Rumor, should you recuperate when you are pregnant?Obstetrician and gynecologist: Pay attention to exercise, which is good for maternal and infant health

Zhang Junruo and Tang Yixin have attracted everyone’s attention since they got married.

Not long ago, Tang Yixin confirmed the fact that he was pregnant on his personal social platform.In recent days, she took recent photos and wrote: "Summary, I did not expect that the favorite exercise during pregnancy was swimming!"

In the photo, Tang Yixin smiled brightly, stretched his arms, put Pose in the camera, full of girls, and could not see that she was a pregnant woman at all.

In our opinion, most stars can be called the devil figure.Because they have strict control of their figures, they can only stop at the time when we are happy.Even in order to maintain the figure, control the growth of weight during pregnancy, persist in exercise.

I often see that those stars can not see pregnancy for five or six months of pregnancy. Previously, Chen Yihan was almost born and still runs. I can’t see whether it is pregnant.Don’t say that these stars are too hard.

A classmate of Jing Jing is an obstetrician and gynecologist. It is suggested that our civilians are pregnant without special circumstances, and they must exercise frequently, because the benefits of exercise after pregnancy are obvious.

1. Can control weight

Nowadays, most pregnant women are working on static work. Unlike previous workers or farmers, they can exercise at work, so you need to exercise additional exercise to consume extra hot energy for eating.

Control the weight too quickly, prevent the fetus from being too large, and helps to give birth.

2. Improve constipation

During the pregnancy, due to hormones, the intestinal peristalsis will be slower. In addition, the uterine increasing will compress the intestine, and 30%of pregnant women will have different degrees of constipation.

In addition to eating more foods such as eating more dietary fiber in rough grains and vegetables during pregnancy, we must also pay attention to more exercise. Proper exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis and the best way to treat and prevent constipation.

3. Control diabetes during pregnancy

At present, the incidence of diabetes during pregnancy is extremely high, and two pregnant women will happen in ten.

In addition to controlling diet, exercise is also a very recommended treatment method. Appropriate exercise can well control diabetes during pregnancy.

4. Prevent thrombosis

Our blood during pregnancy is in a high -coordinated state. If it is not exercised, it is easy to cause venous plugs in the lower limbs. Exercise during pregnancy can help promote blood circulation to reduce thrombosis.

1. Don’t exercise vigorously

During pregnancy, we need to pay more attention to more, because you are not just a person’s existence. There is a child in your belly. Although we can exercise during pregnancy, remember not to do strenuous exercise.

Because premature miscarriage is prone to early pregnancy exercise, premature births are prone to occurred during the third trimester, and strenuous exercise can also cause children’s fetal position incorrect phenomena. Therefore, women should pay more attention during pregnancy.

2. Don’t stop at all

One is not to exercise violently, and the other is not to be completely motionless.Some pregnant women are very careful for the first time of pregnancy, for fear that their bumps will affect their children.So they chose to nest in the room and lie on the bed.

In fact, this approach will affect yourself and children.

First of all, lying in bed for a long time will make the blood circulation of the whole body slower, and the blood can easily solidify in the microcirculation. These coagulated small blood clots will block the blood vessels and are common in the deep venous blood vessels of the lower limbs and pelvis.

Secondly, pregnant women do not exercise for a long time will also affect their digestive function.Because the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption ability of pregnant women during pregnancy is originally poor, constipation often occurs. When they are always bed in bed, they will only aggravate their constipation.

3. Don’t be stubborn

Some women are more strong, even during pregnancy, it is a state of disappointment.Before pregnancy, they could do a lot of exercise and long -lasting time.However, after pregnancy, their physical strength will decline, and the state of exercise will be poor.

Some pregnant women have dizzy, nausea, and local pain after excessive exercise, and they have always insisted on not being able to lose. This is not responsible for themselves and children.When you find that you are abnormal, you should stop exercise and go to the hospital for examination immediately instead of blindly stubborn.

1. Walk

Doctors said that walking is one of the best exercises for pregnant women. Walking is not strenuous exercise, and it will not bring a great burden on the body of pregnant women. At the same time, it can also bring great benefits to pregnant women and fetuses.

After eating, walking can be appropriately eliminated to make fats healthier, and can also give more fresh air. By walking this aerobic exercise, high blood oxygen content of pregnant women will pass the tires directly to promote all kindsOrgan health development is useful for the fetus.

Reminder: The walking intensity is about 30 minutes each time, 1 to 2 times a week.

2. Pregnant yoga

Pregnant women are very suitable for some pregnant women’s yoga during pregnancy, because pregnant women can calm the nerves of pregnant mothers, calm the anxious mood of pregnant women, and enhance the confidence and courage of pregnant women, help pregnant mothers overcome fatigue, promote bloodThe cycle is especially benefited in the birth process.

Reminder: If pregnant women practice yoga, it is best to 2-3 times a week. Generally, it is recommended that the practice time is 30 ~ 60 minutes.Beginners suggest that it is enough to practice for 30 minutes.

3. Raise dumbbells

Many people do not understand why a pregnant woman should raise dumbbell during pregnancy. She is a child, not to be a bodybuilding coach.That can only be said that you still know too little.

If the dumbbells are mostly to exercise the power of the pregnant woman, because when the pregnant woman is born, the strength of the hand is still very important. When they can’t stand it, they need to grasp other things to reduce their pain.Therefore, lingering dumbbells is still necessary for most pregnant women.

Reminder: It is recommended to control each weight within 1.8kg, take about 10 minutes each time, and insist 2 times a day.

Mother Jing said: Every pregnant woman is a "national treasure" character at home. In order to ensure the safety and health of our children and children, we must pay more attention to safety during exercise. These precautions are indispensable.

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