Record the experience of my first "crisis" during my pregnancy.

When I was 34 years old, I was about to usher in my baby. As of today, he has lived together with me in my stomach for 9 months. From the beginning, I know that the helplessness of pregnancy is helpless and even pain.His existence, carefully spending discomfort in early pregnancy, I ushered in the illness in the middle of pregnancy, and it was my first "crisis".

I remember that the day of March 9th, the child’s birthday, after eating a small mouth of cakes taken out of the refrigerator, and ate a few bites of takeaway called dishes, my stomach started to protest. I feel uncomfortable.After that, I did n’t continue to eat. After half an hour, I ate a bag of probiotics, hoping to relieve my discomfort. Fortunately, I did n’t continue to deteriorate that night. I fell asleep down.When I got up in the morning, I started to feel the uncomfortable stomach in the stomach. I started to spit out the cake of last night. Why do I know that the cake was spit, because the color was very good.After spitting the cake, it’s okay. After all, I just took a bite of cakes and spit it out twice.I bought a sweet corn for myself, went to the convenience store to buy a cup of hot soy milk and a red bean bread. After sitting at the workshop, I started trying to eat these early points. As my food increased my stomach discomfort, it became more and more serious.After eating a few mouthfuls of bread, I stopped eating, because my stomach started to hurt, I started to have diarrhea, excreted like water, again and again, and then I directly evolved from stomach discomfort to a strong willingness to vomit.I started to vomit non -intermittently in the company’s bathroom. All I had just poured out early. I started to panic. I know that I must go to the hospital in this situation now.The archive hospital is a specialist hospital. There is no other department. Consulting the hospital closest to the company. When the other party knows that I am a 5 -month pregnant woman and I rejected me when I built files in other hospitals.After getting home, I started to have a fever. The temperature continued to float around 37.5, and what to eat and vomited. I had to go to my construction hospital at 11 o’clock at night to see if the child was dangerous. The emergency doctor listened to the fetus.After my heart, I told that there was no problem with the child contracted, but my own uncomfortable symptoms need to be changed to the hospital. I informed the emergency doctor that there was no other comprehensive hospital to receive me. Can I go to your superior hospital to see the symptoms. The emergency doctorI do n’t know how to ask me to ask myself, and inform me which of the higher -level hospital. I came out of the construction hospital and went directly to the higher -level hospital. It would be possible to take a consultation.After listening to the fetal heart, I waited for an hour. There were 5,6 pregnant women who were less than 5 plane clinics.Ask her mentor, and all of us in the intercourse in the consultation room, none of them could read it as soon as possible. Fortunately, I did not have diarrhea and vomiting after 6 or 7 in the evening.I was not very worried about myself. After waiting for more than an hour, I heard the fetal heart. The internsion doctor gave me a joint consultation for me to go to the Department of Internal Medicine and continued the team of internal medicine. After half an hour, it was my turn. The doctor saw that I was a pregnant woman.And a bit of a fever, I can’t see it directly to make a hot clinic, and continue to find the list of the family doctor to change the federation.You can eat some mashed stone scattered. If there is no discomfort, just rest, but at this time I still have a fever, but I can’t take medicine. After taking a bath at 3 am, I lie down.The next morning I miraculously did not have a fever.

I joked to my family that I took a bath after taking a bath. I knew that I would not go to the hospital for so long, but no matter what, my baby and I have successfully carried this "crisis". I am lucky.My baby is also very strong, and the first time I felt the fetal movement on the second day of the fever, I believe my baby also responded to me with this behavior.It started to rise straight, because he could interact with me, but I was a mother who had a good scar and forgot to the pain. After more than a month, I let myself fall into the "crisis"

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