Rumor: You can’t use skin care products during pregnancy, don’t flicker anymore

As long as the pregnancy is determined, many pregnant women will be preached by the old man.The pregnant woman is afraid that she will be afraid that she will hurt the baby in the stomach in case of wrong.

Do not let skin care products

I believe that many pregnant women basically do not need skin care products during pregnancy. Even if they are marked with skin care products for pregnant women, pregnant women are afraid that the chemical components inside will hurt the baby and refuse to use it. In fact, most skin care products can only stay on the surface of the skin.Passing through the placenta affects the baby’s growth, and after pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women will be relatively dry, it is easy to grow spots and acne. It is completely possible to use hydrating skin care products. As long as it does not contain whitening and anti -aging effects.

Do not let other children

Do not hold other children’s children when you are pregnant.In fact, the stomach of a pregnant woman is inconvenient. If you hold another child, they may be very lively because they are more lively and active, and they will accidentally kick the pregnant woman’s belly, which is very dangerous for the baby in the belly.Especially now many pregnant women have a second child, and they have to take care of Dabao with their stomachs. The weight of the body is limited, so be careful.

Can’t participate in red and white things

Many elderly people think that pregnant women should avoid these places when they are red and white, not only bad for the master, but also affect the baby in the belly.In fact, these occasions are not unable to participate, but there are more people in this occasion. In case there are bear children running around and hitting themselves.And the atmosphere is not good, it is easy to affect the emotions of pregnant women.In order to keep the fetus healthy and stable, it is recommended that pregnant women take more rest at home.

Don’t let your hair cut

Do not move the knife during pregnancy. If the pregnant woman cuts her hair, some parts of the baby may be lost, which sounds very scary.However, the body of the pregnant woman is originally bulky. Each time she washed her hair, it took a long time to do bending down, which was not good for the baby in the stomach.And if you do n’t cut your hair throughout your pregnancy, it ’s not easy to clean up when confinement. It’ s inconvenient to breastfeed pregnant women.

The reason why these statements have always been circulated is that they also hope that pregnant women can give birth to their babies peacefully. In order to make the old people feel at ease, pregnant women can do it appropriately according to their statement.

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