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Palpitations are a term we often hear in life, but we don’t know much about it.So, what are the causes of palpitations in life? When will there be danger when palpitations? How to do it to avoid palpitations? Xiaobian compiled some knowledge about palpitations, and let us take a look.

1. The cause of palpitations

1. When a person’s emotional anxiety is nervous, inner disturbance, fear, or other emotions, it is easy to cause palpitations.

2. After a period of severe exercise, it will also cause palpitations.

3. Drink coffee, tea, and too much chocolate.

4. Eat some illegal drugs similar to Cocaine and so on.

5. People with anemia and hypoglycemias can easily lead to palpitations when they are shocked by electric shocks and dehydrated their bodies.

6. Pregnant women’s pregnancy, physiological period, and menopausal hormonal changes will easily cause palpitations.

Second, palpitations are dangerous

In general, palpitations will not be very dangerous, but it feels uncomfortable.But it is still a symptom of heart rate disorders. If you have the following symptoms, you need to pay attention:

1. Fatigue and dizziness.

2. The upper back, arms, neck, chin have pain, or chest tightness.

3, breathing increase, feeling of difficulty breathing.

4. The body does not belong to normal sweat.

5. There are diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.

6. The pulse exceeds 100 times per minute.

Third, avoid palpitations

If you want to improve the symptoms of palpitations, the most important thing is to improve the lifestyle, for example, the following points:

1. Drink less coffee, even if you need to refresh, you can use other relatively healthy ways.

2. Develop good habits, do not smoke or drink.

3. Frequent exercise and growing physique.

4. Eat less drugs that can cause palpitations

5. Relax, often take deep breath, reduce mental stress and relieve mood anxiety through this.

6. Pay attention to the correct way to relieve fatigue after strenuous exercise.

In life, do n’t panic when you suddenly feel palpitated. You can go to the hospital for inspection first to let yourself feel at ease.After that, you can carefully reflect on what causes palpitations, and then make specific improvements.In normal life, you can plan ahead, develop a good habit, and exercise more.

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