Remind expectant mothers: If you want to take medicine during pregnancy, you need to master these 5 drug principles!

After women’s pregnancy, the enzymes in the body will change, resulting in a great impact on the metabolic process of some drugs. After most drugs entering pregnant women, it is not easy to be excreted, which can easily cause drug accumulation poisoning.

And these pharmacological ingredients directly affect the fetus through the placenta, which is very harmful to the development of the fetus.However, during pregnancy, many pregnant women will have some uncomfortable phenomena, such as colds, fever, etc. At this time, pregnant women need to take some drugs for treatment.

So, how should pregnant women use medicine to be safer?

1. Choose medicine under the guidance of a doctor

If pregnant women have some discomfort, or when they have some diseases, do not go to the pharmacy to buy any drugs by themselves, nor can they refer to other people to take drugs for drug selection.

Once choosing it by itself, it is likely to affect the normal development of the fetus and damage the mother’s health.Pregnant women should go to a regular hospital quickly. According to the cause and disease, under the guidance of the doctor, choose a drug that has no toxic and side effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

2. Strictly follow the dose

Even the drug prescribed by a doctor, pregnant women must take it in strict accordance with the dosage when taking it.When there are many pregnant women, when they have a cold, fever or cough, etc., they will not be eliminated for a long time after taking the medicine, so they will increase the dose without permission.

In this way, the pharmacological ingredients entering the body will increase, and the toxic and side effects produced will double, which will cause great harm to the fetus and pregnant women.

Third, try to avoid combined medication

When many pregnant women suffer from some diseases, they will not only take some drugs prescribed by doctors, but also listen to other people’s claims that taking some Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine, this behavior must be prohibited.

When combined with medication, the efficacy will indeed increase many times, but the combined medication will respond to the body a greater response.Pharmacological ingredients will even enter the placenta, which will directly endanger the normal development of the fetus.

Fourth, pay attention to fetal poison and side effects

Pregnant women must consult a doctor in detail before taking any drugs, which is toxic to the fetus.Or whether this drug will cause abnormal uterine smooth muscle contraction and whether the fetus will cause deformity.For example, tetracycline antibiotic drugs, if pregnant women take it, it is likely to cause fetal malformations.

In addition, some traditional Chinese medicines such as Ba Doudou, Fan Xieye, Rhubarb, Peach Ren, Sahwood, etc. These drugs have a strong effect on activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.Once pregnant women are taken, they will cause the danger of abortion.

Fifth, take the minimum dose

Regardless of what kind of drugs, pregnant women should be taken at the lowest dose when taking it.

Although some drugs are not very large on the side effects of pregnant women and fetuses, all drugs have certain side effects after taking them.Therefore, when taking the medicine, try to take the minimum dose as much as possible to minimize the damage caused by the drug.

All in all, after women are pregnant, do not take any medicines by themselves, including some traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, Chinese medicine, and some health medicines.When suffering from some diseases, you need to take medicine, first go to a regular hospital for treatment, and then take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, if pregnant women suffer from some diseases that are not serious, such as colds or symptoms of mild cough, it is best not to take medicine, and physical therapy can be taken, such as improving the diet structure.Not only can it play a role in improving the symptoms of discomfort, it will not hurt the health of itself and the fetus.

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