San Futian is coming, drinking beer or liquor?Suggestion: No matter what you drink, keep in mind "2 don’t drink"

Seeing that Xiaoshu is coming, this also means that the real Sanfu Tian is here. Many people will not stay in the sultry kitchen to cook, and some people will go directly to eat, especially in summer comparisonThe sweeping barbecue.

As the saying goes, "Barbecue and wine, the more you eat, the more you eat." The wine seems to have become the standard for barbecue. I always feel that if you eat barbecue, you do n’t drink some wine barbecue.

And what is often drunk in my country is beer and liquor. Every year from the summer, people are tangled. Is it better to drink beer or liquor?

In fact, it depends on personal taste, but keep in mind that whether it is beer or liquor, these "two types" cannot be drunk.

One: Do not drink the deceitful "inside"

Many people feel rare when they hear the "inside". No matter how high the price is, it will buy it, but in fact, this kind of wine is just a marketing method for merchants. There is nothing special at all.

The so -called "inside wine" is to put a seemingly tall label to the ordinary liquor, and then take the opportunity to raise the price to deceive the wine friends who love face.In fact, this kind of wine is not as good as everyone thinks, it may not be as good as ordinary liquor.

Two: Do not drink wine with "additives"

Whether it is a person who likes to drink beer or white wine, pay attention to see if the ingredients of the wine contain the additive when choosing wine. This is very important.

Take white wine for example. High -quality liquor is brewed in pure grains. It will not contain additives like "edible flavors, edible alcohol"., Whatever the price is high or low, it cannot be bought. It is basically sure that it is additive wine.

In fact, summer drinks need to be paid more attention to the entrance than winter, because the summer is more mixed. If you drink, you can drink inferiority, the stimulation of the body is very large.

Someone will ask, so there are so many drinks in our country, who can guarantee that you can buy excellent quality and in line with your own taste?

For those who have such confusion, you can actually buy it directly with the experts. This will not have the trouble of choosing wine, and you can buy good quality and cheap wines.

Take the two wines below. Although the fame is not very large, it is often drinking by experts. It tastes good and the price is affordable. People who do not choose wine may wish to see it.

Su Dongpo wine

Su Dongpo wine is a very famous incense -type liquor in Sichuan. It began during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It has a long history and deep heritage. It is one of the "six golden flowers" of white wine in Sichuan Province.Essence

And because the price of this wine is affordable, it looks exactly like Wuliangye, and is also called "Wuliangye Ping replacement".

When many people saw this wine, they thought of Su Shi, a poet in the Song Dynasty. Coincidentally, the winery that made this wine was really built in Meishan City, Sichuan, Sichuan Province, Su Shi.

The natural environment here is very good. The water source has not been polluted. It also has fertile land, and the annual rainfall is also sufficient. Therefore, the grain quality planted here is very high.

The brewing Su Dongpo wine is based on the very high -quality food of the local area, and the high -quality well water in the century -old well, the brewed wine is superior.

The brewing process of the wine is also very exquisite. There are 13 processes in the manufacture, and the good wine will also be fermented in the "non -heritage" century -old cellar for at least 3 years.The liquor is older.

Therefore, this wine not only smells the fragrance of food, but also has a strong cellar fragrance, which makes people intoxicated before drinking.The liquor is crystal clear, very clear, and mellow.

At the entrance of the wine, dense and silky, mellow taste, slightly spicy but not irritating, making people feel comfortable after drinking.

Jingzhi wine

This wine is the representative of Shandong liquor and a wine that old drinkers often drink.This wine is produced from Weifang, Shandong. It has very local characteristics and is currently the most recognized type of alcohol in the industry.Its unique sesame flavor has made many people remember this wine.

This wine has always been called "Lujiu Brother" in the local area, because whether it is a normal banquet or a wedding banquet, you can often see Jingzhi Jiu.

The aroma of this wine is very unique. Because of the characteristics of many fragrant types, the fragrance of Jingzhi wine is rich and rich.The liquor is clear, the taste of the entrance is mellow, and the return is obvious. After drinking, the tongue is full of wine, which can make people taste a long time.

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