Remind expectant mothers: 4 abnormalities occur during pregnancy, or indicate that the fetus is wrong, you need to seek medical treatment in time

After many husbands and wives have completed the task of getting married, pregnant children have to put on the agenda.

It can be said that children are one of the important factors for strengthening the emotions of both husband and wife, and expectant mothers can feel more happiness during pregnancy, because their belly is giving birth to a new small life.

And women are most concerned about the health of the fetus during pregnancy.

However, for younger novice mothers, if you do not know about relevant knowledge in advance before pregnancy, it will be difficult to face the emergencies that occur during pregnancy, thereby threatening the fetus and his own health.

Therefore, when enjoying the joy of the baby, many families should conduct in -depth analysis of various types of pregnancy knowledge to enhance the awareness of novice mothers.

In addition, the mother has a certain emotional connection with the fetus. Only by deepening the cognition can we better feel the signal passed by the fetus.

Generally speaking, if the expectant mother feels some kind of abnormality, it may be that the fetus has a problem. Without the corresponding attention and attention, the fetus will have a miscarriage.

Therefore, after the following four abnormalities appear, expectant mothers should seek medical treatment in time, do not delay time, and avoid fetal stops.

So what should expectations during pregnancy?

Babies have always lived in the mother’s uterus before birth. At this time, the fetus’s feelings of the outside world cannot be expressed in words and actions.

And there is a certain connection between the mother and the fetus. At this time, if the mother feels abnormal, it is likely to be the "signal" from the fetus to the mother for help.

Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must keep vigilance, and do not mistake the "signal" sent by the fetus as the interaction between the fetus and herself.

During this period, any small symptoms will imply the health of the fetus, and expectant mothers are unable to.

In particular, mothers in the third trimester should improve their sense of perception, increase the number of medical examinations in the third trimester, and carefully check their own physical changes.

If you have a problem, you must seek medical treatment in time, and prevent health problems through effective monitoring and examination.

So what abnormal phenomena should expectations should pay attention to?

The following four aspects may be affected by the bad factors of the baby’s development, and expectant mothers can make a reference.

If these types of problems occur, please seek medical treatment in time, so as not to be dangerous with the fetus!

Stomach pain is one of the easiest fetal problems during pregnancy.

Some women’s menstrual pain per month is very serious, and this phenomenon will increase the pain threshold of expectant mothers to a certain extent.

During pregnancy, it is difficult for expectant mothers to link such pain to the fetus, but delay the treatment time.

The growth of the fetus in the uterus is not a simple matter.

In ancient times, many people were called "Ghost Gate", which can also be seen from the hardships and pains of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the mother had to endure the pain caused by fetal growth.

Some of these pains are normal. For example, the baby will quickly expand the uterus during development, which will cause the mother’s uterus or abdominal pain.

Or the contraction of the uterus during pregnancy in the third trimester also causes pain in the abdomen, which is a normal reaction caused by the fetus during pregnancy.

Specific mothers don’t have to worry too much, because such abdominal pain comes quickly and will not happen often.

And pregnant women can be effectively relieved after rest.

This type of reaction also means that the baby and the mother are very healthy.So which pains need to pay attention to the prospective mothers?

If the abdominal pain lasts longer, the pain is very strong and unbearable, and is accompanied by spasm during abdominal pain, expectant mothers and her family should pay attention.

This more extreme pain is likely to cause abortion of expectant mothers, and the cause of pain should be determined in a timely manner.

Secondly, bleeding during pregnancy should also be valued by expectant mothers.

A small amount of bleeding in early pregnancy is normal, and it is also called drip bleeding by doctors.However, if the amount of bleeding has not improved over time, it should even be paid more serious.

There are many reasons for expectant mothers to bleed during pregnancy, and it is difficult to prescribe the right medicine based on personal speculation.Such as the most common reasons are cervical polyps, ectopic pregnancy or hydatiditic tires.

Therefore, there is unknown blood stains on the underwear during pregnancy, and the color is bright red. Do not procrastinate pregnant women to go to the hospital in time.

So what is a hydatidifier?Many expectant mothers know more about cervical polyps and ectopic pregnancy, but they only have a sporadic understanding of hydatidites.

Portuguese tires refer to the growth rate of mothers in the early pregnancy belly exceeding normal standards.

Because the pregnant woman’s lower abdomen will gradually increase with the "blowing balloon", in the first three months, the lower abdomen is not obvious.

The expectant mothers who have hydatidia will simply see that there are signs of pregnancy and have irregular vaginal bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is by no means a good sign of fetal and mothers. Many problems of fetal problems are often reflected from the mother’s body.

If a pregnant woman really has a problem of vaginal bleeding, she can take tire protection drugs under the advice of the doctor and stay in bed to reconcile in time.

In addition, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding are likely to occur at the same time. Expectant mothers need to go to the hospital to check to see if there is an ectopic pregnancy or a precursor abortion.

After all, pregnancy is not a child’s play. Any wind and grass must attract attention, so as not to danger during pregnancy.

It can be seen that when vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain are difficult to bear, expectant mothers must seize the fetal demand signal.

