returning to ordinary life.As of the end of February 2022, a total of 100 patients had been rescued.

Sun Jiaming does not know if Huang Rongming is a scope of rescue, but he is willing to try for this unfortunate family and this lively life.He submitted Huang Rongming’s information and medical evaluation results to the relevant person in charge of the "New Oxygen Beauty Plan" and told them that the situation was urgent and hoped to reply as soon as possible.

Ai Xiaoyu, Secretary -General of the New Oxygen Public Welfare Foundation, was deeply shocked when he saw the material for the first time."I haven’t seen similar cases before, and this patient is very lucky. At least the doctor has this confidence and this ability to treat him."

However, Huang Rongming’s disease was not included by the funding catalog of the "New Oxygen Beauty Plan".Whether he should be rescued is the "New Oxygen Beauty Plan", which is both a measure of rules and a test of human nature.

Ai Xiaoyu and colleagues discussed many rounds and argued many rounds.From the perspective of the disease, Huang Rongming is difficult to get funding, but his treatment belongs to the scope of plastic surgery, and if it is not rescued, it may face life."We realize that the essence of plastic surgery is medical care, and the essence of medical treatment is to save death. If patients need, why should we hesitate?" Ai Xiaoyu said.

In the end, the "New Oxygen Beauty Plan" decided to give Huang Rongming a chance.Soon, the staff began to evaluate Huang Rongming’s information.

In April of this year, the doctor of the Association of Association of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology transferred the inpatient care gift package provided by the New Oxygen Public Welfare to Huang Rongming.Interviewee confession

According to the information collected in the early stage, the hospital estimates the cost of 150,000 yuan, and the "New Oxygen Beauty Plan" is expected to fund more than 120,000 yuan, which is a large amount of capital -the funding ratio exceeds 50%of the entire surgery.The amount exceeds 50,000 yuan, which is almost the largest funding amount in 2022.

According to the process, the funding will be reviewed or not.Members of the judging meeting include the staff of the New Oxygen Public Welfare Foundation, the staff of the Poverty Alleviation Foundation of China Siyuan Engineering, a member of the New Oxygen Council, and technical experts.

Huang Rongming doesn’t have much time waiting.

In order to promote the review as soon as possible, Ai Xiaoyu immediately reported up and organized the review meeting in advance for the project.In order to help the members of the review meeting make decisions faster, Ai Xiaoyu and colleagues collected and sorted out a lot of information, and made detailed reports at the review meeting.In the end, the rescue resolution was approved by only two weeks from receiving the information.

In the past ten years, Huang Rongming’s two operation costs were raised twice from the blood of the loved ones to the professionalism and standardization of China’s charity.Ai Xiaoyu said that in recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to public welfare, including new oxygen, many companies, caring people, and social influence are exerting their own advantages to support public welfare.This rescue also allows Ai Xiaoyu and colleagues to think about how to make the public look at plastic surgery correctly. When encountering similar special patients, how to better and faster the approval so that patients can be rescued in time. How to integrate more forces to participate in it.Essence

Sun Jiaming hopes that more patients can know this public welfare project. During the consultation, as long as they meet a suitable patient, he will try his best to recommend more people in need.

Be an ordinary person

After the funds are in place, the surgery will be performed as scheduled.

Compared with 10 years ago, the operation was even more dangerous.After dragging for too long, how is Huang Rongming’s infection in the chest cavity, it is difficult to get accurate answers from imaging. Can Qingchuang completely be completely controlled during the operation?EssenceHe put the in vitro circulation frame next to the operating table, and invited cardiac surgeons to prevent it.

During the operation, the material did appear adhesive. Sun Jiaming did not dare to unveil the board in one breath. He could only bite the board down with a pliers like a bun, and then clean up the infected place.

The most tested technology is to receive the flap outside the thigh to the chest.

The blood vessel kiss is best to use the inner blood vessels in the thorax, but Huang Rongming has not developed well. In addition, the last surgery and this infection have no available blood vessels. You can only use the subclavian blood vessels.In the distance, the blood vessels of the skin were not enough, and the doctors took a blood vessel from Huang Rongming’s calf and picked it up to make a "bridge."If the sewing of the fine blood vessels is not strictly sew, it will leak blood, and the sewing is too tight. Once the docking is not accurate, it is prone to thrombosis, and the flap will be necrotic.Sun Jiaming took an hour or two under a microscope. The operation started from noon until the end of the morning.

The week after the surgery was completed, Sun Jiaming was unable to settle down, and his expression was serious. Other doctors saw him and even dared not say anything.Every day he goes to the room on time, and even dreams about Huang Rongming’s recovery.

On the third day after the operation, Huang Rongming began to have a fever, the skin of the chest was red, and the inflammation response was obvious."This is the infection under the petals." He made a decomposition, opened the side of the skin, and washed two tubes, and finally controlled local inflammation.

Huang Rongming, who works in Guangdong around 2020.Interviewee confession

One week later, Huang Rongming suddenly pant again, and the blood oxygen saturation dropped down. His chest and lungs had infection and effusion.The doctor took about 500 ml of turbid liquid from the chest on both sides, and put a tube on the right chest cavity to drain the remaining effusion a little bit. After 3 days, Huang Rongming gradually cooled down, and his breathing became smooth.EssenceThe infection was controlled, the flap was completely survived, and the wound slowly grew up, and Sun Jiaming let go of it.

Now, Huang Rongming has returned to his hometown in Henan to recuperate.Every day, you can get up, walk, eat, sleep, sleep, and accompany your parents. The new skin on the chest looks thicker, leaving a large piece of purple scar on his legs, often painful, but he feels that these will pass.

The wound will eventually heal. At that time, Huang Rongming will continue to work hard and make money with the kindness of society. He plans to sell a small shop not far from home to do small business.When he was a child, he longed for a warm life, and when he grew up, he understood, "Be an ordinary person."

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