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Most pregnant women increase the phenomenon of frequent urination in the early pregnancy factor.In the third trimester, because the fetal head decreases, this frequency of urination is more serious than early pregnancy. Individual pregnant women even have dysuria.

Frequent urination refers to the increase in the number of urination times.Normal adults urinate 4-6 times a day, 0 to 2 times after going to bed at night.If the amount of urination increases significantly, exceeding the above range is called frequent urination.

Normal urine during pregnancy

① The number of urination is increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, and urinating more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

② There is no urgency, pain, fever, low back pain during urination.

③ The urine color is normal, no turbid, and no hematuria.

④ Urine examination does not have inflammation such as red blood cells or abnormal white blood cells.

Normal urinary frequency phenomenon can be relieved after the baby is born.In addition, because the liquid in the body during pregnancy should be discharged from the body during pregnancy, the frequency of urine is still existed within a few days after delivery, and the frequency and urine output of urination will increase.After a few days, it can return to normal.

Pathological urinary frequent urination

① The number of urination is increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, and urinating more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

② Accompanied by urgency, dysuria, fever and other phenomena, I always feel poor urine.

③ The urine is turbid and even hematuria.

④ Symptoms such as thirst, drinking, and urine.

⑤ Urine examination found a large amount of white blood cells, red blood cells, and even a small amount of urine protein in the urine.

If you feel pain or burning when urination, or have a strong sense of urination, but you can only urinate a few drops, then you should take a diagnosis in time.

This may be a sign of urinary tract infection.Urinary tract infection is a common bacterial infection in pregnant women. If it is not treated, it may cause nephritis or premature birth.

Pathological urinary frequent urination and pain, it is undoubted to see it in time.However, normal urine also affects the aspects of pregnant women. What should I do?

01 often do anal reduction exercise

The anal reduction can train the tension of the bottom muscle and help control urination.You can also do pelvic relaxation exercises to prevent stress incontinence.

Method: Kneeling down on the limbs, crawling, straightening the back, shrinking the hip muscles, pushing the pelvis to the abdomen, and bowing, and relaxing after a few seconds.Repeated exercises, but do it.

02 Appropriate amount of water replenishment

Specific mothers should alleviate frequent urination during pregnancy and can change the amount of drinking water in daily life.Proper water supplement, do not drink too much water.When going out, you must go to the toilet with urine. Do not urinate to avoid causing cystitis or bacterial infections.

03 Eat less diuretic food

Pregnant moms should not eat diuretic food at night and at the end of pregnancy, such as Poria, Winter melon, kelp, corn beard, etc., so as to avoid eating more.

04 Avoid lying on your back

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to lying on the side when resting to avoid supine.Sideline can reduce the compression of the uterus to the ureter and prevent the accumulation of urine infection with the accumulation of urine in the pelvis and ureter.

Experts remind that pregnant mothers who are accustomed to sleeping should be careful of "lying on their back hypotension syndrome", which will cause shock in severe cases.

05 pads cannot be used for too long

After pregnancy, urine always wants to come. If the pregnant mother fails to go to the toilet in time, she may urinate on the pants.Therefore, the use of pads during pregnancy can avoid such embarrassing things.Note that the pads must be replaced frequently to prevent bacterial infections.

The above methods can effectively alleviate frequent symptoms of urinary urinary dysuria during pregnancy. Hurry up and get rid of countless embarrassing moments as soon as possible.

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