After all, only through authoritative testing and diagnosis and treatment can better protect the safety of the mother and the fetus.

The fetal movement is a kind of incentive for novice nurses or dads. This not only represents the life that the two people are breeding are interacting with them, but also implying that a newborn is coming.

Generally speaking, fetal movement can only be clearly perceived after 4 months of pregnancy.

The quasi-mothers or prospective dad who perceive the center can find a certain law, such as 7: 00-9: 00 in the morning or 11: 00-1: 00 is the most active period of the fetus.

At this time, the interactive frequency of the fetus can be recorded to perceive the interaction of the fetus.

And this time is also the best time period for prospective dads and expectant mothers and fetuses.

From the perspective of prenatal education, at this time, the emotional emotions of both parents will give the fetus more sense of security, and the fetus can respond to sound, light and pain in the interaction.

However, if the abnormal and strong fetal movement is obviously felt in the process of prenatal education or interaction, the number of fetal movements of the fetus increases or decreases.

Moms should improve their vigilance and go to the hospital in time. So why is this?

In medical, normal fetal movements should be about 3-5 times per hour, and fetal movements are more than 30-40 times every 12 hours.

If the fetal movement is far lower than that of these data, it is likely that the fetus is not comfortable in the uterus.

And there is a certain probability that the fetus encounters problems such as hypoxia, umbilical cord around the neck, poor placental function, and early placental stripping.

Fetal movement is an effective way to convey her own information to the mother and father in the early days of the fetus. In this process, the prospective mother must never ignore the importance of fetal movement!

When you encounter fetal movements, you should be highly vigilant and go to the hospital in time!

Pregnancy reactions are the most common problems in pregnant women. Hormones in pregnant women have changed rapidly after pregnancy. At this time, pregnant women will have basic problems such as vomiting, loss of appetite, and breast pain.

For people’s health, the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy will also change.This is the most basic physiological reaction of pregnant women, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

Some people think that it is a good thing to have no pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. After all, the mother does not have to suffer from vomiting or the pain of other pregnancy problems.

Is this really the case?Is it really a good thing for pregnant women to react to her and the fetus?

In fact, if there is no human intervention, expectant mothers will not have the most basic pregnancy characteristics. It may be that the fetus stops developing in the mother’s body.

At this time, pregnant women need to go to the hospital for examination in time to understand the detailed situation and then consider it.

Some expectant mothers have severe pregnancy reactions during pregnancy. They do not pay attention to this issue in the early stage. They believe that this is the fetus for self -protection, but is very happy.

But this idea is also wrong!

If the mother can spit a little food during pregnancy, she can’t eat a little food, and she will spit out even drinking water.

The fetus does not get any nutrients in the uterus, and it is difficult to grow up healthily. This strong pregnancy reaction is even more unfavorable to the growth of the fetus.

Therefore, if the expectant mothers have a severe problem of pregnancy, they also need to go to the hospital for examination to take drugs based on the doctor’s guidance.

Only when the mother guarantees her own health, can more nutrients be transported into the fetus.

After pregnancy, the hormone of the expectant mother will change to a certain extent. Many pregnant women will treat this situation as an ordinary skin problem, which is difficult to connect it with the fetus in the body.

After the problem of itching of the whole body, you choose some applied ointment for treatment, but the effect is not satisfactory.

In fact, such concepts and treatment directions have errors.

Hepatogenic bile during pregnancy may cause stasis during pregnancy, causing itching problems such as the abdomen, palms, toes, and arms of pregnant women.

This situation is likely to cause fetal suffocation and premature birth, so expectant mothers must not ignore the phenomenon of whole body itching.

Take a step back, even if itching of the whole body does not cause fetal problems, pregnant women will be difficult to fall asleep because of this phenomenon, which makes the prospective mother’s mental weakness and loss of appetite.

During the pregnancy, if the expectant mothers have problems with physical problems, do not provide medicine without permission, but should be treated through the guidance of a regular hospital.

Because the ingredients in many ointments will affect the fetus, it is not conducive to the health of expectant mothers and fetuses.

At the same time, expectant mothers should also maintain personal hygiene, do a good job of cleaning in various places, and keep their physical and mental state in a happy state!

In summary, the arrival of each small life is full of the expectations of the family. When enjoying the joy of coming to the family in the family, expectant mothers should also pay attention to the various situations of the fetus in the belly.

After all, there are many unstable factors at this stage of fetal growth and development.

Only by paying more attention and examination can you better understand your physical changes and the growth of the fetus.

When you encounter a problem with your body, don’t "be able to drag", but you should go to the hospital for examination in time to find out the problem with the right medicine!In this way, the health of the mother and the fetus.

The families with pregnant women must also be prepared. At this stage, pregnant women are very painful both psychological and physical.

At this time, the expectant mother should live carefully every day, and even the food she likes to eat should be quit, worried that it will have a negative impact on the fetus.

During the production process, women have suffered unspeakable pain, and men may not understand for a lifetime.

Therefore, in daily life, men must love and cherish their wives.

So what do you know about knowledge during pregnancy?Are expectant mothers ready to welcome new life?You can leave a message in the comment area below and interact with us!

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