Rumor: Menstruation means that you are not pregnant

The sign of pregnancy is that menstruation stops, so some young women think that as long as this month is still coming, there is no pregnancy.

A friend, she had an abnormal menstruation, she hadn’t come to the days when she had come, and her stomach hurt.After all, menstruation came, but started dysmenorrhea.Even if you stand up, you will feel dizzy.People are so weak that they are too painful to eat painful slices.Later, when I went to the hospital, the doctor gave an amazing diagnosis: ectopic pregnancy, and must be surgery immediately.During the operation, it was found that her ectopic pregnancy had broken, and 1,000 ml of blood in her abdominal cavity was already lost. If she was later, she might lose her life.

The so -called ectopic pregnancy is that the fertilized eggs do not "grow" into the uterus, but "planting" on the fallopian tube, also known as fallopian tube pregnancy, which is easy to break.Once it is ruptured, bleeding can cause bleeding, such as too much blood loss, which may cause patients to die.

The proportion of ectopic pregnancy is not high.According to foreign statistics, about 2%of women may have ectopic pregnancy.After 40 days of pregnancy, women should go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination to eliminate ectopic pregnancy in time.

Like my friend, bleeding caused by ectopic pregnancy is not uncommon for menstruation.Therefore, special attention: women who are in fertility age, such as the recent history of sexual life, and sudden menstruation, or severe dysmenorrhea, then once vaginal bleeding, it is likely that this is likely to be caused by ectopic pregnancy.Ordinary people need to fully understand the symptoms of the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy:

The first is abdominal pain.The lower abdomen is painful and has a sense of defecation. I always want to go to the toilet.Sometimes it is painful, accompanied by cold sweat.When the ectopic pregnancy is ruptured, the patient will feel pain like a tearing lower abdomen on one side, often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The second point is menopause.Ectopic pregnancy generally has symptoms such as menopause, irregular vaginal bleeding, and abdominal pain.Check the hyperbone of blood hormones in blood chori membranes, and the blood progesterone is less than 10.If an ectopic pregnancy rupture, severe abdominal pain will occur, check the internal bleeding signs.

Ectopic pregnancy is not difficult to treat. Nowadays, the medical level is improved. As long as it is visited in time, it will generally not endanger life.

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