Rumor, giving birth to dysmenorrhea?Doctor: There are conditions for giving birth to dysmenorrhea, and it cannot be satisfied that it cannot be cured

Introduction: An old nurse in the emergency room said that in her emergency bed, it is usually men, and women are generally more resistant to pain.Women’s pain will not only experience the pain of having children, but even some uncomfortable girls have started from adolescence.

Xiaolong is such a less lucky girl. Since the age of 13, she has to take painkillers every month. From the beginning, I have to eat two at a time.

Because she was so painful every month when she had a menstruation every month, she felt that she couldn’t survive without taking painkillers. How could Xiaolong feel that being a woman is so troublesome?

Xiaolong also went to see a doctor. After the B -ultrasound, the doctor did not see the uterus problem, and Xiaolong was young. The doctor said that it should be a primary dysmenorrhea. It was not easy to treat.

The doctor also said: It may be better to have a child.

Xiaolong’s aunt also said that she had dysmenorrhea when she was not married before. Later, after getting married and having a child, dysmenorrhea was indeed much better, so Xiaolong has always been convinced of having a child’s dysmenorrhea.

Until Xiaolong got married, I didn’t want to have children so soon, but I wanted to have a child to cure dysmenorrhea. There was no contraception after marriage. I became pregnant after three months of marriage. After pregnancy, I did not have menstruation after pregnancy. In additionThe lactation has not come to menstruation, and it has been stopped for almost two years before menstruation.

For the first time, I have less menstruation, which is a bit painful, but it is not particularly serious. There is no need to take analgesic medicine. Xiaolong thinks that this baby is so good. Even the dysmenorrhea that has troubled himself can be treated.

But the good times didn’t last long. In the second month, the menstruation hurt again. I couldn’t help but take painkillers.Why is there a child’s dysmenorrhea? Xiaolong is not good?Xiaolong went to see the doctor again. The doctor said that it would be better if everyone had giving birth to a child.


1. Prostaglandin making monsters

Generally, most of the little girls have a menstrual dysmenorrhea. Most of them are primary dysmenorrhea. The most likely cause of primary dysmenorrhea is that the uterus is shrinking too much, and there is blood vessels in the uterus. Once shrinkage will cause ischemia and hypoxia, it is like a hypoxia, just like it is like ischemia and hypoxia.When we grabbed the fist too tightly, we felt the same pain.

In the next menstruation, prostaglandin stimulates the smooth muscle contraction of the uterus to discharge the thickened endometrium. However, some women’s prostaglandin is higher or the body is sensitive to prostaglandin, which stimulates the uterine smooth muscle contraction can cause pain.

Coupled with prostaglandin, it will also enlarge our feeling of pain, so some dysmenorrhea really wants to make people roll over and want to vomit.

The prostaglandin is high when the menstrual flow is large, and the prostaglandin is low in menstrual.

2. The position of the uterus is not right

Some women are congenital uterine back positions or excessive flexing. It is more difficult to end the endometrium to discharge the body, so it will cause dysmenorrhea, and it will also feel abdominal distension.

3. The exit of menstrual blood is too small

Some of the primary dysmenorrhea is because the cervix is relatively narrow. When the large pieces of the uterine endometrium, the blood of the uterine endometrium encounters resistance when the cervical mouth is under the narrow cervix. If the blood flow is not smooth, it will also feel that the abdomen and abdomen will feel pain.

4. Women have some diseases of reproductive systems

Generally, there is no pain when I first come to menstruation. After that, pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or uterine muscle adenia.Such dysmenorrhea is also called secondary dysmenorrhea.

1. Putting the position of the uterus when the delivery

The uterus will increase during pregnancy, and the increased uterus will slowly turn the flexion to righteousness, and the position of the uterus is correct when the uterine recovery after birth.So no longer dysmenorrhea after giving birth to a baby.

2. The cervical expansion of the harem has become larger when the delivery

It is still a kind of dysmenorrhea that is too large, and the menstrual blood cannot flow out when the cervical mouth is not flowing, resulting in dysmenorrhea, and such dysmenorrhea can also be relieved when the dysmenorrhea is produced.Because the palace mouth has a ten fingers when giving birth, the palace mouth is not so small when you recover.

3. The ability to endure pain after giving birth to a baby becomes stronger

A baby can make a woman a superman, and at the same time interrupt the people of the ten ribs, the tolerance of dysmenorrhea will be greatly improved.So the pain of dysmenorrhea is already small.I may not feel pain when I have menstruation.

4. By the way when giving birth to a baby

For example, when the uterine fibroids are pregnant, the fibroids are directly cut directly, and the dysmenorrhea will improve.This is the cousin of Jing, the second child, and the uterine fibroids were found before the second child. Every time I menstruation, I would not hurt, because if you want to get pregnant, do you recommend that you can dispel it by yourself after pregnancy.When the fetus was taken out, the uterine fibroids were cut.

Later, I was pregnant with my second child, and the fibroids did not disappear. They were directly cesas. After giving birth, the dysmenorrhea was no longer.

1. Endometriosis

If dysmenorrhea is caused by endometriosis, it may also cause difficulty in pregnancy, so you cannot wait for the baby to cure the dysmenorrhea. If severe dysmenorrhea occurs, you must go to the hospital for examination.Treatment of the disease is to be cured.

2. Severe pelvic inflammatory disease

The dysmenorrhea caused by inflammation must be treated first to give birth to baby, otherwise it is not easy to get pregnant.

3. There is no dysmenorrhea before, which may cause dysmenorrhea

If the cervical and uterine cavity adhesion is caused if the caesarean section is generated by a caesarean section, the menstrual blood can also cause dysmenorrhea.””

Some dysmenorrhea can be treated by giving birth, but more dysmenorrhea can be solved by giving birth.It is recommended to go to the hospital to check if there are any diseases. You can treat it as soon as possible. The primary dysmenorrhea that cannot be treated can also be relieved by paying attention to diet, warmth, etc.Use painkillers, but be careful not to excess, otherwise it will cause analgesic dependence.””

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