Sanfu Tian is coming, drinking white wine or drinking beer?No matter what you drink, please keep in mind "2 Drink and 2 Not Drink"

Sanfu Tian is approaching, hot and unbearable, and a cup of iced beer or liquor in time, as if it is a breeze in life, which makes people feel comfortable.However, in the enthusiastic Sanfu Tian, should we choose to drink liquor or beer?What is the difference between the two?

First, let’s take a look at the difference between liquor and beer.

Baijiu is obtained from the grains such as sorghum, wheat, barley, and other grains. After cooking, fermentation, distillation, and tune. The degree is generally between 40-60 degrees, but many people may feel drunk with just a little bit of drinking.But born.

Beer is used as raw materials, supplemented by beer, and after a series of liquid liquidization and glycoslation, and then liquid fermentation, the degree is generally below 10 degrees. It can be said that it is relatively mild alcohol.Taste the same way.

So, should San Futian drink liquor or beer?The answer is that each has its own advantages.Frozen beer can quickly relieve heat. A dozen beer beer will feel cold, as if returning to the refreshing winter.Although liquor at the beginning will make people feel hot, but when it comes to it, it can make the whole body feel cool, but the coolness is slightly slower.Therefore, it seems more popular for the cold heat to relieve heat.

However, whether it is drinking liquor or beer, you also need to keep in mind the principle of "2 drinking 2 without drinking" in Sanfu Tian. First, let’s take a look at "2 drinks".

① Drink an appropriate amount, do not drink too much

There is a substance called "bartender" in the human body, which can help us excrete alcohol in the body.However, the role of this enzyme is limited, and generally only about 2 or two alcohol daily.If you drink too much, alcohol that is not discharged in the body in the body will be absorbed and digested, which will cause damage to the body.

② When drinking, choose pure grain wine.

Baijiu can usually be divided into two types: pure grain wine and blending wine.

Pure grain wine is mainly based on pure grain valleys. It is made through solid brewing process. Its unique grain aroma makes people feel refreshed, neither dull nor pungent, and the taste after drinking is relatively comfortable.The blended wine is relatively not so careful. Among them, some well -known "flavored alcohol" additives are added. Frequent drinking is not good for the body.

If you are an old alcoholic, you can try only to drink pure grain wine and drink less blended wine.By blending wine not only has poor taste, but also causes harm to physical health.

Since blending wine is so harmful, what should we pay attention to when buying wine to avoid being deceived?

1. View the raw material table: pure grain wine = grain valley+water, blended wine = edible alcohol+edible flavor+water;

2. View product standards: blending wine product standards = "20821" and "20822", otherwise it is pure grain wine;

3. View quality level: Pure grain wine has a quality level division, while blended wine has no level.

If the older generation feels that these methods are too troublesome, or if they don’t want to go to the supermarket to choose, try the two wines of the Red Star Erguotou and the steamer Kunsha.Not only are the raw materials solid, but the quality of the wine is impeccable. After you taste it once, you will definitely want to drink it again.

In addition, there is a wine that the older generation likes from Beijing, which belongs to the fragrance -type Erguotou wine.This wine uses pure grain as raw materials and uses the classic "Erguotou wine" process. It is fermented by pure grains. The aroma is elegant and pure, and the taste is a bit spicy.

The steamer Kunsha is the "dark horse" in the sauce circle, named Dutqu Kunsha wine.Although its fame is not as big as red stars, the brewing process is quite attentive.It uses local glutinous sorghum, wheat, and Chishui River, and adopts superior Kunsha technology to strictly follow the "12987" process. It is made after one year and multiple processes.After the entrance, the wine body is old and mellow, and the lower throat is smooth and unobstructed.

Followed by "2 Don’t Drink"

① Do not drink mixed wine: The process of this mixed wine may affect the purity and quality of the wine, making the taste and flavor of the wine lose the original purity and uniqueness.They are more inclined to choose wine made of single raw materials to maintain their pure and unique flavor characteristics.

② Do not drink ice wine: Ice will reduce the temperature of the wine, make the taste lighten, the taste is cold, and cover up the taste characteristics of the wine itself. Colleagues will also bring a large burden on the body, so white wine should be appropriate temperature at a proper temperature.drink.

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