Seeing red in the early pregnancy is a precursor to abortion?Don’t scare yourself

Ms. Li, 28, has been married for 3 years and finally prepared for her success. She and her lover are very happy. However, around 5 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Li suddenly saw red and found that there were some reddish -brown secretions. This made Ms. Li and her lover.They are very disturbed, afraid of whether there is a precursor to miscarriage.

Is it necessary to have a precursor to miscarriage in early pregnancy?But don’t scare yourself, and you understand after continuing to read the analysis.

1. Pacitive bleeding

This situation is mainly seen in women who are just conceived. Generally, when fertilized eggs are bed, vaginal bleeding occurs slightly. The amount of bleeding is very small. Generally, there is only a little bit, just like when the menstruation or menstruation is gone. 1-2 days will disappear. This situation is very normal, so don’t worry too much.

2. Physiological bleeding

Some women also have a small amount of vaginal bleeding after conception. Generally speaking, this blood volume is small and the color is mostly brown. Ms. Li we talked about above is the case. After the medical examination, the doctor asked.I understand what is going on, this is a normal phenomenon, you can put your heart into your stomach.

3. Abortion and ectopic pregnancy

Of course, we cannot rule out whether the risk of abortion or ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy is very serious. We need to seek medical examination in time.

4. Port

The probability of hydatiditic tires is very small. This situation is mainly manifested in the pregnancy of pregnant women. With intermittently, a small amount of bleeding is intermittent, and some people will have a large amount of bleeding many times. This situation is very dangerous and requires surgery as soon as possible to avoid life.

5. Excessive exhaustion

If pregnant women are tired or have sex, they may cause early pregnancy bleeding. This requires pregnant women to be carefully identified and pay attention to avoid excessive fatigue. It is not recommended to live sexual life frequently in the early pregnancy, it is best to avoid it.

1. See the bleeding situation

Generally speaking, if it is ordinary red, the amount of bleeding is very small, and it will not bleed anymore for 1-2 days, and the reaction of the abortion will be more serious, manifested as repeated bleeding and lasting time.In addition, pay attention to whether there are mucus. If the amount of bleeding is small and there are some mucus, it is generally ordinary red, no need to worry too much.

2. Look at specific symptoms

In addition to seeing redness, pregnant women are also accompanied by pain in lower abdomen and waist soreness, which may be a threatened abortion. Although generally seeing red abdomen is uncomfortable, it will not be painful and need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

3. Look at the drop

In addition to the blood stains and some mucus, ordinary redness will not occur. If it is a signs of abortion, there may be some bleeding sheds such as blood clots, fluffy, and embryos. In this case, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

Through the above analysis, we can find that seeing red in the early pregnancy is not necessarily a precursor to miscarriage. Most of the situations are normal. Do not scare yourself. If you are really not assured, go to the hospital for a check to make yourself feel at ease.

In fact, from the beginning of pregnancy, the hearts of pregnant mothers will tremble with each birth check. I am afraid that the child will have a little problem. I hope that all pregnant mothers can maintain an optimistic attitude.Inspection, there are generally no big problems, and everyone can get pregnant healthy.

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