Remember, don’t eat too salty during pregnancy

Specific mothers, do you like to eat foods with heavy taste during pregnancy or a light diet?According to the editor, after pregnancy, many expectant mothers tend to choose some of the heavier snacks because they want to vomit.However, many expectant mothers do not know that eating too much salt during pregnancy has a bad impact on themselves and the fetus.

1. Cause high blood pressure and other diseases

Pregnant women often choose to have salty snacks, which can easily cause pregnant women to cause hypertension during pregnancy during pregnancy.

2. Baby’s face is black and yellow

The skin of the fetus for pregnant women who have eaten salty is difficult to be white.People who eat too much salt are rough and black, and they are even more obvious after sun exposure.Because eating too much salt, the increase in sodium ions in the body will cause facial cells to lose water, which will cause skin aging. Over time, wrinkles will increase.If pregnant women want beautiful babies, they can naturally not eat salty.

3. The baby’s hair is falling off and the hair quality is yellow

Eating too much salt to pregnant women affects the health of the hair. If you want to develop beautifully, you must eat less salty food.Eating too salty will not only cause nutritional metabolic hair loss, but also make hair dry.In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, the hair is dark and shiny, and the hair of the kidney qi is dry and yellow.Excessive diet will increase the burden on the kidneys, cause sodium discharge disorders, thereby increasing blood pressure, disorders of protein metabolism, affecting the formation of protein in the hair, and lighter or even withering the hair color.If pregnant women eat salty during pregnancy, the baby may have bald phenomenon in the future.

4. Freckles

Pregnant women with excessive diet may cause facial freckles to hyperplasia.Eating too much salt can also cause freckles in the cheeks.If there are too many animal fats and proteins at the same time, it will affect the normal metabolism of the liver and make freckles more conspicuous.If the skin is good, the more scientific method is to drink plenty of water to help the skin detoxify, and at the same time control the daily salt intake below six grams.If allowed, it is actually more healthy for pregnant women to have less salt and oil, which is healthier.

5. Facial edema

Pregnant women eat too salty endocrine, so moisture metabolism disorders often occur. If so long for a long time, it often occurs with edema. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a light diet during pregnancy.

Moms, be careful not to eat too salty during pregnancy!

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