Regardless of men and women, insist on soaking in water with peppercorns, and persist for two weeks, the benefits may be quietly coming

Pepper, namely Sichuan pepper, Shu pepper, and order of peppers, distributed in northern my country to southwest, and North China, Central China, and South China are also distributed.

The peppercorns in Hanyuan, Sichuan. Since the Tang Dynasty and the years, it has been listed as a tribute. In ancient times, it was called "tribute peppers". Historical books were recorded.Essence

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that peppercorns are vivid and warm, and they return to the spleen, stomach, and kidney meridians.In addition to the use of seasonings, it is actually a very good Chinese medicinal material. This is very worthy of our learning and collection.


Regardless of men and women, insist on soaking in water with peppercorns, and persist for two weeks, the benefits may be quietly coming

1. Antibacterial and anti -inflammatory

The most painful thing to get angry is toothache. Sometimes the toothache people can’t sleep well, and there are always long oral ulcers in the mouth, and it will hinder it when eating.The first one will be reacted.

There are two nutrients in peppercorns, one is volatile oil and the other is aromatic substances. They can to a certain extent to a certain extent, eliminate harmful bacteria in the mouth, alleviate the symptoms of toothache and oral ulcers.

2. Remove insect repellent

If there is a tapeworm in the child’s body, the tapeworm will absorb nutrients. Not only is the child lean thin, but it may also have stomach pain.The peppercorns have the effects of insecticide and paralysis. In research, the volatile oil contained in peppercorns can severely poison the pig’s tapeworm in the thermal insulation.

When there is a tapeworm in the child and feel the stomach hurts, drink a glass of pepper water, which can not only relieve or stop stomach pain, but also expel parasites in the intestine to help the child excrete.

3. Prevent hemorrhoids

Whether it is a man or a woman, due to the frequent exercise in life, the constipation has increased, and hemorrhoids come, which directly affects a person’s life mode and quality of life.

Everyone may wish to drink with a bowl of pepper water every day, to a certain extent to effectively prevent the production of hemorrhoids, and play a good effect on preventing hemorrhoids.

4. Relieve dysmenorrhea

Some ingredients in peppercorns have a certain analgesic effect, especially in alleviating dysmenorrhea caused by palace cold. Female friends drink some pepper water in life to effectively promote blood circulation and stasis and prevent menstrual irregularities.

Drug soup is soaked or massaged these reflex areas, which can make the whole body dredging and smooth blood. It can regulate the functions of all parts of the human body, relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, and also achieve the effects of self -care for the disease prevention and treatment.

5. Liver protection and diarrhea

The peppercorns are warm, and the use of peppercorns to soak water can effectively promote the blood circulation speed in the body to have a certain conditioning effect on the gastrointestinal and intestines. Promote the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines in the body to discharge the toxic and garbage in the body, and the peppercorns can also anti -inflammatory and detoxify, improve the human body to improve the human bodyLiver function.


In addition, there are these wonderful uses of peppercorns

【1】 Pepper of pepper water soak feet

Soaking your feet with peppercorns can not only remove cold and dampness, treat white hair, but also make the sleep effect better.

Method: Use a cotton cloth to wrap a handful of peppercorns, tie it with a cotton rope, and cook in the pot for 30 minutes. After the peppercorns are warmed, you can use it to soak your feet.Second-rate.

【2】 Treatment of onychomycosis, tinea -and -foot ringworm

Gray nails and tinea tinea are caused by skin fungal infections.Both vinegar and garlic can antifursed bacteria. The use of the two together can achieve better results.

Method: 250 grams of vinegar and garlic. Put the garlic and put it into the bottle, pour the vinegar, and soak for 24 hours.

Soak the hand with gray nails with garlic vinegar, once a night, soak for 15-20 minutes. During the soaking process, the garlic vinegar solution is most suitable to soak the diseased armor.However, it should be noted that if there are ulcers around the affected area, do not use it for the time being.

[3] Food anti -insects, vegetable cabinet anti -ants

The food stored is crooked. Put dozens of peppercorns with a cloth bag, and the worm will run or die by itself.

A vegetable cabinet anti -ant, dozens of pepper pepper in the cabinet, the ants dare not go in.Food and flies, put some peppercorns next to the food and meat, the flies will not climb.

【4】 Prevent influenza

In the winter, the flu virus is very active. It may not pay attention to the infection of the influenza virus. At this time, you may wish to choose the peppercorns. It has the effects of relieving heat and pain and sophisticated watches, which can prevent headache and fever.

Top 20 grams of cypress leaves and 50 grains of peppercorns together, soak in 500 ml of liquor for half a month, can be taken for half a month, which can prevent respiratory tract infection and digestive tract infection.


Taboo for peppercorns

1. Pregnant women, those who do not take the yin deficiency and fire;

2, lung -stomachin is hot, or cough and sputum, or noisy vinegar heart, vomiting acid water, or blood in the large intestine and heat, salty should not be used.

3. All diarrhea is not avoided because of the fiery violence instead of the cold and cold.

4, the feet of yin and feet are weak, because the essence of blood is exhausted and the fate is caused by the deficiency of deficiency of the door, it is not advisable to enter the coke.

The efficacy, wonderful use and taboo taboos of peppercorns are introduced here. Little peppercorns are used in great use. Don’t underestimate it.

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