Send a hairless cat to a foster care. After returning home, I found that I was pregnant.

As one of the most popular species in the pet industry, cats are deeply loved by everyone. In addition to their cute appearance, they are also very interesting. For example, some cats are smart and always fight against the owner. Although sometimes painful, But it’s pretty fun in retrospect.

This is why many people choose to keep pets, let them enter their own lives, and inject a little fresh element to the original dull and lonely days., Hairless cat is a special case (personal opinion).

Many people may not understand why there are such creatures in the world?Unlike the furry cats, hairless cats look bare. Although there are small fluff, the overall feeling is the crumpled skin, it is not good at all, and it is also very expensive.

Starting from objective idealism, everything in the world exists is reasonable. This is also the view that we often say "existence is reasonable". For those who like cats, but they hate cat hair, the emergence of hairy cat -free cats appearsIt is the savior, the shoveling officer is a typical loyal fans of hairless cats.

Half a year ago, she asked her friend to buy a hairless cat. Before that, the shoveling officer had never touched the cat at all. Because he was allergic to various plush since he was a child, he was deprived of many fun.She learned from the Internet that there are still creatures such as hairless cats.

Although this kind of cat is expensive, in order to realize the wishes of cats, the shoveling officer is still desperate and determined to buy one. After half a year of attempts, the shoveling officer feels good. The cat is obedient.In addition, the rest is not much different.

And you don’t have to clean it every day, and there is no cat hair at home. I am afraid the coolest thing!However, more than a month ago, the accident happened. The shoveling officer still recalled that he still wanted to cry without tears. All the pain could only swallow it in his stomach.

From the beginning of June, things have to be said that because of the work, the shoveling officer needs to go to a business trip for a while because of the work. Before the departure, she sent the cat to a friend’s house and asked the other party to help take care of it.After I heard many accidents, I was still a little scared.

I just had a cat at home, so the shoveling officer naturally thought of the other party. After the placement was proper, the shoveling officer finally left with confidence. At this time, she never thought that her decision caused a big mistake.

About 10 days later, the shoveling officer returned from a foreign country. She took a bunch of gifts to pick up the cat’s house. By the way, she thanked others for taking care of cats. After that, she went home happily.Don’t mention how exciting the shit officer, every day, delicious, delicious and entertaining.

But within a few days, the cat was not right. In the face of the rich food prepared by the shovel officer, it would not eat it. If it was placed in the past, it must be eliminated three or two times.However, the cat was sent to the hospital directly.

After all, it is valuable, so be careful!That’s right, but the bitter fruit has been caused. The test results given by the doctor are: your cat is pregnant!The response of the shovel officer is: What?How old can there be children?And the cat is at home every day, and has never been exposed to the opposite sex!

Yeah?After thinking about thinking, the shoveling officer finally remembered. When he was on a business trip, he fostered in a friend’s house. Both people only cared about the safety of the cat and completely left the contraceptive to the back.It was also in estrus, so there was an accident in dry firewood.

Since the incident is here, the shovel officer naturally cannot blame anyone. After all, he also has negligence. What he wants to do now is to take good care of the cat and let it give birth to the child smoothly.It shows that the cat’s cat is a rural cat.

The problem is here. What is the combination of hairless cats and rural cats?

A few days ago, the hairless cat was produced. After seeing the newborn cub, the shoveling officer almost "burst of breath" on the spot, because these 4 kittens are really strange, and there are many hair on the body.It is neither like a cat dad nor a cat mother, but it has become strange species.

The hairless cat is even harmed by the rural cat. It can be seen that the mating between different varieties is very unstable.It is estimated that it is not easy, but there are very few people who can bear 5 cats at one time.

Why are there so many stray cats in the society now?Mating random matches is one of the most important factor. Because the descendants born are extremely peculiar, they can’t find the adopters, or the owner’s family can’t afford it, so they simply abandon it directly.

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