Rumor!Can I eat ice cream, crabs and persimmons … Can pregnant women eat it?The answer you want to know is here

Nutritional supply must be strengthened during pregnancy, because all nutrients needed for fetal growth and development come from the mother.Pay attention to nutritional balance and diversification during the entire pregnancy, so as to prevent nutrition from unevenness.But there are many statements about the diet of pregnant women, such as ca n’t eat crabs, ice cream or persimmon. Is this really the case?

1. Ice cream

Some people think that pregnant women cannot eat ice cream or ice cream, or they will cause abortion.It is undeniable that foods that are too cold can cause diarrhea, and severe diarrhea can increase the risk of premature or abortion.However, this does not mean that pregnant women must not eat ice cream. On the premise of good gastrointestinal function, there is no problem eating one or two occasionally.But ice cream is high sugar and high -calorie foods. Eating too much can stimulate the stomach and intensify body obesity.

2. Crab and crayfish

Shell seafood such as crabs and crayfish will not affect the growth and development of the fetus. However, it must be completely cooked to avoid bacteria or parasites, affect the health of the fetus, and buy shell seafood on regular channels.But pregnant women who are allergic to seafood cannot be eaten.

3. Soy products

Many people think that soybeans and soy products contain estrogen, and eating too much can affect pregnant women and fetal health. This is simply nonsense.Soy products contain plant estrogen and low content, even if they eat every day, it will not affect the level of hormone in the body.Soy soybeans contain plant protein, lecithin, and trace elements. Eating in moderation can promote fetal intellectual development.

4. Fruit

Some elderly people think that the fruit is cold, and eating fruits during pregnancy will add heavy uterine cold, which is a wrong cognition.You can eat as long as you eat fruit without diarrhea and discomfort. You should eat 200 ~ 350 grams a day. Choose low sugar and fresh fruits, such as grapefruit, orange kiwi and apples.Do not eat too much high sugar, so as not to increase calorie intake, resulting in huge children.Fruits contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can provide nutrition for the body and promote iron absorption.

5. Meat

Meat contains high -quality protein and fat, and also contains hemin -redin iron that is easy to be absorbed and utilized, which is incomparable with any food.However, the type and intake of good meat should be selected. Do not eat too many animal fat, because the saturated fatty acids containing can cause body obesity.Try to choose lean pork or lean beef to promote fetal growth and development.Pregnant women take 150 ~ 200 grams of meat per day, but they should eat less processed meat products such as bacon and ham sausage.

6. Persimony or carrot and other yellow foods

Some elderly people think that pregnant women eat yellow -colored foods such as persimmons, oranges and carrots can cause the fetus to have jaundice, which has no scientific basis.Whether it is physiological or pathological jaundice, it has nothing to do with diet during pregnancy, so don’t worry too much.

Kind tips

It can be seen that pregnant women can eat the above food in moderation, but they cannot smoke and alcohol, eat less high sugar and high greasy food, far from large -scale meat fish in deep -sea, and drink strong tea or strong coffee every day.Pregnant women eat at least 300 ~ 500 grams of vegetables per day, of which green leafy vegetables account for more than half; they can be matched with vegetables and thickness; drink 150 ~ 300 ml of skimmed milk or low -fat milk every day.In addition, eat less puffed foods such as shrimp or potato chips during pregnancy. The nutritional value is low and the calorie is high, which may lead to obesity or malnutrition of the body.

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